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    Need Windows 11 help?
    Check documents and videos on compatibility, FAQs, upgrade information and available fixes.Windows 11 Support Center.
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There are two main passwords to consider:

- The WiFi password on the printer for Wireless Direct connections

- The WiFi password on your home network that the printer would use to connect to your WiFi


WIreless Direct Password

Wireless Direct is used to connect a wireless device to the printer's local WiFi network.  The printer is only visible to the Wireless Direct connected devices.


If you want to clear the Wireless Direct password then perform the Restore Defaults function from the control panel of the printer.  This should reset the printers WiFi password and allow you to look up the new one.  The steps to perform Restore Defaults can be looked up in the User Guide for the printer at 


Home WiFI Password

The home WiFi password is used to connect the printer to your home wireless network.  This makes the printer visible to all network devices, both wired and wireless.


If your goal is to connect your printer to the same home network as the rest of your personal devices then the first step is to confirm the current home network WiFi password.  Next, go to the control panel of the printer and review the wireless connection options that are available.  Scan the air for your home network and then enter your home networks WiFi password when prompted.  HP cannot assist you with the lookup or confirmation of your home WiFi password.


Admin Password

The Admin password is used to access the Admin area of the Embedded Web Server and some of the restricted areas of the printers control panel.  The Admin password is required administration level changes to the printer such as adjusting the security, networking and enabling/disabling features. 


Resetting the Admin password requires physical access to the printer and a higher level reset known as NVRAM or COLD resets.  Each model has a unique Cold Reset process that is documented in the Service Manual.  The best way to obtain this reset process is to contact HP directly (warranty) or start a thread in the forums for you model (no warranty).  


Print Server Security

Shared printers are often setup and delivered through a Print Server.  A Print Server can be a shared workstation, dedicated server or an appliance running software with various features.  Print Servers control who has access to the print queue by userID and password.  These UserID's and passwords are often the same credentials used to authenticate to a users Machine or enterprise network.  These credentials are normally only requested when users try to add the network printer to thier machine.


Check with your Print Server Administrator for this one.  HP cannot assist you with the lookup or verification of print server security settings.





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