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LaserJet MFP M29w Wireless On: FAIL

LaserJet MFP M29w
Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit)

I have a LaserJet MFW M29w. It was connected to my router and working fine in a mixed environment, printing and scanning wirelessly from Mac, Windows, and IOS.

I just replaced a faulty router. All wired and wireless devices have reconnected to the new router without issue except for the printer. When attempting to reconnect the printer using the HP Printer Assistant app, I could only connect via USB.

A wireless network test report diagnostic summary says:
Wireless on: FAIL
All subsequent wireless diagnostics show as NOT RUN

Troubleshooting section reads:
The wireless radio on your HP printer is currently turned OFF
To connect wirelessly, you must turn ON the wireless radio on your printer. No instructions on how to do this are provided.

Pressing the wireless button on the printer has no effect.
Pressing and holding the wireless button on the printer has no effect.


On to basic troubleshooting:

Power cycle printer and router.
1. When the Printer turns on, the warning and power lights flash a few times and the LCD says "HP".
2. Next, the power light remains solid, and the WiFi light flashes for about a minute and goes out.
3. Then the LCD reads "49" and the printer restarts, going back to step 1.
4. This repeats endlessly.

- Turned off printer
- Unplugged power cable
- Removed USB cable
- Waited several minutes
- Attached power and turned on.
- The above cycle of power up, Wi-Fi flash, "49" repeats again.


More troubleshooting:

I can launch HP Printer Assistant
In Tools>Advanced Settings, it shows the Model Name, Serial Number & Service ID

Software Version is 046.002.2636.18185
Printer Driver Version is

Below that, it says:
The computer is unable to establish a two-way communication with the device.

I can launch DeviceSetup.exe
It takes me directly to Connection Options.

1. Choose Manual Setup
2. Select Wireless>Next
3. Checking Network Environment
4. It moves to Wireless Setup Using a USB Connection and prompts to connect with a USB cord.
5. I connect a USB cord and have to click "Back" to re-check the network environment, which returns to the Wireless Setup Using a USB Connection page.
6. I can do nothing here since the printer is now connected to the computer via USB, but "Next" is grayed out and un-selectable.
7. I can select "Back" and at the Connection Options, I select USB. This time I am prompted to connect the USB cable, although it is already connected.
8. I disconnect and reconnect the USB cable, which has no effect. The printer continues its power cycle loop.

I can launch HP Print and Scan Doctor
1. The program shows the printer is visible from my computer via USB. I select it and click "Next." The program shows a status bar of it communicating with the printer.
2. The Finding and Fixing Problems page says it fixed some problems. All the diagnostics have a green check except for "Device Online" which has a blue and white wrench icon in it.
3. I opted to print a test page, but one did not print. A test page does not print. The printer is still in its power cycle loop.
4. I turned off and unplugged the printer, then powered back up.
5. I tried sending a test page several more times. The Print and Scan doctor says "Your printer appears to have a serious issue. Click Other Support Options or Next to Continue"
6. Just to check, I go back to HP Printer Assistant>Tools>Advanced Settings.
Model Name, Serial Number, Device ID, Software and Printer Driver are the same as before.
Now there are fields for IPv4 address and MAC address. Both are blank.
7. I go to HP Device Toolbox>Networking>Wireless Configuration
8. I select Print Test Report. A test report does print. It is identical to above (Wireless On: FAIL)
9. I check the radio button for Status from Off to On and select Apply. After confirming the choice, the Status remains off. Wireless status cannot be changed.

Please advise.

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LaserJet MFP M29w Wireless On: FAIL

Still hammering away on this.


These threads suggest error code 49 is related to multiple print queues or IP address conflicts. Suggested solutions are to remove duplicate printer queues and reset the printer by unplugging while on, unplugging the power cord from the outlet, and leaving everything disconnected for at least 60 seconds.


1) I did that and also replaced the toner cartridge with a new one.


Now when I turn on the the printer, it flashed power and HP in the LCD display, then flashed the wifi button for a while, and then the LCD went blank. The printer is idle with only the power light on.  The endless power cycling has stopped for now.


2) I removed the printer from Windows>Settings>Printers and Scanners


3) I opened HP Printer Assistant>Tools>Device Setup and Software


4) Selected Connect a New Device>Automatic


5) I was prompted to connect a USB cable, and did so. Upon doing so the LCD display changed from blank to "01" and then back to blank. After a few minutes, the display showed "01" again and I got a Windows notification the the printer has been setup and an app exists for it.


6) HP Printer Assistant then went to the Wireless Network Settings Detected window and prompted me to connect to my 2.4 Ghz wi-fi network using the same credentials as my computer. I selected "Yes" and waited for the wireless settings to be transferred to the printer.


7) After the progress bar completed, HP Printer Assistant went to the Network Setup Verify wireless connection window, with the message "Your device failed to join the wireless network." Device model, serial number, and 2.4Ghz wireless network (SSID) are all correct. MAC Address is blank.


Beneath that it says:

Issue: Unknown

For the solution, it suggests I visit


Now the printer is back in its endless restart loop, showing "49" on the display again just before restarting.












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HP Support Agent
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LaserJet MFP M29w Wireless On: FAIL



Welcome to the HP Support Community.


Let's update the firmware:


Also, restart the Router, Printer in this order.


Let me know if this helps.


If the information I've provided was helpful, give us some reinforcement by clicking the Accepted Solution button, that'll help us and others see that we've got the answers!



Have a great day!

I am an HP Employee

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LaserJet MFP M29w Wireless On: FAIL

Hi @Betty0610,


Yes, I updated to the latest firmware for the printer (20190426) and restarted the router first and the printer second.

The printer continues its error 49  power cycling. It still cannot make a wireless connection.


I can connect via USB and access info on the EWS page when the printer is in its "on" cycle.

In the Wireless Network Configuration section, it says:
Status: Not Connected

Wireless: Off

(The MAC address is visible, though)


In the Wi-Fi Direct Setup section, it says status is enabled and there is an IP address.

The SSID for the printer is not broadcast. (It used to be before this issue occurred.)

Attempting to connect to the IP address times out.

So, I cannot verify if wi-fi direct setup is actually enabled or not.




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LaserJet MFP M29w Wireless On: FAIL



Thank you for the update.


Please refer to the below link to troubleshoot the 49 error.


Have a nice day!!

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LaserJet MFP M29w Wireless On: FAIL

Hi @Praveen196,


The printer is still unable to connect. I followed the steps on this link you sent, particularly the Persistent 49 Error troubleshooting. I was able to get a firmware update completed and verified this through the EWS between power cycles, but the problem and power cycling continues.


I can print a Wireless Test Report by holding and releasing the wireless and cancel buttons, the results of which are the same as before (Wireless On: FAIL, Wireless Radio: OFF).


I was able to connect via USB and print a .pdf successfully, but shortly after that, the warning light came on with the 49 error and the printer resumed its power cycling.

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