HP How To For You – Windows 10 Keyboard Shortcuts and Productivity Tips

In this episode of HP How To For You, @Bill_F shares his favorite Windows 10 keyboard shortcuts and productivity tips, including how-tos on customizing your Start menu and task bar, as well as managing your notifications.  


Though Steph wistfully wishes that Bill would make her wildest dreams come true by doing all of her chores, Bill helps her by sharing tips on how to work faster and better.  Hey, as the old saying goes, give a man a fish and you feed him for a day, but teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime, right? ;)



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HP How To For You – The Password Recovery Episode

In this 6th episode of HP How To For You, @Bill_F shares recovery methods for a forgotten password as well as tips for how to create a strong password.  For example, find out the logic behind how Steph turned "Bill Is My Man Crush Monday" into "B1ll!mMCM" ;)



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HP How To For You, Episode 5 – Using HP Support Assistant

Or as we know it behind-the-scenes, HPSA!  This latest episode of HP How To For You will discuss the newly released version of it to help you keep your PCs and printers up-to-date.  Check it out.  You might even get a little wanderlust from this episode for some place tropical 



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HP How To For You – Updating Drivers After Upgrading to Windows 10.

The latest HP How To For You vlog is up, and this episode shows you the various ways in which you can update your drivers after upgrading to Windows 10.   And, that's not all -- you also get to see what @Bill_F looks like with hair.  Check it out:



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HP How To For You: The #HPMeetup Edition

When the HP Experts descended upon San Francisco for the HP Experts Global Meetup earlier this month (catch my recap here), the crew of "HP How To For You" took the opportunity to pick their brains!  In this latest vlog, @Bill_F and @SE_Video get Expert insight on their favorite Windows 10 features, how to optimize PC performance, the latest in printing technologies, and what they look for when purchasing a new PC or printer.  


Check it out and see if you recognize any Experts (and yours truly might make a couple bit appearances in it... :P):



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Episode 2 of HP How To For You is up - Setting Up a New Computer

In this episode, @Bill_F and Steph share tips on how to best setup a new PC. Bill also shares some of the tips that he uses when conducting PC audits.  Check it!



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A Community Manager's recap of the 2015 #HPMeetup, as told through tweets

Is anyone else still recovering from the Meetup?  I don't know about the rest of you, but even though the Meetup was pretty much in my backyard in San Francisco, I feel like I've just gotten back from an overseas trip in an opposite time zone!  The culprit: too much fun at the Meetup 


As event planner @Natalie_B emailed to all attendees...




How awesome is that?!


Leading up to the Meetup...

The very first episode of HP How To For You is up: Featuring a Windows 10 PC unboxing

You read that right -- the first episode of new vlog series "HP How To For You" is live.  And what's more? @Bill_F is live at the factory unboxing a just-released Windows 10 PC right on the factory floor!  Watch as he shares tips and tricks on how to Snap windows and work with virtual desktops on Windows 10:



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Announcing new vlog series: HP How To For You!

If my fellow Community Manager @Bill_F has seemed a little quiet lately (very unlike him), it's for good reason: he's been busy filming a new vlog series called "HP How To For You" alongside fellow HP team member Steph, which actually launches tomorrow!


This vlog series aims to provide educational how-tos, plus tips and tricks for how to use your HP products more effectively.  There will be a new episode every two weeks, so be sure to follow the YouTube channel for the latest!  If you have any feedback or there's a particular topic that you'd like Bill and Steph to cover, be sure to share it in the comments on this post or on the video.  


Here's a taste of it with some fun outtakes:



Enjoy!  And don't forget us when you two get too famous, Bill and Steph ;)

Best of the Month – June ‘15

Hope everyone's been surviving the hot weather and traveling to fun places!  Though summer activities may be ensuing, that didn't stop the activity in the HP Support Forum.  Let us show you the ways...


In the month of June, the forum had over 6.6 million visitors with 12,000 new topics posted and 1,700 solutions reached.  The bulk of those accepted solutions were from HP Experts, so let's take a moment to recognize our top contributors for the month of June:





At the top again is @Paul_Tikkanen who posted 973 times, with 175 Accepted Solutions, getting a total of 228 kudos.


