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Paper Jam videos
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Re: Paper Jam videos

I have a message on my Officejet J3680 saying that I have a paper jam.  I have followed HP's instructions to no avail.  I have also taken it to a company, DC Office People Inc, in Barbados who say that they have diagnosed that there is a problem with the board.  This machine is not even two years old.  Is there any way that this can be fixed??  Or is there anywhere in Barbados that I could do a trade-in???  Your comments would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: Paper Jam videos

Try contacting Support: +1-800-711-2884

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Re: Paper Jam videos

I wish there was a video for the C4580!!  Stupidly, because my head knew what would happen, I fed in some paper which was too thin, with the result that I can only see an inaccessible corner of it at the back, and nothing at the front.  I can't raise the top of the machine (should I be able to?) so I can't do what looks to be necessary, so what do I do next, please?  I'd kick myself round the buildings if it would do any good!



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Re: Paper Jam videos

HP C309g-m Printer photo feed tray came all the way out. Need instructions how to put back into printer.
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Re: Paper Jam videos

Nice videos but I was hoping the topic was fixing a jamming printer rather than showing how to clear a jam.


Fixing a jamming printer requires a lot more information.  A video of a sheet properly passing through the paper path would be helpful.  Of course, you would have to make those videos using borescopes.  Even a detailed narrative would be helpful.


I have a dog earing D7260 and am about to use an articularing endoscope to see what is happening at the beginning of the feed when the dog ear occurs.  The sheet doesn't make it 1" into the paper path and it is dog eared.


It is interesting that paper path repairs were common with HP II through 5 Laserjets, however not so with ink jets.  I suppose it is because those old Laserjets were 10 times more expensive than the ink jets. 


So much for repairing ink jets I guess.

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Re: Paper Jam videos

I have a HP Photosmart C4480 All-in-one printer. The last time my cousing used it, that he got a actual paper jam in the printer and he pulled it at the FRONT of the printer. I checked it day after the Paper Jam, I saw a small piece of paper underneath the print cartigage. The cartigages are the LEFT SIDE. I clear the the paper jam in the back and in the front but still. It is giving me a PAPER JAM error. When I open the cartigage door, The cartrigages is not moving, it is always at the LEFT SIDE of the printer.


Now I can't use my printer cause it has "PAPER JAM" error on the scree

Please Help, Thanks in advance.



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Re: Paper Jam videos

I don't see a video for the Office Jet Pro 8500A Premium? Can you upload one or or post the link to the video I should watch?

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Re: Paper Jam videos

FIXED D7260 Paper Jam.


This was a significant mechanical failure but was repairable, properly, with only labor.  It required stripping the printer down to the base place unfortunately.  Quite a puzzle but fairly simple once you figure out how to do it.


PROBLEM:  The Black Articulating Arm (BAA) was not moving out of the way when the paper would feed. 


PROPER OPERATION:  The BAA (I'm guessing) is there to keep paper from being accidently pushed into the paper path when loading paper.  Once the printer starts to operate, the BAA retracts and is never part of the paper handling.


SOLUTION:  Fix the Service Station Carriage (SSC) failure.


DISCUSSION:  The BAA is driven by the sliding action of the SSC.


The SSC was obstructed by the squeegee coming loose in the SC.  This stopped the SSC from docking correctly and sealing the print head when not printing.  This explained why the print head would "dry out" overnight.


The SC was removed and cleaned with hot water, squeegee reinstalled, everything reassembled and the printer works like a new one.


COMMENT:  What is impressive is that this print head was not sealed for over 4 mouths and still, it was not damaged by dry out.  These permanent head units are obviously built with great robustness since if they fail, you throw away a very expensive printer.  The print shop business that threw this printer out said it was the best printer they ever had until it started dog earing the pages.  They had 9000 copies on the counter.


If you do happen to take one apart, you will be impressed with what is inside.  This is no ordinary ink jet printer you buy at WalMart.  Very Impressive Internals(!)




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Re: Paper Jam videos

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I did everything that you said in the video (HP photosmart C5280 all in one) but the orange error light keeps coming on saying there is a paper jam.  When I click ok the ink cartridges are on the right like they should be then they make sound like they are stuck there then it moves on across but when it gets back to where they are suppose to stop the grinding sounds starts again.  I don't know if something is stuck around there or if I need a part that might be hanging?  Please help me I hate to give up my printer but I don't know how to fix it.  Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated.  thank you  my e-mail is {Personal Information Removed}

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Can I print a short 3/4 size paper on the Pro 8500 A910 without it jamming?

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