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I want to purchase this laptop https://ayoubcomputers.com/hp-omen-17-ck1020nr-17-3-laptop-intel-core-i7-12700h-ram-16gb-ssd-512gb-r...

but I want to know aboutthe ram and nvme before purchasing:

1- Does the RAM upgradable to 64GB?

2- Does the NVME is Gen4 or Gen3? and Does it have 1 or 2 slots?

I didnt found any technical link online to find answers, if you find any technical specs link, please share, thanks


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Unfortunately, HP only has the maintenance and service guide for the older 17-ck0000 model series on the support page.


OMEN 17.3 inch Gaming Laptop PC 17-ck1000 (509W3AV) Manuals | HP® Customer Support


According to chapter 1 of the manual for the older model series, even those supported Gen 4 NVMe SSD's, so the 17-ck1020 should also support PCIe Gen 4 SSD's.


The old manual shows that there is a second NVMe SSD slot, so yours should have one too.


The only thing I don't know is if the second slot is also Gen 4 or only Gen 3.


Some models even though the primary slot is Gen 4, the secondary slot is Gen 3.


The memory info in the manual is useless since the model you are interested in uses DDR5 memory.


The Crucial memory report for the model series indicates that 2 x 32 GB of memory is supported.


HP - Compaq HP OMEN 17-ck1000 | Memory RAM & SSD Upgrades | Crucial.com


I was also able to find this HP specs sheet, but I had to open the page as a cache because when you click on the actual link to the page, it says 'Not Found.'


OMEN by HP Laptop 17-ck1020nr Product Specifications | HP® Customer Support (bingj.com)


Hope that helps.

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Thank you for the valuable info.

another issue please, what about this one "7C2L5U8R - OMEN By HP Laptop 17-Ck1xxx Rfrbd PC"? the seller comfirmed that  it is 12700H, 16GB DDR5, 3060 RTX,17.3 QHD, 1TB Gen4 NVMEand have another Gen4 NVME slot.

Can you confirm this? 

And does refurbished mean it is certified refurbished and good or no?

Can I get the manual of this model too?

And as it have NVME Gen4, does it support RAID 0?


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You're very welcome.


The same information I posted for the other model also applies to the refurbished model as far as the specs.


The 'R' in the 7C2L5U8R means the notebook was refurbished by HP, and not some 3rd party reseller.


This is the support page for the 17-ck0xxx notebook with that product number:


OMEN 17.3 inch Gaming Laptop PC 17-ck1000 (509W0AV) | HP® Customer Support


Chapter 1 page 2 of the maintenance and service guide on the above support page indicates it supports RAID 0.

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Paul, the 2022 Omen Alder Lake refreshes have actually all been reported (in reviews, reddit, etc) to sport dual Gen4.0 x4 m.2 slots that can run in a RAID0 config (striping) taking full advantage of 8 CPU-attached gen 4.0 lanes (from a total of 16 for the "H" 12th gen intel CPUs: https://h30434.www3.hp.com/t5/Notebook-Hardware-and-Upgrade-Questions/M-2-slot/m-p/8564319#M695402) .

OMEN Gaming Laptop PC 17-Ck1000 dual Gen4 SSDs 

Omen 17 2022 model BOTH nvme slots are gen 4 (reddit) 


You can see the difference in the Omen 16 (equivalent models) manuals that are available:

OMEN 16.1 inch Gaming Laptop PC 11th gen CPU



OMEN 16.1 inch Gaming Laptop PC 12th gen CPU



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Hi all,

I purchased the laptop, upgraded to 64GB DDR5 RAM, and installed 2 NVME Gen 4 as it has 2 slots NVME 4 Gen 4, however, I have 2 questions:
. Windows is showing perfectly the 64GB RAM and accessing it without problems, but in Bios (updated to the latest version) it is showing 0 because the model officially supports only 32GB RAM. Any solution to fix this in bios, and may thus make a problem for windows?
. As it has 2 NVME 4.0 slots, and in the guide, it says that it supports RAID 0, there should be an option in bios to do the raid array and install windows on it, however, in bios there is no such option, any idea?

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Hi! Regarding your first question, this is a known issue with the new DDR5 gaming HP laptops, HP support has already been notified by users, and a BIOS fix is pending [content removed]...... SInce it does not affect the actual performance of the system (only a slight increase in boot times has been reported), it's not really critical So wait for the next BIOS update!

About the RAID config. I think that the option to enable Raid 0 is hidden in these machines and only enabled in the HP factory for models shipped with dualSSD configs. If you don't see an option in UEFI HII Configuration/Intel(R) Rapid Storage Technology (something like "create RAID volume") then it's hidden/locked. Your only option would be to contact HP support and ask if there is a way for the end user to enable it.


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