Here's what some members had to say about Paul:


"You, sir, have been a godsend.  Did the last 2 items you posted and internet is up and running. [...] Thank you very much for taking the time and walking me this recovery." - @doublesix66


"Thank you so much Paul_Tikkanen, it worked..!! Smiley Happy" - @Shashika1986






Right up there with Paul is @banhien, who wrote 756 posts, garnering 211 kudos and 106 Accepted Solutions.  Here's what the community has to say about his help:


"You are the man BH. [...] I really appreciate the help with connecting me with the right tool  to enjoy my wireless printing again. I also want to thank you again for the quick response in helping me get this done today." - @JXAXM


"I wanted to thank you for the quality and speed of your responseA very big thank you for your responsiveness Smiley Very Happy" - @Icounet




And we have some very exciting news...  


Along with the new boards that we inherited during the migration of HP's Enterprise Business Support Forum to this forum, we also inherited a couple Expert-worthy top contributors and have thus accordingly invited them into our Expert Program, which they accepted.  So please welcome @John_Getzke and @davidzuts to the community!




Thank you to everyone for being a part of the community!  Have a great summer :)

Best of the Month – May ‘15

Summer's almost here!  At least on the Northern Hemisphere of things :)  While things are heating up around here weather-wise, things have also been, ahem, heating up on the forum as well!


In the month of May, which included an Expert Day, the forum had over 6.3 million visitors with 12,000 new topics posted and 1,800 solutions reached.  The bulk of those accepted solutions were from HP Experts, so let's take a moment to recognize our top contributors for the month of May:





Topping out is @Paul_Tikkanen, who made a impressive 1090 posts, which garnered him 341 kudos and 195 accepted solutions in May.


Here are some of the praises that fellow community members have sang of Paul's help:


"My many thanks for your help. That driver was just what the doctor ordered. It worked great. Thanks again." - @billytec


"Yet again Paul Tikkanen..you are my hero...thanks again for sorting my problems.  Cheers buddy" - @doe209






Not far behind is @banhien, who wrote 715 posts in May, bringing in 214 kudos and 113 accepted solutions.  Here's what the community has to say about his help:


"Thank you very much for sharing the knowledge. It helped alot. Thank you very much" - @kosalanef


"Thanks for the reply and helping me out! Great Support all of you! :)" - @NitinPujari




Here are some other notable praises that were shared in the community in May:


"Thanks so much!  Simple solutions are the BEST." -@Deecy to @davidzuts


"Wow! Thanks so much! It's a lot faster than before." - @vangli to @GBL84


"Thanks to y2ken, you were on the money. [...] Thanks to all for your help, it's much appreciated." - @jumprider to @y2ken


 "Well, finally! Thanks, 8lives!  Your time was much appreciated." - @t_StephenT21 to @8lives


"You made my day... perfectly fine... Thanks alot... :smileyhappy: " - @Nishamkk1 to @Dan_Asee




Thank you all for your contributions to the community!  Here's to an amazing summer :)


Best of the Month – April ‘15

Is it really May already?  I don't know about you guys, but it feels like 2015 just barely started!  I guess time flies when you're having a good time ;)  Speaking of which, here's a snap shot of some of the good times in the community:


In the month of April, the forum had 5.9 million visitors with 14,000 new topics posted and 1,800 solutions reached.  Half of those accepted solutions were from HP Experts, so let's take a moment to recognize April's top contributors:




We'd like to recognize @DavidPK for posting the most accepted solutions last month.  He wrote 566 posts with 199 accepted solutions, recieving a total of 188 kudos.  Here's what folks are saying in response to his solutions:


"This resolved the issue! Thank you very much!" -- @tmartin-hodges


"You are the bomb! Thank you." -- @ah00





Also at the top of the list is @Paul_Tikkanen!  During this time, he posted 814 posts, 148 of which were accepted solutions.  As a thank you from the community, he received 239 kudos.


Here are what community members are saying to him:


"Paul, my grateful thanks, my P.C. is now working as it should. This is the first time I have used this site and to get a reply as quickly as I did was brilliant.  Regards and thanks again." -- @Chris_Lea


"WOOOW ! Its work for me :smileyhappy: Now I know where the problem is . Thanks for everything so much :smileyhappy:   Greeting from Poland." -- @Ben1799





Alongside Paul is @banhien again.  In the month of April, he posted 850 posts, 116 of which were accepted slutions, and he received 228 kudos. 


Here's some of the praise he's received from the community:


"Thank you for the link. The driver helped solve my problem" -- @jaykallega


"Thanks a million, it worked perfectly." -- @HM_Computer





And of course, we can't forget -- one of our community's best, @Dragon-Fur, became a new Provost in April!  Congratulations on reaching this milestone!




