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HP ENVY Photo 7858 All-in-One Printer
Microsoft Windows 11

I have updated all drivers and software for this printer and it will not recognize any envelope (or small paper size at all). It constantly tells me to load paper whether I have one envelope or a stack of them in the tray. I am trying to print 5x7 envelopes.

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Welcome to the HP User Community.


This might work - the printer accepts this size paper either as a standard size or as a Custom Paper Size form.


Paper Size & Type - Tray and Paper Management

It might simply be a matter of making the printer aware of the paper you have loaded either at the printer display panel or using EWS.  Both methods are explained a bit later in this message.


Custom Paper Size Form

5x7 envelopes are perhaps not a supported 'envelope size'.

That said, the printer supports creating a custom paper size form.

If necessary, you can try that - Creating the form takes very little time and might be the "ticket".


Word > Mailings > Envelopes

You can try creating the Envelope using Word > Mailings > Envelopes

If the Envelope Size is not in the list, select Custom and enter the dimensions


"Envelope" shaped document

If all else fails, create the envelope as a document - load the envelopes as explained in the printer user manual - print your "envelope" document





If you have not done so,

Make sure the printer is aware of the paper loaded in the tray.


This printer can make use of the little display panel on the printer to enter / modify the paper size / type information, else use the Embedded Web Server (EWS) to check / adjust the paper size and type settings - Tray and Paper Management.



  • Do not select paper type photo paper in an attempt to print your 5x7 envelopes - most printers cannot be fooled this way.
  • Do not load envelopes in the photo tray - your 5x7 inch paper goes in the main tray.
  • Refer to the User Guide - Pages 22-23 for how to load the envelopes into the tray



Check / Adjust / Retain the Paper at the Printer Display Panel


Open Printer Tray,



If you are having trouble with getting the printer to accept (new) paper,

Remove the stack of paper from the tray

Lightly flex (do not fan) the paper to separate the single sheets

Restack together so the edges match along all sides

Return the paper to the tray



Wait a few seconds

Close Tray

IF applicable for your printer:

On the Printer Control Display Panel,

Click Modify / Change / No-Yes (wording varies), adjust the paper size and type, Click OK


No Size?  If the size of the Paper Size is not in the Drop-down list,

Scroll down in the list > Select Custom

Note:  Not all printers allow selection of “Custom”



Embedded Web Server (EWS)



  • EWS is available on many network connected printers.
  • Laser Printers - Options and Settings - availability and location - are likely (and frequently) different.


If EWS is supported on your printer,

Use the Embedded Web Server (EWS) to view / configure your printer.


No Size?  If the size of the Paper Size is not included in the Drop-down list, Select Custom



Copy dislikes mismatched content / paper size and type.  If / As available,  Check / Update Copy settings  in EWS > Copy > Settings > Copy Defaults


 -----------------------  -----------------------  -----------------------  ----------------------- 


EWS – Browser

Open your favorite browser > type / enter Printer IP address into URL / Address bar

Tab Settings > Preferences > Tray and Paper Management

Model Dependent: 

  • No Size > Select “Custom”  Note:  Not all printers support size “Custom”
  • Advanced section > General Tray, Default Paper, Default Tray, Tray Lock

Click Apply to save changes


Example - Retain / Modify (Edit) / Check the Paper Size & Type - Tray and Paper Management






About Custom Sizes and Envelopes


If the software won't simply let you assign your custom envelope size within Word > Mailings > Envelopes,

You can first create a Custom Paper Size form.


In cases where the Full Feature Software / full driver printer software is installed, creating the custom form can supplement what Word > Mailings > Envelopes can use.


HP Document: HP Printers - Creating Custom Paper Sizes





You did not say what you are using to create the envelopes.

The following illustrates / explains two methods that use Office Word


Method - Word > Mailings > Envelopes


Word > Mailings > Envelopes has rules about which size envelopes are acceptable.

The selected size must be acceptable in both length and height.

Assuming the envelope is long enough, it must also be deemed "tall enough" by the software.

If you try to create a custom envelope size that is not allowed, the software will complain and offer a size that would work.



The following example shows how to set up / create a #10 envelope.

In the case of your 5x7 envelope setup,

If the size of your envelope is not listed in the drop down Envelope Size list,

Select Custom > Enter the dimensions of the envelope > Click OK to save the change




What if?


If Word > Mailings > Envelopes will not cooperate,

Try creating your envelope in Word as a document - set up the paper size, the orientation, and create the Text Box entries for the Delivery and the Return Addresses.



Example - Word - Manual Envelope Document - Size DL





HP Printer Support Home Page - References and Resources – Learn about your Printer  - Solve Problems

 “Things that are your printer”

When the website support page opens, Select (as available) a Category > Topic > Subtopic

NOTE:  Content depends on device type and Operating System

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HP ENVY Photo 7858 All-in-One Printer 


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I am using Word, creating an envelope. I have selected paper size of 5x7 envelope. 
I will try to use custom size next. Thanks. 

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