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    Need Windows 11 help?
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I want to change the Eprint address for my POS 

HP ENVY 6000 All-in-One Printer

I’ve been searching the internet for over an hour and ALL the  directions I found are not possible. There is NO EPRINT settings using printer IP address, using  HP Smart or hpconnect site. How the hell do I CHANGE the email address on this thing?

Also, buying this printer is one of the biggest mistakes I’ve made. I hate this printer. 

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Welcome to the HP User Community.


I am sorry you hate your printer.


True:  The old ePrint method is not available on the newer Envy 6000 models.


Instead, try / consider using the Print Anywhere application described here:


“Print Anywhere App” Supported on Select Printers

  HP Printers - Print Anywhere with the HP Smart App

 Step 3:  Use Print Anywhere


NOTE:  If a print job is blocked for more than 5 minutes, the HP Smart app cancels the job automatically.


For HP+ enabled printers only >> Open Subsection:  Private Pickup

Enable / Disable the service to hold the print job until the person who sent it is near


References / Resources


Mobile Printing – Options for Printers

Print from your Android, iOS, or Amazon Fire device with the HP Mobile printing app.

Open the section for your printer series  >  Find your printer and supported applications.

HP Printers - Mobile Printing Solutions Compatible with HP Printers


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


HP Smart (Mobile) - iOS and Android >>> Download, How-to, and FAQ

 HP Printers - Using the HP Smart App (Android, Apple iOS)


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


HP Smart for Windows


HP Smart is an application available in the Microsoft Store


Open the Homepage / Support Website for your printer

Category Software and Drivers > Check/ Get the App


>>> Open and Read >>> HP printer setup (HP Smart app)



  • Disconnect from Virtual Private Network (VPN) connection before downloading.


  • Turn on Wi-Fi on your computer or mobile device and connect to your network. If the computer is connected to the network with an Ethernet cable, temporarily disconnect the cable and use the Wi-Fi connection during the setup.


  • HP Smart requires that you sign into the application using your HP Account credentials.


  • When working through a browser to access HP Smart, be sure you have Cookies enabled.  If cookies are enabled and you are having trouble, clear Cache and Cookies.   And / Or … Try a different browser – assign that browser as the Default. (Note:  Chrome not working?  Use / Assign a different default browser.)


  • Where possible, HP Smart benefits (likes) having the Full Feature Software / full driver printer software installed.  For example, full driver provides access to Shortcuts and Printing Preferences.


  • Document includes the HP Smart application download links for Windows and Mobile devices, plus an FAQ section to assist with questions / issues.
    •  FAQ examples: 
      • What are the requirements to use the HP Smart app?
      • Which printers are compatible with the HP Smart app?
      • Why do I need to sign in or create an account to use the HP Smart app features?
      • Which languages does the HP Smart app support?
    • Older versions of the HP Smart app no longer support the required login feature.
    • Update the application to the latest version to access / use HP Smart


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HP Printer Support Home Page - References and Resources – Learn about your Printer  - Solve Problems

 “Things that are your printer”

When the website support page opens, Select (as available) a Category > Topic > Subtopic

NOTE:  Content depends on device type and Operating System

Categories:  Alerts, Access to the Print and Scan Doctor (Windows), Warranty Check, HP Drivers / Software / Firmware Updates, How-to Videos, Bulletins/Notices, Lots of How-to Documents, Troubleshooting, Manuals > User Guides, Product Information (Specifications), more

Open and Select your model

Results for "hp envy 6000" (17) 


 Product Home

Enter the type and name of your HP device


Thank you for participating in the HP Community.

Our Community is comprised of volunteers - people who own and use HP devices.

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I did the print anywhere thing and I have to enable it every time I try to use it. Then it says can’t find server. I used to be able to send an email to my printer from 700 miles away and when I got home, it was sitting on the printer. I started buying Epson after terrible experiences with HP (dont get me started with instant ink). My Epson does this flawlessly. Way too much trouble using apparent print anywhere thing. It does not print anywhere.  At least i learned this crummy printer doesn’t do Eprint even tho the manual says it does and I printed a report that listed the printer’s email address. Thanks for the answer.

HP Recommended



You are welcome.


Yes, Epson makes a fine product, too.



For those reading


ePrint is the original method used to send jobs to the printer via the printer's email address.


Where supported, newer printers use "Print Anywhere" to send jobs to your Internet connected Printer's email address.


Print Anywhere is an expanded methodology that incorporates the HP Smart application into the original ePrint (HP Smart / HP Connected account).


HP Smart / HP Connected Login

Click Flag to switch to your region



The Print Anywhere setup is explained in the printer's user manual and the aforementioned document   HP Printers - Print Anywhere with the HP Smart App


Your printer does need to be connected to the Internet.

Read the chapter in your printer user guide that explains Web Services



HP ENVY 6000e All-in-One series - User Guide 

Print Anywhere  on Page 53

Web Services Starting on Page 75




 HP Printers - Turn On Web Services


HP Printers - Turning Off Web Services 


Website Support Troubleshooting, How-to

HP Smart - HP Connected



HP printers - Cannot connect to Web Services


The printer does not connect to Web Services, and your printer or computer displays one of the following error messages.

  • Server Connection Error. There was a problem connecting to the server. Press retry or OK to exit.

  • Web Services Problem. Problem connecting to Web Services server.

  • Server Connection Error. Unable to connect to Web Services. Confirm internet access and try again.


What else?

If your older printer will no longer run Web Services...

HP printers - Web Services stop working 



What else?

If Print Anywhere is not supported, is supported but is not working, or is otherwise just not available,

Try / Consider

Open your email,

Add a subject and recipient(s)

Attach the file(s) you want to print 

Send the files to yourself (for example)

When you are logged into the same network where the printer is located,

Open the email and print the message / attached files.



Personal Commentary - Not "HP statements of policy"


ePrint and Web Services


Web Services, once enabled, depends on a long unbroken path to and from the remote HP servers that accept and process the requests for remote jobs.  If that path is broken for any reason and at any stage of the operation (weak signal, high traffic, loss of connection to the 'net, downed remote server), the job will not print. 


The process is automated (the work is done by programs and hardware).  

If there are multiple errors flagged by the process, internal HP technical support will be notified.

HP is not notified of individual job failures.

HP is not notified of individual loss of connection to Web Services.

HP is not notified of jobs that fail to match the required criteria (for example, attachments, message structure, wrong email printer address, other failed content)


Rats - When / If Web Services is down...

If you cannot restart Web Services on your side, the source of the problem is elsewhere (Internet, broken path, downed service or server).

Web Services can "go down" in one or more regions (locations on the planet)

Outages might last a few minutes or very much longer.

The Community does not have any control or visibility into any part of the operation.

If / When the service recovers, it will again be available.



Thank you for participating in the HP Community.

Our Community is comprised of volunteers - people who own and use HP devices.

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