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Paper Jam videos
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Re: Paper Jam videos

Here you go; this video should help you:


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Be sure to check out all the helpful videos at: and on our YouTube channel:

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Re: Paper Jam videos

J have a all-in-one 6520 rinter. It has jammed paper. The videos do not show how to fix this one.  I would sure like to get it working again. Any help appreciated

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Re: Paper Jam videos

Try this video for specifics on the HP Photosmart 6520 e-All-in-One printer:




Be sure to check out all the helpful videos at: and on our YouTube channel:

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Re: Paper Jam videos

I have a paper feed problem with my one year old HP 6510. If I load more than one sheet into the paper tray, it tries to feed  several at a time. It makes a clicking sound while feeling. Of course there is a major paper jam at that point. The first time I had a paper jam, I was not able to remove the paper in the normal way. I had to remove it from the bottom of the printer. Since that time I have had this problem. I am willing to take it apart but would certainly like to have a picture of just how to remove parts without breaking or damaging them. I was trying to find a schematic of the inside but haven't been able to. Any suggestions.

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Re: Excessive Paper feeds

I have an HP 6510 all in one just turned one year old. I had a paper jam and couldn't figure out a way to get the paper out except through the bottom. Ever since then, the paper feed isn't working correctly. If I only put one sheet in the paper tray at a time,all is well. But that is just not good for me. If I put 2 sheets in, it feeds them both at one time. 3 sheets the same and then there's another paper jam. I've gone though all the paper jam solutions but that isn't exactly my problem. I have considered taking the machine apart but don't know exactly what I'm looking for. I've read about the BAA and other parts you mentioned, but I need a schematic to go by to find it. Hopefully you can help me. Thanks in advance.

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Hp7250 paper jams

When I attempt to print with my HP7250 printer, the paper jams in the rear of the printer in the upper level of the paper path.  How do I open the printer to find the cause of the jam?  The paper seems to encounter an obstruction as it is feeding through the mechanism.  I am a "mostly retired" engineer and have no problem with the disassembly of electromechanical devices. 

Thank you.

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Re: Hp7250 paper jams

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Hi lowell1,


I would like to help you find the cause of the paper jam. I do not have instructions or HP supporting documentation to help you disassemble the printer, but you can use this document to help clear or prevent a paper jam. ** 'Paper Jam' Message Displays on the All-in-One


Use the following suggestions to prevent paper jams.
  • Load no more than 100 sheets of 75 g/m2 paper (or a 0.5 inch stack) in the input tray.
  • Load paper in the input tray so that it lies flat.
  • Do not force paper too far forward in the input tray.
  • Do not keep more than 50 sheets of paper in the output tray.
  • Remove printed paper from the output tray frequently.
  • Do not add paper while the product is printing.
  • Make sure that the output tray is correctly installed.
  • Make sure that the two-sided printing accessory (duplexer) is securely fastened in the back of the product.
  • Make sure that the paper guides are not pushed up so tightly against the paper that the paper bends in the tray.
  • Slide the paper-width guide against the left side of the paper. Slide the paper-length guide against the end of the paper.
  • Prevent curled or wrinkled paper by storing all unused paper flat in a resealable bag.
  • Do not combine different paper types and paper sizes in the input tray.
  • Use only the paper types recommended for your product.
  • Do not use paper that is too thin or too thick for the product.
  • Do not use extremely smooth, shiny, or coated papers unless they are specifically designed for your product.
  • Do not use multi-part forms (such as duplicate or triplicate forms).
  • Do not use curled, bent, wrinkled, torn, or creased paper, or any paper that will not lie flat.
  • Do not use paper that has been printed on before.


Note:   ** = Click here to open a hyperlink. A hyperlink is a word, phrase, or image that you can click on to jump to a new document or a new section within the current document.



I hope this is helpful.

I work on behalf of HP

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Re: Paper Jam videos

Hp T920 plotter paper jam keep say paper jam and no paper 

msg" clean app papers in stacker and baskat and then restart printer if the problem presist call hp support"




Can any support copy

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