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HP Software Framework Error Event 4 and 5
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Re: HP Software Framework Error Event 4 and 5


Still waiting for a reply from HP CRT South Africa, who by the way contacted me, infoming me that my case had been escalated. My machine is under a 3yr. extended warrenty.


@Dink4 (Dink; Dave)

HP has not reponded to the e-Mail I sent you a copy of.

By using the "HP Passport" you should not have had an issue with having to register a different user (login Name) for the other thread. HP Passport is very usefull as it gives you universal access on HP sites.

I used Bejond Compare ver. 3.2.4bld.13298 (licenced) and found out that HP sent you ImageDiags ver1.0.0.1

and I got ver1.07.0.0. My BIOS is of Aug 04, 2011 and yours of Jan 13, 2011. I found nothing in the files that would piont at problems with BIOS, HP_SoftPaq or HPSF.


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Re: HP Software Framework Error Event 4 and 5

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@ Renamo 


That is what I thought, but I was wrong Smiley Sad , I did use the HP passport and I sign in on both forums with it, using the same sign in , BUT, I have to use a different user name on this one as Dink is already taken Smiley Sad


The HP diagnostic tool they sent got the bit about BIOS wrong Smiley Happy  The diag tool uses SoftPaq Downloader to check ( It appeared in the folder I ran Diag from. When it extracted the diag tool it also extracted HP_Softpaq, ran ,and then disappeared when finished ) This is one reason I don't use HP SoftPaq and check manually. The BIOS I use is F21 from Dec 2011 , the newest available. I did point this out to the tech as it did not make me very confident on the diag tool if it can't even get that simple thing right Smiley Happy Even Win 7 System Info gets that bit correct Smiley LOL


I also agree that the tool seems NOT to do a diagnostic of machine BUT more to see what's loaded, and see if HP has a loop hole to DENY/SQUIRM out of giving any help . Interesting that there is more than 1 version though ?


The HP diag tool that we both got sent is not really a diag tool Smiley Happy


The more interesting files for me I think are the HpBiosUpdate.log and the SystemDiags.log on the HP_TOOLS partition,that appear after running F2 Diagnostics at Boot Time or a BIOS flash  ,these both show issues with SMBIOS and Failed Battery Protocol  ??


 By the way you can do the F2 diags without a HP_TOOLS partition. I was reading the info files inside the SP for the HP_TOOLS partition loading program for my machine and you can do it this way.


Prepare a USB drive/key by formatting with FAT32 , name the drive/key HP_TOOLS note the drive letter that Windows assigns it after format.Run the SP for your machine that creates the HP_TOOLS partition and point it to your key via the drive letter.Now reboot and run F2 diags and it should work from the key , you may have to enable booting from a USB drive in BIOS. Useful if you don't want to waste drive space with another partition, you can just put key in when you want to perform diags. If I remember the diags bit is less than 100MB ( can't check as I don't have HP_TOOLS on this drive ) , even though HP ask for it to be about 2 GB normally . That is to allow room for other stuff like HP Quicklook and HP Quickweb and other UEFI stuff for the future.


This is what came back via email , from HP Support the other day, after a very nice call from a tech support agent , have heard nothing since,I am not expecting anything now till probably mid week.


Dear Dave, Thank you for contacting HP e-Solutions. This is in reference to the Case ID: xxxxxxxxxx. We have elevated the case to our 2nd Level Support. Please be informed that they are working on the issue at our Lab and it may take few more days of time to obtain a solution. However, we will contact you via e-mail or phone as soon as we have a solution for this issue.  


So we wait  Smiley Frustrated


I did take the liberty of cross checking other forum posts and linking as many as I could to here , should anyone find ANY posts that relate to Casl / hpCasl / CaslWmi / Folio State / Battery info / EDID data issues you see posted here regarding EVENT VIEWER error messages, LINK them to HERE , as this posting seems to be getting the best discussions and lots of views. That way everyone can get some help from what we find out.

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Re: HP Software Framework Error Event 4 and 5

To all who have this HP Software Framework Error in the Event Viewer. I have confirmation that the sp56878 from HP fixes this error. I don't know about other models, but for me it worked.


The information about the update:


The download link:



Finally got my problem fixed thanks HP........


I got to thank all of you guys for making my problem get recognize by HP,

Thanks so much,

Sincerely MrPhilipTran

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Re: HP Software Framework Error Event 4 and 5

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Re: HP Software Framework Error Event 4 and 5

I just got the error about the Framework thats all, and by the looks of  it, they just hide the error, from the link you showed me.....


Create a new board, and ill join you in helping out to fix your problem.

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Re: HP Software Framework Error Event 4 and 5

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But have your issues really gone ? Or is it you just can't see them in event viewer now,worrying isn't it, now you don't even know whether there is a fault , suprised they didn't just suggest uninstalling Event Viewer Smiley LOL

My opinion of HP tech went down a few notches I must admit when I read that aswell , close your eyes and IT'S GONE , ha ha what a joke !!

By the way I know you said you only had Event Viewer errors but have you got an HP_TOOLS partition ?? If so have you tried doing an F2 check to see if you get any strange entries in the SystemDiag.log ? That seems to be the real tell-tale.


Not sure whether to start a new board or carry on here ??


