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Envy x360
Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit)

HP ENVY x360 Laptop - 15m-ed0023dx. I originally purchased a USB-C hub that included an ethernet port. When initially connecting the ethernet cable, everything was great. Connected to the internet, no problem. Several minutes (maybe even an hour or more) later, the internet connection dropped out. It still showed up in connections as ethernet connected but "no internet". Unplugging and re-connecting brought it back up, but it soon failed again. I assumed it was a faulty hub, so purchased a new hub (different brand). I'm having the same issue with the new hub. Other devices connected to the USB ports on the hub continue to function when the ethernet drops. I have tried different CAT cables and completely different switches/networks with the same results. Any ideas what could be causing this? 

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Hooray! I finally found somebody with the same problem 🙃😪


It started with me homeworking and not finding my WiFi connection 100.00% stable. Rarely it kicked me out during a Zoom or Teams meeting.


I started focusing on using the ethernet port of my USB-C hub

I have owned 3 usb c hubs in the last months:

* Satechi  (NO good)

* UGreen (good, I think no problem with the hub but with the hard and/or software of my HP laptop)

* A very highly rated usb hub from amazon


They all have the same problem as described in the first post. All ports work perfectly except ethernet, after some time.

Very weird is, if I go to certain websites to stream content, I know the connection will drop and it does every time!


Then, a friend of mine told me he had an unused 'HP' usb c hub at home. He brought it to me and it appeared to be a brand new, genuine HP Spectre 'docking' usb c hub. And I have a HP Spectre 'late 2019' OLED !

I thought, okay with that I ain't gonna have problems as it is a genuine HP product, but NO, slightly better but the same problem occurred after an hour or so.


Then I decided to format my computer as it was a driver-related issue and as a last resort solution..

I did 48h ago and eureka, I worked for 2 full days...!  until 15mins ago when I went to a streaming website; my ethernet connection dropped and after a few secs switched to WiFi.

Please note I'm currently using the genuine HP Spectre hub:

It's this one: https://store.hp.com/us/en/pdp/hp-spectre-usb-c%E2%84%A2-travel-dock

( I have a EU HP Spectre x360 13.3 inch )


Also... I tried 2 different CAT6 UTP cables,

First I thought it was my Netgear switch (with PoE) so I've put the computer straight to the modem of the telco.

No difference neither.

Oh god, I hope someone can help us out here cause it has been a long time since a searched so abundantly for a problem.
I don't want to send in my computer as I use it for work 10 hours per day.....

Thank you

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I love the liveliness of this forum. While HP 'forces' me to use this forum as main source for help.

So HP, in my Western European country has MANY MANY customers, but has no support telephone number.

Then you have the chat-bot 'Support Assistant' (A.I.) but there is no possibility AT ALL to talk to a real person.

In addition, the implementation of the chat-bot is truly awful. Really sad for such a huge company.


I have a €2.000 laptop (I believe HP will have quite some margin) and the device is still under warranty.


Maybe HP could invest a bit more in 'experts' and moderators on this forum. Sad SAD SAD customer support system at HP,

it's not the first time I come to this conclusion.

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