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Check some of the most frequent questions about Instant Ink: HP INSTANT INK, HP+ PLANS: INK AND TONER.

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I purchased a new printer then found I was unable to use the current instant ink cartrideges in the replacement device. While I wait for the new instank ink cartridges to arrive, I can no longer use the cartridges with the old OR new printer. This means I have to wait forever for shipping and have NO work or school printer in the meantime. If there is no work around for this then someone REALLY dropped the ball! 

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I am sorry you are disappointed.

It is perhaps a misunderstanding on how the service works.


Immediate solution


Purchase a set of Ink cartridges to use in the new printer OR - better - use the cartridges that came in the box with the printer.  If that ink is depleted, purchase a set of HP cartridges to use while you wait.


Explanation - "How it works"


Instant Ink Cartridges remain the property of HP.


Instant Ink Cartridges are yours to use in the printer in which the subscription is active.


After the contract is terminated, Instant Ink cartridges should be removed from the printer and returned to HP.


Instant Ink cartridges lock after the subscription is terminated and cannot be used - not in the printer in which the subscription was active and not in any other printer.


Details are available at the Instant Ink Website and in your Terms of Service contract document (Section Cancellation).


Things that are Instant Ink 

Start here!

TKB article contributed by HP JessikaV

Open and Read   HP+ Plans: Ink and Toner

Article includes an explanation of the service.

Need more ink?  How to Order >>  See Section: Timelines for cartridges delivery



HP Instant Ink - Main Website - Support, Enroll, FAQ, Terms of Service / Contract

Not your home site?  Click the Flag to change to your region.


Need Help?

Phone contact, where available, will be posted on the main website (front page).  For example, look for the contact number in the blue ribbon just beneath the introduction section / image.


Of Interest… Be Informed!  Understand your Options and Responsibilities!

  • Section Check to see if your HP printer works with Instant Ink
  • FAQ section > READ How does HP Instant Ink work? – Be sure to read all the FAQ sections.
  • The all-important Contract > Link is located below the FAQ section > READ Terms of Service Contract



  • It is NOT necessary that you be enrolled to read the contract
  • Contract:  Open the main website > Change region / flag > scroll down just past the FAQ
  • Cancellation  >> READ the Terms of Service Contract.
  • The Terms of Service contract also provides contact information, usually in the very first section.



 Instant Ink - Terms of Service - USA

 Instant Ink – Terms of Service - UK


Instant Ink - Terms of Service - Ireland



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