It's 4am here in the UK , so need some sleep Smiley Happy


DaveMarshall and Renamo3 , what do you both want to do, as you are as much into this as me , I shall wait till tomorrow PM to see what everyone wants to do , if we keep this going it is at least easier for people to find but also a long read ?? Or we could put a link to the new thread from here ?? not sure , will give it more thought tomorrow.


Another way to look at it is that at least they do know where the errors are coming from or they could not hide them Smiley Happy 

After all it is their BIOS and their Software so how hard can it be to make it talk CORRECTLY to each other ?? and not just bodge it ??

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Re: HP Software Framework Error Event 4 and 5

As expected, installing Software Framework (SP56878) eliminates the error in the Event Log when starting Support Assistant.
I also used to get many errors when Power Assistant was running but I'm not intending to reinstall that.

Unlike Dink4, I haven't got any issues with my computer. I suspected Support Framework, as a universal program, was trying to do something which wasn't supported by the 8440p BIOS. If you were the HP programmer, would you try to customize the code to deal with the umpteen combinations of hardware or just try the operation and see if it succeeds or not?
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Re: HP Software Framework Error Event 4 and 5

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@ Dink4, I have a HP_TOOLS partition , ran the F2 check and found nothing on the SystemDiag.log.

But I'm getting these errors on event viewer with the Hp connection manager when shutdown or restart my laptop which is weird.

Event 5 hpCMSrv
2012/05/28 21:43:04.048|00001084|Error |CWLAN:Smiley FrustratedignalStrengthChanged|Fire_SignalStrengthChanged failed [hr:0x800706BA]

besides that, I got no other errors relating to your problem .

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Re: HP Software Framework Error Event 4 and 5

CanI I use this new Software Framework 4.5.10 also with my HP ProBook 4530s?
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Re: HP Software Framework Error Event 4 and 5

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@ Kohler-Schweiz


Yes you should not have a problem , it seems that it is pretty much a universal update , here is the link for the models it definitely works with , but the list is incomplete and most people say it will work even if you are not on list Smiley Happy read on I did have to play a bit to get it to work on mine.


Look up a few posts for the download link by PhilipTran.


@ PhilipTran


 Hp connection manager service maybe a bit too keen and is reporting errors whilst the PC is stabilising on your wireless network , have you tried going to services.msc and looking for it , change the startup type to DELAYED STARTUP this may help , it will allow it to calm down on network before the HPCM does its checks ?




Well looks like most of us are having sucess with this update removing / hiding Smiley LOL some of the errors , last night I tried again to load the a different way , this time half way through updating I got a message box come up saying that the installer could not stop all services to update and to check before carrying on ?? never seen that come up before !!


So , although I tried to do a fresh install last time by removing HPSF and then loading new HPSF , this had no effect , although it loaded I still had errors. This time I tried an upgrade/update of the already installed HPSF, and got this message.


Now ALL errors for CaslWmi have gone, EDID data and Folio state errors also gone. I do have some others but these are for HPPA, will play more with that in the next few days and pass on my findings.


For those interested here is what I did to get the update to work :


1/  Download new HPSF SP56878

2/ Do not uninstall old HPSF , simply double click SP56878.exe and followed on screen instructions to extract into SWSETUP and then allowed it to load.

3/ Message box comes up during install asking whether some services can be stopped to allow the install answered YES .Half way through installation I got a small message box come up saying that some services could not be stopped by installer with a YES to carry on or a NO to stop.

4/ At this point I did not select either YES/NO.I instead uses CTRL+ALT+DEL keys and started Task Manager, I selected the PROCESSES tab and scrolled down to Hpcaslnotification.exe and HpSupport Framework.exe , I highlighted each one in turn and used the END PROCESS button on bottom right , to stop both processes.

5/ Close Task Manager and return to the message box and selected YES to carry on the install, now I had stopped the services it said it couldn't.

6/ Install completed and I did a reboot. Went to Event viewer and cleared ALL logs completely , noticing that I did not have any new CaslWmi errors Smiley Happy

7/ Tried another reboot , and went back to Event Viewer , still no errors .

8/ Tried HPSA and did a BATTERY CHECK and a CHECK for SOFTWARE updates with HPSA , still no errors .




1/ Loaded HPPA and HP Power Data , as these are both used as one . No errors in EV .

2/ Power off PC , Remove battery and hold power button for 10 secs to drain power from board.

3/ Reboot , no errors.


The only issue I seem to have now is HPPA says "Data Calibration in Progress " and has done for the last 2 hrs ?? Although it works ok and shows me how much power in watts PC is using and seems to be quite accurate and when fan goes hard you can see wattage go up.


 I will wait and see if this sorts itself out as whilst it is like this , I cannot do a DATA collection for it as it keeps asking me to , I try but it fails saying " An unknown error has occured " probably because it is trying to Calibrate.


So the summary of it all is ERRORS in EVENT VIEWER for HpCaslWmi / hpcasl / CaslWmi / EDID Data / Folio State / Battery state have all gone so far , and everything seems to work , I do still have an error with HPPA but I will give it some time to calibrate first.


Well it's been a bit of a mission but it looks like I may nearly be there , thanks to all for chipping in and the ability to bounce ideas of each other , it makes one feel so much better when you know you are not the only oneSmiley Very Happy


This has ALL been done on Win 7 Pro 64 bit , I will hopefully get time tonight to try this on my XP Pro 32 bit  Partition and will edit this post to let you all know how it went .



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