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HP Spectre x360 - 15-ch004na
Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit)

Hi there,

I have a HP Spectre x360 - 15-ch004na.

I am trying to charge it via USB-C.


I have the Netek 72W USB-C power delivery unit:



Connecting the 60W output of this directly to a USB-C port on the laptop gives the message:

"For full performance, connect a higher capacity power adapter."

and the laptop is not charging.


Is this expected behavior?

I have read about some kind of DRM around USB-C charging on these devices - can you confirm if this is the case? If so, what are my options?

Note, the laptop is charging fine with the supplied AC adapter, and the Netek block can charge my phone ok.


Note that I am looking for a 1-cable docking solution. I have bought this Aukey USB hub:



When I connect the Neteck to this, and the hub to the laptop, I get the same message.


So, in summary

1. What USB-C chargers can I use with the HP Spectre x360 - 15-ch004na, and

2. Can I expect the charging to work via a hub?






Accepted Solutions
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Hi All,
I'm happy to report that I have now got power over usb-c working!
I purchased a Dell WD15 (180W) having seen a few posts saying that people had got it working. Set up, plugged in, not working.
Then, I upgraded the BIOS on my spectre from v14 to v21. Rebooted a couple of times, and it started to work!
I also applied the hack suggested here to remove the power pop-up (rename "C:\Program Files (x86)\HP\HP System Event\USBCMSG.exe" to "C:\Program Files (x86)\HP\HP System Event\USBCMSG_bak.exe") and that also worked fine.


So far it has been a great success. As well as the power delivery I have a 1080p monitor, Blu-ray drive, headset and wireless keyboard/mouse receiver. It only takes around 5 seconds to register all the devices from when I plug it in. I haven't had any dropouts or connection issues so far.


The only thing I'd say is slightly annoying is I'm sure I was advised by HP support that this was not possible, as the ports just didn't support usb Power Delivery to charge the Laptop. But overall I'm just happy to have got it working, and to be living the 1 cable dream!




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@BiggieTalllz wrote:

Is this expected behavior?

I have read about some kind of DRM around USB-C charging on these devices - can you confirm if this is the case? If so, what are my options?


The short answer...

Yes this is correct. HP setup their computers that use USB-C charging ports to only accept HP branded USB-C chargers.


If you are asking what third party chargers will work, none that I know of.

That's not to say its impossible, but wouldn't know what one exists.


On the question about charger pass through with docks... Ive read others asking this also and have not found a solution.


HP Recommended

I remember reading an article a few months ago where the article publisher tested multiple USB-C devices across multiple manufacturers with different chargers and HP came out plain last.


A lot of HP's USB-C devices seem to have different results with USB-C hubs and chargers. I personally use the AUKEY USB C Hub with 3 USB 3.0 Ports, 1 Ethernet Port, 1 Type C Input Charging Port and it allows pass-through charging even with the ethernet and USB 3.0 ports occupied. However, it's out of stock.


I use it on my Spectre - 13-af018ca which requires 60W of power. The only message I get from HP SmartAdapter is HP recommends using an original power adapter from HP. 


I'm just hoping that HP will open up in the future.


All the best,


I used to be an HP Expert. I no longer participate in this community.
HP Recommended

Hey Eddy,

Just to confirm, your laptop charges ok via the aukey hub?

What power was going into the hub? Was that a HP branded charger?


It seems there is some kind of check to see what type of charger is being used. I'm curious to know if a HP branded USB-C charger, connected to a third-party hub, connected to a HP laptop will work.


It would be useful if HP themselves could clarfiy this situation!


@Photoray002 - thanks as well for the quick response.

HP Recommended

I have since asked a couple of associates who also work on the forum.


Basically its like @EddyK pointed out. Passthrough with the HP charger connected to a Hub has mixed results with various models.

No one I've chatted with can give me an answer as they don't own that particular model, nor have an HP hub to test.


Yes HP needs to directly address this but actual Support does not hold a presence here.

You would need to contact them directly and ask.

Hopefully you wont get a noob agent. Ask for an escalation to next tier or for a manager if you do.

The only way to do so is via this link...

Contact HP Worldwide | HP® Official Site


But that will be a problem if you are out of warranty. The contact page is set up in such a way as to not give you access if your serial number shows expired.


I am not a fan of this, but its how they do it. :HalfEyes:



Otherwise as far as the forum goes, we will have to wait until someone with your setup can chime in.

That's the best I can offer. Im sorry.


HP Recommended
This one passes power fine to my late 2017 Spectre x360 13, with the pop-up warning. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0762FX8R7?ref=yo_pop_ma_swf
HP Recommended

Hi everyone. Thanks again for the feedback.

I did speak to HP support earlier today. They have referred the question to engineering, and hopefully will get back to me soon. As soon as I have something I'll post in here.


I have also ordered this Aukey USB power delivery unit:



One of the reviews mentioned that it works with a spectre. Fingers crossed it'll work for me 🙂





HP Recommended



Let us know how it turns out.

The fact that the Rep you talked to had to refer it to engineering doesnt surprise me. They probably don't have anymore access to info than we do.


Since I don't own a Spectre CH series, I'm having to take a guess here.

Looking into the specs further, your model came with a standard 150w AC charger with a "standard" HP power plug, correct?

The specs say it also comes with 2 Thunderbolt USB-C ports with Power Delivery.


But as I understand it, even though Thunderbolt Power Delivery can be bi-directional, it has to be wired as such from the manufacturer.  The power delivery specification will only allow up to a potential of 100w. There is no mention in the specs that it is bi-directional or will charge the laptop, only that it would power various USB peripherals. If it only allows up to 100w of power, it might not be setup to charge the battery (unless maybe it would do so only with the laptop powered off).


Where as kem579's model only uses a 65w charger that only uses USB-C for the power plug. So his is a different situation.


My guess is that its not going to work with the charger you ordered, but I will keep my fingers crossed anyway.



HP Recommended


I used to be an HP Expert. I no longer participate in this community.
HP Recommended

Hi Guys,
So HP support confirmed to me that the laptop does not charge via USB-C.
Shortly after, I tested the Anker charger, and surprise-surprise it didn't work.
However, shortly after that, the wonderful Lisa uploaded her review, and said that the unit DID charge using the Dell Thunderbolt dock!




I assume she is referring to this:



So, I'm considering getting one of those and seeing if it works. But they are quite pricey. If I do, I'll return here with my findings.

@Photoray002 - it does indeed come with the 150w AC charger and a standard plug.



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