Here are a couple of other praises from the community to their fellow community members for helping them out:


"Thanks. Your suggested procedure is working. [...] Sound works now." -- @Tom-mi to @kyle_b


"Thanks a lot CherylG!  Thumbs Up and Solution Accepted for you =)  Cheers from Brazil!" --  @Victor_Campos to @CherylG




Thank you again for a great April! :)



Best of the Month – March ‘15

Despite it being spring break season, we had 6.4 million visitors to our community in the month of March, with 14,000 posts that brought us over 2,000 accepted solutions.  Over 1300 of those solutions were provided by our Experts, so thank you all for those helpful contributions!


Let's take a moment to recognize our top contributors:


Top Contributors




Our top contributor in March was once again, @Paul_Tikkanen, who contributed 998 posts with 149 accepted solutions, receiving 246 kudos from appreciative community members.


And last month was extra special because Paul hit a milestone. Drum roll, please...


He hit 50,000 posts.


So please join us in congratulating him!


Here are some of the appreciative messages that he received as a result of his helpfulness:




Paul is in good company this month because right up there with him is @banhien, contributing 982 posts and 135 accepted solutions, receiving love from the community in the form of 281 kudos.


Here are some words of appreciation from the community for him:



Support Highlights


Here are some other praises from around the community:


"That was it! My light is back. Thanks so much!" -- @DottieK1 to @DavidPK 


"Wow I searched all over for that and couldn't find it, lol. Thank you so much I am now smiling again !!" -- @Logix5000 to @Huffer 


"Shlomi - I fixed it Works great - thanks!" -- @grafiti4u to @ShlomiL 


 "Brilliant, Dragon-Fur. Simple clear and concise instruction.  Thank you." -- @muirburn to @Dragon-Fur 



Again, thank you all for contributing and we hope you're having a great spring break!

Best of the Month – February ‘15

February has bid adieu to us, making way for a blossoming spring. Although it’s the shortest month, it didn’t have any less impact on our Forum than the other months.


We had more than 5.8 million visitors coming to the forum with their HP unit related issues and queries, who created 14 thousand new topics. Our experts contributed more than 13 thousand posts in an effort to answer the same.


Around 1,900 topics were solved this month, and more than 1,200 of them were contributed by our experts. We would like to thank every one of our fabulous experts for the tremendous effort they put in on February and every other month.


We also want to recognize the top contributing experts for this month. We have 2 Top Contributors in Feb, and a third as Special Recognition.


Top Contributor




Our 1st top contributor for February is, without a doubt, Paul Tikkanen. We really admire and appreciate Paul’s consistent effort to help fellow community members.  


Paul contributed 907 posts in Feb, out of which 173 were solved. He received appreciation from 225 people through kudos.


Here are a couple of comments showing their appreciation to Paul.


‘Thank You’ Note 1: This Worked!  Thanks ever so much for your assistance! Now I can quit going nuts over this issue & sleep tonight! A++++++++!

‘Thank You’ Note 2: Oh man, thanks a lot. thank youuuuuuuuuuuuu. it worked.




Our 2nd top contributor this month is another awesome expert DavidPK. David is known for his huge contribution to solutions every month. This month was no different.


David made 591 posts and solved 228 of them. 224 people showered him with kudos as appreciation.

Here are some comments from David’s fans.


‘Thank You’ Note 1: Thank you David, you gave me another reason to love HP!!!

‘Thank You’ Note 2: Thank you! You are so helpful at anytime of the day. It worked!



Special Recognition




There’s a new expert in town! Although Visruth is now 5 month old in the Expert community, he is still new compared to the other seasoned experts. But that doesn’t show in his contribution in any way.


Visruth created 605 posts this month and solved 84 of them. 166 people thanked him by giving kudos.

Here are a couple of thank you notes from customers he helped:


‘Thank You’ Note 1: Thank you very much, you've saved me!!

‘Thank You’ Note 2: Thank you so very much! It worked and your knowledge and time to answer my question with a correct solution is very much appreciated, again I thank you so much!!



Support Highlights


Finally, we want to give a shout out to all our community members, expert or not, as they are the pillars of this community. Here is a sampling of the feedback we received from HP Support Forum fans in February – that says in one single voice ‘You are amazing!’.


