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Envy x360 Ryzen Crashes

Product Name: HP ENVY 15m-bp100 x360 Convertible PC
Operating System: Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit)

Are there any Bios, Chipset, or Video Driver updates for the Ryzen 2500u Envy X360?  


there is no support from AMD and the drivers are months behind any AMD released drivers for thier other products


This laptop plays video fine, but any high stress games or benchmarks crash it within seconds. The fan goes loud, and ether crashes the software and or windows with no error log


thank you





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Re: Envy x360 Ryzen Crashes

Hi @Nckhammond


Welcome to HP Support Forums. A really great platform for posting all your questions and finding solutions.


I understand that the Notebook keeps crashing when you play high-end games.


I suggest you try updating the Graphics driver from Device Manager.


- In Windows, search for and open Device Manager.
- In the list of devices, look for Display Adapter, expand the list
- Right-click the Graphics driver and select Update Driver Software.
- Click Search automatically for updated driver software.
- Follow the on-screen instructions to install the updated driver.
- Restart your computer to complete the installation of the updates.


Also update the Bios from Here


Please Note that the HP ENVY 15m-bp100 x360  is not a gaming system and it might not support high-end games.


Thank you. :)


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Re: Envy x360 Ryzen Crashes

Just as note for anyone that wants to know. it really really doesnt like 2133 ram. It will boot up and run, but constant crashes, and strange colored screens. Only use 2400 ram :)

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Re: Envy x360 Ryzen Crashes

"playing" them generally isnt the issue, more of a compatability issue with older graphics drivers (looks like the initial release driver from october).  NO mobile ryzen support in any more recent AMD drivers, its odd.   EVen the New Lenovo and Acer Ryzen laptops are using the same driver according to Windows Update Catalog so its an AMD shortcoming.


Also I discovered that even thou on paper 2133 ram should be fine, The Vega 8 graphics really doesnt like it. Switching back to 2400 ram solved a ton of crashing.


Also in my research i didcovered AMD has released a new chipset driver that includes a custom power plan "ryzen mobile power plan" that also solves some issues.  (its on AMD's site under chipset drivers, NOT APU or Graphics drivers as Ryzen Mobile doesnt seem to exist yet, lol)


So in short, ive been having a ton of fun playing with this new tech. Im going to need to order that rubber strip that covers the screws soon, ive had it apart so much.


Upgraded to Samsung 960 evo SSD - NOTE it takes a PCIE m.2 not a SATA m.2 ssd for those upgrading

Upgraded to 12GB ram with another 8gb on order to replace the 4 GB stick that is left

Upgraded CPU Thermal Compound - I havnt found a monitoring software that will read the RYzen chip, but i did it anyway


when i get real ambitious ill dissasemble the lcd and see if i can solve its light bleed issue. Looks like its more just a symptom of the cool edge to edge screen design, but I want to check it out anyway.


Also as ive had different amount of ram i can say that the VEga 8 chip shares the following amounts based on installed ram,


4 GB INstalled = 2 GB Shared

12 GB INstalled = 6 GB Shared

16 GB INstalled = 8 GB Shared


all in addition to the 256MB it keeps to itself anyway.


and one last tip ive learned - DO NOT DOWNGRADE THE BIOS - it allows the downgrade and runs, but forces you to reinstall windows (or boot in safe mode) for some reason. Uninstalling the drivers in safe mode doesnt help.




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Re: Envy x360 Ryzen Crashes

[ Edited ]

Well, not a gamer. Bough x360 Ryzen 2500U for general use.

Finish is great, looks and feels premium. Screen is bright enough for me, better then other IPS laptops in this price range.

Nice contrast, but a little disappointing color coverage (gamut). On test screens (also YouTube) it has some issues with gradients and shows visible and quite pronounced banding. Backlight bleed is noticeable and stronger than other laptops.

I'm sure that games could reveal more screen shortcomings in terms of color handling, even though it is not bad for general use.

Most annoying is backlight bleed and banding, for everyday use colors seem to be quite accurate. Screen is not pure white but yellowish warm. There is definitely too little in AMD drivers to adjust screen color, tried everything, not enough. Second screen was better (more neutral).


This is my second HP x360 Ryzen laptop. yep, I had to replace the first one.

Returned first one 2 days after purchase for 2 major resons, bleeding and video crashes.

First screen I saw after purchase was "repairing file system errors", LOL. Didn't expect that right out of the box.


What concerns me is the video driver. First laptop, just like the second one freezes (black screen) or just stops responding (freeze) while watching YouTube. On several occasions severe pixelation (purple squares) occurs with screen totally mangled (for several seconds) then goes back to normal or... freezes. 

How many times it happened? 1st laptop - min. 20 times video freezes in 2 days (also in general tasks, not video). Second one is the same. Sometimes videos just play, sometimes are pixelated. 

I played the same video simultaneously on 2 laptops, Acer (Nvidia) and HP x360. Acer would play without any hiccup while HP would visibly struggle. My own videos reveal the same behavior.

Acer (i5-8250+mx150) plays everything without a single issue while Ryzen HP laptop stumbles from time to time (too often). 


Is it usable? yes, it is... but I'm a tech guy, average user would be concerned, I'm sure.

I reinstalled video drivers 3 times already + once a laptop itself (first one) did it on its own. Clearly video driver is at fault and factory installed system is limping right out of the gate. Equally, in 2 laptops...


