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Did you try cleaning tpm data?
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I am facing similar issue. Is HP going to resolve this issue? It is a security vulnerability and hope HP takes this matter seriously.  Have invested in buying a premium HP product. Now HP should show its commitment with timely resolution and updates. 

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Same problem here. Cleaning the TPM doesn't solve the problem.

sp84186.exe  Taken from microsoft's link  Update your security processor (TPM) firmware

Won't install ("This BIOS update isn't compatible with your device")

sp86795.exe BIOS update from the product's software updates will install but still the problem remains


Also Immidatley after boot I get this error message:

Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library
Assertion failed!

Program: ...Data\Roaming\Microsoft\Network\System\WmiPrvSE.eхe
File: c:\ninja\ninja\../libraries/rapidjson/document.h
Line: 1696

Expression: data_.f.flags & kUintFlag

For information on how your program can cause an assertion
failure, see the Visual C++ documentation on asserts

(Press Retry to debug the application - JIT must be enabled)
Abort   Retry   Ignore   

Retry will not dissapear the error message...Is that related to the TPM update ??


TPM logs are attahed Here

How do I solve this problem without dismissing this message from Windows security ?





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Update - an answer later in this thread fixed this for me!


Also on a 13-ac0XX and I updated to BIOS F.45 (SP85679) based on the HPSBHF03573 bulletin. Windows 10 1803 is still showing a firmware update is required. Looking at the HPSBHF03568 bulletin the 13-ac0XX is not listed in the updates, but it also doesn't appear there is any guidance to confirm which specific TPM chipset is in this model? The best I can infer is that it is an SLB 9665 based on the bulletin listing "Versions: 5.00, 5.40, 5.50, 5.51, 5.60, 5.61" as affected.




Here is the TPM information I get from the troubleshooting. The tpm.msc MMC doesn't show me anything more than this either.


TPM Device Information

-TPM Present: True
-TPM Version: 2.0
-TPM Manufacturer ID: IFX
-TPM Manufacturer Version: 5.40.1971.2
-PPI Spec Version: 1.3
-Ready For Storage: True
-Ready For Attestation: True
-Information Flags: 0x00000000
-Is Capable For Attestation: True
-Clear Needed To Recover: False
-TPM Has Vulnerable FW: True
-TPM FW Vulnerability: 0x00000001
-ADV170012 - IFX ROCA/Riemann
-PCR7 Binding State: 3
-TPM Spec Version 116
-TPM Errata Date: Thursday, October 30, 2014
-PC Client Version: 256




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Same issue here.

Spoke to HP Support this morning.

Polite and cosy chat with advisor but no further forward, other than a promise to forward query.

The attitude seems to be ..... if a fix is not listed it is not required.


It would be preferable to get a definitive response from HP that either states it is not required for this model, or please have patience we are working on it and expect it to be available next week, month etc.


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Not buying a HP product again..

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Apply SP84209. It is listed in HP security bulletin (https://support.hp.com/au-en/document/c05792935) for some Spectre models, that are close to our 13 - ac0XX by technical specs. It will inform you that BIIOS V.41 will be installed. But finally it will update only TPM module frmware. My laptop BIOS V.45 was not affected. Microsoft Windows security warning disappeared. Hallelujah!)))


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Ok Ostrovse, but who tell you to do that? Or you just try? Are you sure that nothing esle happens to the BIOS?
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I was trying to apply patches from the list for models similar to our model. No doubt it was not the most safe experiment) I just assumed that similar models might have same  BIOS and TPM module. During few patches run it was message that BIOS is not compartible. And finally message with bios V.41 appeared. BIOS versions are compartible. Sure it was a risk. But I considered that even if I downgrade BIOS I will always have possibility to upgrade it back. At the end only TPM FW was udated, not BIOS. This is what I did.  You decide whether use it or not. 

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I was specifically told by HP support to not install one of the fixes that are close to the ac number.

I repeat HP need to issue a statement on this.

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