Downgraded to Win7 on Envy 700-330qe, need drivers


That worked perfectly! I wish I could give you a bunch of thumbs up. I've been at this all day! You're great. Thank you so much! - artnbones


Administrator or power on password


Thank you very much DavidPK, you saved me a headache. - toneio


HP G72 Notebook Bios Reset


Thank you so much...you are awesome :-) - CrazyDays


System Disabled Need BIOS Password


You are amazing thank you so much. - acarden83


HP 15 15 r031nf with Windows 7


Thanks Paul, you are the Best ! - frenchy_clem


Wifi low access


Hello Mechpilot ;-) Thank you again for your reply. It works! I am so grateful, once again thank you for your help! - Christayolanda


Thank you for being a member of this community. Wish you all a happy spring!

Best of the Month – January ‘15

The month of January is over. This year has started with a high momentum as just in the first month our forum had more than 6.3 million visitors. 18 thousand new topics were created in an effort to get answers for HP unit related queries and at least 2,400 of them were solved.


Our experts contributed more than 17 thousand posts in an effort to answer this month’s queries and solved more than 1,600 of them. Although we are grateful to all of them, we want to specially recognize 2 experts this month.


Top Contributor




Our top contributor for January is once again, Paul Tikkanen. Whether it’s the end of the year or the beginning, Paul is always here helping fellow community members.  


He contributed 1293 posts, out of which 225 were solved. He received appreciation from 394 people in the form of kudos.


Here are a couple of comments showing their appreciation to Paul.


‘Thank You’ Note 1: It worked very good, I am happy for that and how fast you responded to my problem is say...Thank you.

‘Thank You’ Note 2: Mr. Paul you're the best! Thank you very much! It worked just like you said... saved my neck! Wife will be very happy now... hahahaha...!!!


Special Recognition




We also want to recognize Banhien for his grand efforts to help our customers in the forum. He wasn’t very far behind from Paul in numbers either.


Banhien created 1084 posts this month and solved 169 of them. 337 people really appreciated his help and gave him kudos in return.


Here are a couple of thank you notes from customers he helped:


‘Thank You’ Note 1: Thank you for your help. All is now well. Thank you again.

‘Thank You’ Note 2: Thank you so much.  For someone like me who was not born in the tech generation, your reply was a life saver.  I spent an hour looking for a manual and the solution, so thanks.


Support Highlights


Finally, we want to give a shout out to all our community members, expert or not, as they are the pillars of this community. Here is a sampling of the feedback we received from HP Support Forum fans in January.


Laptops tell me to "Enter administrator password or power on password"


You da man. Man of the hour. - Arlen_Bales


PCI Simple Communications Controller


Thank you!  Perfect solution! - indigo302


c5580 wont print


Tried to click the thumbs up to give you kudos but it said I was too late.  So... KUDOS  KUDOS   KUDOS   KUDOS! - SunnyCat11


Printer Problem - ePrint & New HP Laptop


It works.  Thanx so much.  You are awesome.  HAGD. - bluemax_2667


OfficeJet Pro 6830 crashes when connected to network


Absolutely Spot On! Give that man a ceegar... Was ready to take this back to where it came from in the morning. Quick couple of minutes work with the correct information solved it. - Corkmeister


Install additional Hard Drive on HP Pav p6202f


YOU ARE AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I wish I knew where you lived cause I owe you a beverage of your choice!  THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!! - ChicagoNev


Thank you for being in this forum & helping out fellow members… and thanks for reading this blog. Have a good day!

Best of the Month – December ‘14

Happy new year to all our awesome Forum folks! I hope the holidays have been great for everyone.


Our forum didn’t rest even in the holidays. The month of December saw almost 5.7 million visitors coming to the forum with their issues and concerns on their HP units. About 17000 new topics were created and our fabulous experts helped in solving around 2300 of them.


This month the efforts of most experts have been so evenly matched, that it’s hard for us to pick a few best. So, we will be acknowledging only one expert who has made the most contributions.


Top Contributor




As you may have already guessed, the top contributor for December is Paul Tikkanen. Like every month, he put a lot of effort in helping fellow community members as he made a huge 1465 posts this month. 242 of those posts were solved and 346 people expressed their appreciation by giving kudos.


Here are a couple of comments showing their appreciation to Paul.


‘Thank You’ Note 1: It worked, I am very thankful for your help sir, thanks again for your time, have a good new year.

‘Thank You’ Note 2: Worked perfectly! Thanks a ton!