Downloaded newer driver ver. from AMD... for Vega 8> Unable to install, message: "unable to identify your video card/hardware". Same message if I allow AMD website to look for an updated driver. So I'm stuck with the supplied driver, which is trouble.


I read the answer and comment from an HP support, but it seems to me that was an answer straight from the book, without even attempting to understand what's going on. Obviously he has no idea what problem he's talking about. Seems to me that short of new Win10 setup nothing will fix it, as there is too little info on new Vega drivers and issues. I've read from several comments elsewhere, that once video problems occur they never go away until the system is reinstalled fully (Win10 included). Strange, but that seems to be the case. Provided that new setup works...

And my own experience with 2 HP laptops seems to confirm that. 2 new laptops exhibit the same problem right after unpacking. And all I did was to play some videos on YT. How reckless of me...


It looks like the second one goes back to B...Buy as well... don't know if I will have patience to try the third one.



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Re: Envy x360 Ryzen Crashes

for testing purposes does it crash while watching You Tube on Chrome or Internet explorer as well? Are you still using windows 1703 or are you on 1709? are you on the lastest .13 bios?


I didnt even boot mine up with the TB drive in it, i installed the SSD and Widows from a USB stick.  Doesnt solve the backlight issue of course but have had no video problems.


The new AMD chipset driver might help also, it updated a bunch of things, even more hardware then the HP AMD driver did.


WE are definatly stuck with the video driver for now, althou Windows update installs a slightly differnt one for some reason, its still ultimatly the same crimsion .7 series driver.



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Re: Envy x360 Ryzen Crashes

Still on the original versions as supplied except for video driver (Oct 9 version). You don't customise/update the system you don't know you're going to keep.


I imagine that it wasn't designed to crash brand new and even as it is should be stable. So I'm not panicking.

First I want to see it working, in "right out of the box" condition. Then I will do what's necessary. You don't pay a grand to spend a week fixing what you have just bought, makes no sense.


New driver instalation last night improved stability, don't see pixelation on YT and video as well. So that's good. AMD Radeon display panel is gone (?) and in Edge videos on YT are now shifted to the left - in full screen there is 1/16" white line on the right side... LOL.


Did not test Chrome earlier, just Edge and Windows video app. I'm still exploring and trying to determine what to do next, keep it or not... Chrome seems to be working fine, but I installed it after last night video driver fix.


I like the design, display is decent (except for bleeding), colors seem to be OK for the most part, KB is OK, not enough ports and port placement is bad, the are spaced too tight (too far), too close to "power in" as well. I don't care for Ryzen, could have had the 8250 i5 like the Acer I have, works the treat. Just want it to do the job and not worry if it's gonna die on me next hour.

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Re: Envy x360 Ryzen Crashes

New update on ram upgrades.

It didn't like the 8gb low density patriot ddr4 2400 ram i ordered at all.... artifacts and such all the time.

It currently has a 4gb low density micron 2400 ram and an 8gb high density hygenx 2133 ram. I can't seem to make it crash in this configuration.

What's even more fun is that depending on which slot the ram is in it will over clock the 2133 ram to 2400 (which is fine, 2400 ram is just factory over clocked anyway)

I also tried the Patriot ram on its own, still didn't like it. And a stick of Samsung 8g 2133 high density ram which it also didn't like.

I'll try and narrow down if it's density, latency, or maybe even a dual channel issue? Later. But for now 12gb seems to be very stable.
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Re: Envy x360 Ryzen Crashes

Rebooting after the driver install brings the Radeon display panel.back.

The white line on full screen took me a while, but it's related to windows scaling the screen up to 125% if you set it back to 100% and just use edge to scale up if needed the white line is gone.
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Re: Envy x360 Ryzen Crashes

[ Edited ]


Replaced the laptop... again, but this one is going back tomorrow for sure.

Issue: previous one had BOE screen which could display white, this one (Chi Mei screen) can not. I lost white and gained a lot of yellow. Everything has beige tint, more or less. Cyan is greener then normal. White gradient has brownish tint, uncorrectable, as this is the new screen base color. High temp white balance 8-9K doesn't help. Simply terrible and unacceptable. Backround bleeding is less though. Totally unimportant now. I'm getting upset.


Funny that I updated the video driver and shift to the left occurs now on a new laptop as well (MS Edge).

I have a while line as before in full screen browser.

Btw. rebooting does not bring back Radeon Panel. It was also gone from right click menu.

All I'm doing is tinkering a litle with vanilla setup, just as it comes new. I see no point in updating everything before I'm sure I'm going to like it... I hope you get it.


Don't have scaling problem in other laptops (2) despite using 125% scaling. Original driver had no problem with scaling Edge full screen.


Don't I have a right to expect a new computer to work just like a new computer should? W/o tinkering and fixing things...


PS. HP website lists a video driver 22.19.655.2 Rev.A dated Oct. 5. Original laptop driver was 22.19.655.0 Oct 5.

Updated driver from MS is 22.19.655.1 dated Oct. 9 (!?). Anyone can tell me which one is the latest? The one with latest date or the one with latest ver. no.? This is laughable.


PS2. I'm on Oct. 9 driver... after updating the driver through "Update driver" in display properties Radeon Panel doesn't open anymore. Lost control over color temp. and other settings, just like before (previous laptop). Nice, and getting better...

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