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HP Color LaserJet Flow E67660 / MFP E87650 / E57540
Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit)

Hello all,


We are trying to enable Scan to SharePoint in the enterprise on several models (including Laserjet Flow E67660, LaserJet MFP E75540 and LaserJet MFP E87650, also on MFP E52645... ).
The activation of Scan2SharePoint works, the printers have access to the Internet (Port 443 is open on Firewall) and the user has write permissions to the SharePoint site. It´s possible to activate HP Web Services so Internet Connection should be okay.

Important: This is SharePoint Online we use and want to scan to


However, already when creating a Quick Link (Option: Always use these credentials -> Click on Verify Access ), this error appears  - "The operation failed. Please verify your configuration and try again".

At the printer itself the message comes like this "Network path not found", also when trying to logon as another Windows User with rights on PS site and run Quicklink with this user.


We use the link like it is in the browser like "https://xx.sharepoint.com/teams-x-x/folder/subfolder"


The certificate, according to the description / How-To from HP to FutureSmart 3.4 (the devices use version 4.0) should already there for "SharePoint Online". It´s also visible in Security -> Certificate Management.
This should be the "Baltimore CyberTrust Root" certificate, was also manually imported according to the description.

We have already tried to connect a client to the printer network (port configured to treat the client like a printer), changed the same settings on the Ethernet adapter as the printer and MAC  as the printer´s MAC address.
With this client in the printer network I have access to the SP page with same user for testing.

We have tried several things, but this error message still comes up.


According to HP, there is a warning -> only workflow models are supported, although our printers should be - at least that is what the HP´s description for "Configure Scan to SharePoint" says.

What could be the reason for that behavior? Could it be something about SMB or other protocols, network settings or are the models not supported?

Help is very appreciated!


 This is the list of models:

HP LaserJet Managed MFP E52645dn  HP Color LaserJet Mgd MFP E57540dn 

HP Color LaserJet Mngd MFP 87650du

HP Color LaserJet MgdFlwMFP E67660z

HP Color LaserJet MgdFlwMFP E57540c 


Thanks a lot!
Best regards,


HP Recommended

someone can help? still same error...


HP Recommended

I downgraded it to an older firmware version 3.9.6, everything works ok now, with version there was exactly the same problem 😞

HP Recommended


thanks for the info - on which printer model did you have these issues?

Is it one in the list of the models we use (you can see them in my first post)? If so i would test it on this model you had the problems on.



HP Recommended

We have these problem on HP LaserJet Flow MFP M630, but problem is exectly the same, and problem starts, than we update on

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