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Windows 7 Upgrade Guide for dv2000 models
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Re: Windows 7 Upgrade Guide for dv2000 models




Hit the Start button Picture of the Start button and in search box write Resource Monitor to run it.

In windows which will appear choose ' Memory ' tab and you will see something like this:




Take a screenshot and post it in this topic.

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Re: Windows 7 Upgrade Guide for dv2000 models

Here it is:



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Re: dv2945se...still no audio

I am having the same problem as snowtrooper.


The device manager does not show an audio, video, game controller tab. There is also a red x on the speaker icon in the bottom right. Any driver I try to install shows the no media error. I also have a dv2945se. Any help would be great!


I also have two yellow exclamation marks in the device manager. Hardware ID's shown below:


Device 1:



Device 2:


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Re: Windows 7 Upgrade Guide for dv2000 models

Im having trouble with a dv2500 Before i updated to windows 7 in vista this laptop used to give me 2-3 hours of battery life. now after installing windows 7 it only give me about 45 my battery icon on the lower left corner keeps saying. I new battery...

My point is this doesnt make much sense, I know my battery is in good condition why wouldnt the laptop and Hp battery check detect this. Either way i have try re-calibrating, I have downlaoded and installed the drivers recomended here. (some of them are outdated by the way) and I have tried uninstalling the battery composite on device manager as recomended by HP..

The only thing that may be causing an issue would be the bios that i havent updated since I bought this machine.

I have heard that updating the Bios on windows 7 can brick my laptop, so my question is

Should i downgrade and try installing the bios? Or are there any other solutions for my battery problem?




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Re: Windows 7 Upgrade Guide for dv2000 models

My HP Pavilion DV 2025TU laptop start booting as soon as I switch on electric power switch without pressing start button on laptop on windows 7 .

Also every restart the clock dispaly wrong time and BIOS settings also change automatically.

The automatical restart checkbox is unchecked and there is no Virus in my system.



Please help, is this a hardware problem or its a driver problem ?

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Re: Windows 7 Upgrade Guide for dv2000 models

Not sure about the start up issue when power is turned on, but usually it is the motherboard battery needing replaced that causes clock to be wrong and BIOS settings not sticking.

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Re: Windows 7 Upgrade Guide for dv2000 models

[ Edited ]

I understand this is a very old post.

But this was my guide to installing windows 7 in my dv2000 and it proved invaluable for me in the process. That's why I'm writing this problem I've recently discovered.


I've used windows 7 for almost 6-7 months now using this method and after installing I never actually noticed that my inbuilt microphone was not working.

Actually now that I notice it can;t even detect the hardware,though in the device manager it;s showing TWO devices (both conexant hd) none of them is working. It's the same for any external microphone I attach.

The devices itself are working coz I've tried them in this very machine in ubuntu and they work fine.


I'm attaching the screenshot here





So I figure this is a driver problem for which I don't seem to have any solution.

I googled and found out people having similar problem fixed this by installing hp sp39520 driver in vista compatability mode. But when I try to install it even it can't find any compatible device.


I'm at a loss here.what should i do?

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Re: Windows 7 Upgrade Guide for dv2000 models

nice info!!!! Smiley Wink

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Re: Windows 7 Upgrade Guide for dv2000 models

[ Edited ]

Hi everyone!

I recently upgraded my HP dv2941se from Vista 64 bit Home Premium to Windows 7 64 bit Professional. Before that I have run Windows Upgrade Advisor which told me that I will not have any problems with upgrade. I have used drivers from HP official site and was not able to install audio driver but I didn't have any problems with sound. After I did upgrade I have hard time with my DVD/CD Drive which is becoming unresponsive, disappearing or showing as CD Drive. And another problem with keyboard: sometimes some of the keys becoming nonfunctional. I was trying different kind of chipset drivers with no luck.

And "erico" adviced me to take a look at this thread. I can see that you are very helpfull guys.

 So, I have uninstalled Broadcom driver and after that I am not able to get to Internet even after reboot(wifi switch is on).

Also, I remove  nVidia graphic driver. And I think when I run Driver Sweeper I did mistake: instead of removing nVidia display driver I removed all nVidia drivers including chipset (it was in Safe mode). And the last problem: I was trying to install nVidia chipset driver for AMD processor sp36607.exe , before that I copied it with USB flash drive from another computer (no internet connection on my laptop) and it is giving me error. 

Can somebody tell me how I should start fixing these problems and make it working. Probably, I should go back to Vista, then upgrade to Win 7 again (there is Vista recovery image on the hard drive).

Thank you in advance.


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Re: Windows 7 Upgrade Guide for dv2000 models

[ Edited ]

If you want to try going back to Vista to start over and do not have Recovery Disk set>>>>


1.Right-click on "Computer" icon and select manage.
2.This will launch the Microsoft Management Console.
3.On the left side of the MMC, click on "Disk Management" and it will show you all of the partitions.
4.Right-click on the "HP Recovery" partition and select "Mark as Active Partition."
5.When the warning prompt appears, select "Yes" - Reboot and it will automatically boot into the Recovery Manager (Do Not press F11).


Once you are back to Vista, uninstall HP Quick Launch in Control Panel,Programs & Features.This might solve the kbd issues.You can reinstall latest QL from first page of this thread after upgrading to 7.

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