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HP Photosmart B110a INK SYSTEM FAILURE 0xc19a0003/0020

I received my printer, unpacked it, stripped all of the tape off and followed all instructions to set it up. It immediately said there was a carriage jam, then a cartridge jam and finally a paper jam. Once I'd attempted to sort each of these problems it said there was an 'Ink System Failure' with error code 0xc19a0003. I tried to reset the printer. Nothing changed. I removed the print head and cleaned it. Nothing changed. I followed all official advice and nothing changed. I then found on a forum a statement saying to remove the cover from the circuit board and take the white ribbon strips out. I did this and it said I had multiple errors. I then followed the forum advice and pressed OK. I then reset the printer again, after replacing the ribbon cables. It changed the error code from 0003 to 0020. I did the same again and it changed back to 0003. Now I'm on 0020 again.


PLEASE SOMEONE HELP ME!!! I think either HP made a dud, or Dixons supplied one. It is less than a day old and already it's done for!

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Re: HP Photosmart B110a INK SYSTEM FAILURE 0xc19a0003/0020

i have the exact same problem. just bought it today. were you able to fix it?


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Re: HP Photosmart B110a INK SYSTEM FAILURE 0xc19a0003/0020

Same question__what do I do. I've had most of HP consumer products. I'm very disappointed in the B210a, since I can easily see from Google that MANY others are having identical problems. Please assist me NOW.


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Re: HP Photosmart B110a INK SYSTEM FAILURE 0xc19a0003/0020

0xc19a0013 or no code Check the cartridges
The ink system can fail if the cartridges in the product are installed incorrectly, if the ink in the cartridge is low or out, or if the cartridges are damaged or not correctly vented. Follow these steps to check the cartridges thoroughly and resolve any issues you find.

Step 1: Replace empty or low cartridges
Step 2: Make sure the cartridges are installed correctly
Step 3: Use the automatic printhead cleaning utility
The automatic printhead cleaning utility is available only if you installed the HP software that came with the product.
If the print quality is acceptable on the test page, you are done, and there is no need to continue to troubleshoot. If the print quality is not acceptable, repeat the automatic printhead cleaning procedure again. If the print quality is still not acceptable, ‘Remove, clean, and reinstall the printhead’ .

Reset the HP Photosmart B8550 Printer
The error message might disappear after you turn off the product and turn it on again. After you make any adjustments to the cartridges or the printhead, reset the product in order for the error message to clear completely. Follow these steps to reset the product.

1.Press the Power button to turn off the product.
2.Disconnect the power cord from the back of the product.
3.Wait 30 seconds.
4.Reconnect the power cord to the back of the product.
5.Turn on the product by pressing the power button.

Check the product control panel display. If the error message disappears, you are done, and you do not need to troubleshoot further. If the error message persists, continue with the next section, ‘Remove, clean, and reinstall the printhead.


INKJET-LASER.COM | You'r here ‘Ink System Failure’ Message Displays on HP Photosmart B8550 Printer

tecnical support for hp printing
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Re: HP Photosmart B110a INK SYSTEM FAILURE 0xc19a0003/0020

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Hi hope this link works if these steps fails replace the printer

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Re: HP Photosmart B110a INK SYSTEM FAILURE 0xc19a0003/0020

I have a HP Photosmart B209a showing an ink system failure code Oxc19a0022. The printer was working fine until I changed the black ink cartridge...then the code appeared. I have changed cartridges before without a problem. I knew the other cartridges were getting low so I replaced them too...turned printer off and on...still got the code. Then I followed HP's instructions on how to clean the Print Head...reset the printer...and STILL I get this code. I don't get it. How can it go from printing fine...running low on ink so I do the right thing by installing full cartridges and now it seems hopeless. I have read that many other people have run into this same problem...I don't believe there is anything wrong with the Print Head. It looked pretty clean to me...I tried another Black cartridge to see if the first one was defective...still get the code. This is getting very expensive and I am definitely NOT a satisfied has just gone out of warranty and it is almost like this was programmed to occur now. Anyone who can help me...please do. I can't afford another printer now that I have sunk all my money into all these new cartridges.

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Re: HP Photosmart B110a INK SYSTEM FAILURE 0xc19a0003/0020

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This document may help:


I was a support engineer for HP.

If the advice resolved the situation, please mark it as a solution. Thank you.
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Re: HP Photosmart B110a INK SYSTEM FAILURE 0xc19a0003/0020


Hi, my HP Photosmart B110a had a INKK SYSTEM FAILURE 0xc19a003 just a few weeks after the guarantee was over. I called HP, who REFUSED to provide assistance unless I purchased a Technical Assistance Programm for 20 EUR. Once I purchased the service, a technician basically told me what the online FAQ already suggested: to clean the heads and reboot. Once that solution failed, I was told the only solution was to purchase a new HP printer. When I asked whether the 20 EUR fee would be discounted from the total price, I was told it would not.

In my view, this is sheer stealing. I can't imagine a more dishonest way to grab as much possible money from a customer. I will stop having anything to do with HP from now onwards. Your company should be ashamed of itself to be using such methods.

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Re: HP Photosmart B110a INK SYSTEM FAILURE 0xc19a0003/0020


Has anyone solved this yet, I have read that over 10,000 people have this problem. is there a solution, is it a Marketing Trick, is it actually dead on purpose (marketing decision) and a new printer must be purchased?


thanks Tom

I am not happy at all with this situation

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Re: HP Photosmart B110a INK SYSTEM FAILURE 0xc19a0020

Certainly not solved here. Have followed all the HP fixes and still have the Ink System Failure Oxc19a0020 message. This seems to disable the whole machine, so other fixes such as Clean the Printhead can't be done. A new printhead costs £40+ and seems a seriously bad investment decision as there's no guarantee it will do the trick. I have a number of unused cartridges (a few less as I've replaced every one as part of the this fault-checking) otherwise I would run off to ANYONE BUT HP !

Any further tricks to try please?

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