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HP Pavilion 15-au067nr
Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit)

When listening to music or videos on the onboard speakers the sound will randomly and inexplicably fade to inaudible levels over the span of a few seconds, even at full volume. The volume returns to normal after pausing or muting the audio for a few seconds and then restarting it but then fades right back down to nearly nothing. Plugging external speakers or earphones into the dual-function microphone/ speaker input/ output jack changes the settings, including the volume, to whatever they were last time something was plugged in. If the onboard speakers are faded when plugging in an external apparatus, unplugging the external apparatus returns the settings to the last set of parameters for the onboard speakers and resets the sound playing through them back to normal volume levels and keeps it from fading again for a while.


I have gone through the automated HP Support Assistant troubleshooter as well as the built-in Windows 10 audio troubleshooter. Neither restarting the computer, reinstalling the Realtek Audio driver, nor a hard reset has resolved the issue. I do not experience the same issue with the generic Windows HD audio driver but the sound quality and versatility of the Realtek driver is much better so if possible I'd like to try to see if I can resolve this issue with that driver to continue to use it.

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Hey @shellshocker528


Thanks for joining the HP Support Forums community! Here you can find solutions, suggestions and a helping hand! I understand that you are having an issue with the audio fading out on your HP Pavilion 15-au067nr Notebook PC. 


When did this start to happen?

Did it happen after an update?

Has it always been this way?


If it was after an update, you may want to take a look at the How to temporarily prevent a driver update from reinstalling in Windows 10 document from Microsoft. 


Most of what I would have asked you to do for troubleshooting you said that you have already performed. I checked your HP Pavilion 15-au067nr (Touch) (ENERGY STAR) Software and driver page and seen that the audio driver was updated today. Please update the Realtek High-Definition (HD) Audio Driver using File name: sp76821.exe


If that does not work, here are a couple of tricks that might work for you. 


Right click the Speaker icon in the bottom right corner by your time.
2. Click Playback Devices.
3. Click Speakers.
4. Click properties.
5. Click the advanced tab on the Properties window.
6. Change the Default Format drop-down to the highest quality.
7. Apply the properties.
8. Click OK to close the properties window. Restart the Notebook and test the sound.


Is the loudness equalization off? If not, please:

  • Right click the speaker icon
  • select 'Playback Devices'. 
  • Highlight the default device
  • Click Properties
  • Click Enhancements tab
  • Next to 'Loudness Equalization' take out the checkmark in the box.
  • Click Apply
  • Click OK

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Let me know the results of the troubleshooting. If you need more assistance, I would be more than happy to continue to help! 


Have a good one! 

I work on behalf of HP

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Hello EmraldAvenger,


Thank you for your reply. I have looked into all of your suggested solutions.


I only bought the computer a couple of weeks ago so the problem basically came with it. There was never any older driver on the system that was free of the problem so I have not tried any older drivers, only the two most recent ones. Updating to the new driver appeared to work for a few days but unfortunately the problem resurfaced again this afternoon.


The speakers were set to the highest quality format by default, so there was nothing to change there. I also tried Playback Devices -> Communications, where I turned off a setting for Windows to automatically reduce the volume of other sounds by 80% if it sensed that I was on a phone call. Unfortunately, this did not resolve the problem either, even though I was very excited that I may have found it there.


As far as your last suggestion, I have no Enhancements tab. Would it be in another place? Or is there a chance that it would not come with the software for my system?


Thanks again!

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Hi @akhilgs,


Thank you very much for your suggestion. This sounds like exactly the problem I was experiencing. Unfortunately, after installing the update the sound faded once again, so it doesn't seem like it was able to resolve this issue.


That said, I installed the latest audio driver through HP Support Assistant and the sound has not faded since I did that several days ago. I've waited to make sure that the issue does not recur and thus far it has not. So I suppose the latest driver update (Realtek(r) High Definition Audio Function Driver  -  Realtek Semiconductor Corp.  - built by: WinDDK) has resolved this issue.


Thank you all for your help!

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Glad that you fixed the issue but for me the new realtek drivers are bringing the issue back so stayed back with the drviers provided in the above link I gave. I donno why there B&O speakers sounds like a tin can Previously on beats audio laptops sound was great..! Hope HP fix it someday
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Welp, nevermind. The issue has returned even with the new drivers.

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I just bought the HP Pavillion and have the exact same issue. I have tried every suggestion offered so far on this subject - including downloading the new driver, and I have no luck in getting the issue resolved. HELP!!

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I have a brand new, straight from the factory HP Pavilion 15z-aw000 CTO with the identical problem. I tried the recommendations from HP support but the problem persists. Sound plays for 5 seconds then fades to nothing. Doesn't matter what app - itunes, youtube, etc,  and it happens with speakers, wireless headphones through bluetooth and wired headphones through the jack.

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turn on multi stream ON in B&O settigs and for this issue i found out cyberlink powerDVD 16 with custom audio settings solved issue for some time but it keeps re appearing music fades with in 2-5 sec.  uninstalling B&O won't help cause using windous Hd audio drivers is not a better option XD.  I even installed normal realtek audio drivers from realtek website but windows upadte keeps bringing back B&O every week LOL for now all laptops are struck with this issue. 

HP is not even trying to fix this issue from over a year donno whats wrong with them this even effects spectre series also. just uninstall the realtek drivers then reboot and wait for windows 10 to install B&O again it may help for some time in fixing the issue

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