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The PCL6 print driver will communicate errors in the print document by printing off an error instead of the content in the print job. 


The resulting error page looks something like this:

PCL XL Error

Subsystem: xxxxx

ERROR:  xxxxxxx



Options to resolve the PCL.XL Error messages are as follows:

- Update the current PCL6 print driver

- Switch to an alternative print language such as PCL5 or PostScript

- Adjust the way the content is being processed such as a Text document to an Image document

- Via trial and error work through the document, remove a part, find the part causing the errors, remove or correct the issue


Update the current PCL6 print driver:

Navigate to and review the most recent versions of the PCL6 print driver for your OS and printer model.  Update as necessary and try again.


Switching the Print Language

This requires you to install a print driver with a language other than PCL6.  Start by reviewing the options available for you on  Feel free to try whichever alternative languages are available for your model and OS.  You can also experiment with HP Universal Print Drivers which normally come in the PCL5, PCL6 and PostScript drivers.  By migrating to a print language other that PCL6 the problem will go away.


Adjust the way you send the job to the printer:

You can attempt to export the document to a different file format such as PDF and then print.  If you are already printing from PDF you can attempt to use the Print as Image feature.  Print as Image changes the content from a text and image document to a solid image document.  This small adjustment can smooth over the issues the PCL6 print driver has with the document at the expense of creating a larger print job in terms of KB.


Print as Image:

1. Open the PDF document

2. Navigate to File > Print

3. Click on Advanced

4. Check the Print as Image checkbox


Use Trial and Error to find and fix the error:

1. Delete a chunk of the original document from the bottom or top. 

2. Print. 

3. Confirm if the error persists. 

4. If so then delete another chunk of the document in order. 

5. Repeat until the print job is able to print correctly. 

6. Modify area where the print error appears from until the problem is resolved.




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