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G8 255
Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit)


I see there are other topics for this same problem, but no real solution.


My internet connection keeps failing without any obvious reason. For example: I am downloading 10GB file, but it stops in the process and I have to start again. All other computers in this same network work perfectly.


I tried new drivers, old drivers, even Lenovo drivers, Microsoft generic drivers, reseting network settings, etc.


Device is just 1 day old.


What to do?

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There is only one solution that is guaranteed to work and that is to replace that chronically problematic wifi card with this one listed in chapter 3 of your notebook's service manual...


Intel Wi-Fi 6 AX200 802.11ax 2 × 2 Wi-Fi + Bluetooth 5 (non-vPro)    HP part # L35282-005


Maintenance and Service Guide (hp.com)


You can find the card on eBay.  Search by the HP part number, not the model of the wifi card.


Intel cards must be non-vPro.  Your notebook does not support vPro technology.




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But this is brand new device.


Can this be done by HP service center or I should return the device and buy new one?

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I don't work for or represent HP.


I doubt HP would replace the Realtek card for the Intel card.


They would probably just install the same replacement Realtek wifi card, and say its fixed.


If it were me, I would return it, and only buy a notebook that comes with an Intel wifi card, no matter what PC manufacturer the notebook you buy is from.

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So strange.

I guess this is hardware related issue, not software?


No chance future software update will solve the issue?

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The card is horrible.


I have no idea why HP uses them.


I just made the same recommendation to this person to replace the card with the Intel card, and he did.


Solved: Network issues HP Envy - HP Support Community - 8217721


Within the discussion, I gave him the latest W10 driver that HP has for the RTL8822CE wifi card.

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Deal Paul,


Here is possible temporary (but unacceptable?) solution.


In advanced card settings we have:


  • Disabled
  • HT

Disabled limits Wificard to 54Mbps, HT to 300 Mbps, VHT to full speed.


I tested with HT option and obviously limited to 300 Mbps and connection now seems (more) stable. I will test until the end of the day.



I have shorty switched back to VHT (unilimited speed) and connection was lost within 2 minutes (ping to Google.com not passing and file download stopped).


Does this makes any sense to you?

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Here are some definitions of the advanced settings.


Advanced Wireless Adapter Driver Settings (techgenix.com)


The thing is...the card should work fine with the default settings and it doesn't.


So, I guess if you can live with the 300 MBPS setting and you have a stable connection, that would be your only choice other than to replace the wifi card with the Intel one I recommended.


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Hello again,

I think I will leave it as it is... It works, I am still testing without interruptions.

However this could possibly be the "solution" for everyone complaining about this card!

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I suppose that it is better than doing nothing.


Then just keep trying the new drivers as they come out.


Realtek is constantly releasing driver updates for their lousy cards.

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