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HP Recommended
HP Stream Laptop
Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit)

Dear HP Community,

I hope someone can help.  I was given an HP Stream Laptop recently.  Model Number 11ah161ms.  I reinstalled the Operating System Windows 10 Home x64 and have now entered my credentials.


The machine will not connect wirelessly to the Internet and to my Home Network.  There are no connections available and my wireless Network name does not show up.  All devices are working properly according to the computer.


I have tried various fixes that I found via the Internet and nothing works!


In Device Manager, here is what is listed:

Bluetooth Device (Personal Area Network) #2  Location Realtek Bluetooth 4.2 Adapter

WAN Miniport (IKEv2)

WAN Miniport (IP)

WAN Miniport (IPv6)

WAN Miniport (L2TP)

WAN Miniport (Network Monitor)

WAN Miniport (PPPOE)

WAN Miniport (PPTP)

WAN Miniport (SSTP)

The hidden device is Microsoft Kernel Debug Network Adapter #2


Windows Network Diagnostics can't identify the problem.


Can somebody please help?  I have been trying to solve the issue for several days on my own.  I am connected to the Internet on my Apple Desktop, so I can download fixes to a USB Flash Drive if necessary.  I have the f12 Key with the airplane


Happy for step by step instructions.  I've noticed that other folks seem to have the same issues.


Thank you.


HP Recommended

There is no wireless card here. What drivers did you install for wireless?

HP Recommended

Hello.  I did not install any drivers.  I was given the computer and I just reset it so I could log in with my own personal administrative account.


Maybe it didn't come with a wireless card?  Although I think the person who gave it to me was able to connect to the Internet.


Is there a fix for this?

HP Recommended

Might just take installing the right driver to activate the wireless card. 

HP Recommended

Thank you so much!


Would you be kind enough to recommend a driver?  I can't figure out the name of the driver I need.


The HP Website does not have too many Drivers at the moment for these older machines. 


I know I'm looking for a Wireless Card Driver.  Is that the same as a  Network Driver and if so is it an actual HP Driver that is suited to my machine?  How can I tell?  The website support recognizes my model number, but not my serial number.  If you can tell me how to find the driver for this computer, with this Operating System, I'd be very grateful.  It's been a very long time since I've used a PC WIndows Computer.


Thank you again for your time and attention.


HP Recommended

Can you post a screenshot of the device manager? The best way to find it is to get the hardware ID of the wireless card and then find the drive based on that. You could also get a usb wireless adapter for a few dollars that would work just as well. 


And are you running in S mode?



HP Recommended

Here's the issue.  I know the person who had this computer before me was able to connect to the Internet.  Where is the wireless card listed, because it is not under Network Adapters.  Everything that is listed under Network Adapters, I have already posted.  There is something called NDIS Virtual Network Adapter Enumerator listed under "System Devices". Would that be correct?


The Microsoft Kernel Debug Network Adapter #2 (a hidden adapter) is made by Microsoft.

The Bluetooth (Personal Area Network) #2 is located on Realtek Bluetooth 4.2. Adapter also by Microsoft

The NDIS Virtual Network Adapter Enumerator is also by Microsoft


The Computer Says I'm running Windows 10 Home Signature Edition version 1903.  OS Build 18362.1082.  Is "Signature Edition" the same as S Mode.



HP Recommended

PS - Is it possible that when the computer was re-set, it didn't install a Wi-Fi Adapter?  Because there is nothing that says Wi-Fi in Device Manager?

HP Recommended

How did you reset it? Microsoft does not make wireless cards so it is not a Microsoft. I do not believe you have given us the exact model of the laptop. If worse comes to worse we can help you open the back of the laptop and look with your eyes for the wireless card. If we know the exact model it may be possible to use HP Cloud Recovery and download a copy of Windows 10 with the right drivers built into it. 



HP Recommended

The model number as posted is 11ah161ms.


I reset it by going into recovery options and the laptop asked whether I wanted to  delete the previous owners settings and data which I did - and install an up to date fresh copy of Windows 10.


I'm happy to open the machine and do whatever to get it working except spending money.


Thanks again for your help and prompt replies.

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