Support Highlights


Expert or not, our forum runs because of our community members, who are always glad to help out each other. As the new year commences, we want to give a shout out to them as well. Here is a sampling of the feedback we received from HP Support Forum fans in December.


Please HELP...




Display Driver


Worked perfectly! Thanks a ton! - Branden0925


Unknown Devices


Fantastic Paul!!! its fully resolved now, thanks a million. - samuellie


Not printing


Thanks a million just done what you said and it's now working. Top drawer, Have a Happy Christmas! - Dampproofer


New PC, Windows 8.1 now my Scanner does not work


holy crap, ur a genius! AWESOME....... Thumbs UP. - michaelg210


problems with printing


Thanks a million! So in my case the reinstallation was a right solution! Thank you for the help! - alenachikur


A new year has come and our community has started another exciting journey. In this journey, we welcome everyone - our existing fellow community members and our new guests – because without you there would be no forum.


Happy new year to all of you once again!

Best of the Month – November ’14

English HP Consumer Forum had its 6th birthday in November. It seems like just yesterday when our Forum started and had more than 3000 members just in its first month! And now after 6 years, we have a family of more than 1.1 million users – a nice birthday gift in itself.


This family is always welcoming visitors as over 5.5 million people visited the Forum this month and more than 16 thousand new topics were created. Like always, our experts stepped up to help as many users as they can, solving at least 2 thousand topics.


Out of all the experts, here are the 2 people we want to acknowledge specially this month for their grand contributions.


Top Contributor




Our star expert Paul Tikkanen is again leading the scoreboard this month. If you read this blog every month, then you already know Paul well and this should not be a surprise to you anymore.


For our new readers, here’s a little summary of Paul’s contribution. Paul made a smashing 1281 posts and solved 203 of them. He received 277 kudos as appreciation for his help.


Here are a couple of comments from the people he helped.


‘Thank You’ Note 1: You legend Paul! Thank you so much for your help and quick replies.

‘Thank You’ Note 2: Thanks, you are amazing! So quickly too! Wifi and bluetooth working perfectly now.


Special Recognition




This month’s special recognition goes to our top problem-solver DavidPK. He solved 231 issues in November, which is the highest among all experts this month.


Some of the people he helped thanked him by giving 260 kudos. Others were a little more expressive. Here are a few comments as example.


‘Thank You’ Note 1: OMG THank you so much, you are a genious!!!

‘Thank You’ Note 2: You are a life saver. Many thanks!


Support Highlights


Although we just recognized 2 experts in the blog, we want to acknowledge our community members who keep the Forum lively. Here is a sampling of the feedback we received from HP Support Forum fans in November.


Recording old vinyl records - Sound Card?


Thank you BH.  Although I can't try this until I get the cable, I now know where it goes.  You made my day. - Skyryde


[Folio 13-1020us] SD card reader suddenly stopped working


Thanks very much for your help and quick replies, I appreciate it. Especially from a volunteer! - cathedrals


I need to upgrade my G56 notebook


I wasnt expecting a major difference just something that will work! Thanks for your time and patience. J - WoWConnor


scroll functions of the mouse pad


Thank you very much!!!! I am so happy I solved this problem thanks to you!!! - mariatsvet


Envy sleekbook 4-1150dx


Best answer/reply I've seen on this forum! Thanks for the straight answer. - Jt-Haz




Thank you very much. that did take care of the problem. All of the links you provided were just what I needed. Have a nice night and thank you for your time. - sl43


December is here and most of our community members have already started planning for their holidays. In that spirit, on behalf of the HP Consumer Forum family, I wish everyone very happy holidays in advance! See you all in 2015.

Best of the Month – October ’14

Time passes, months go by, technologies evolve and replace their old selves… but the Forum doesn’t grow old, at least not by its sprit. It still has the same rush of customers swarming through its boards, trying to get help for their HP products and the same enthusiasm of the forum experts jumping in to help them, maybe even more than before.


Take October for instance; More than 5.8 million customers visited our forum this month and created over 16 thousand new topics. The experts maintained their momentum by creating more than 19 thousand replies and solving around 2,000 topics.


In the October edition of this blog, we want to specially acknowledge the efforts of three people who went an extra mile to help the community members.


Top Contributor




The best of the month blog isn’t complete without Paul’s name in it and Paul doesn’t disappoint the readers this month either. He is still the reigning king of the contributors’ leaderboard.


In October, Paul contributed 1246 posts in the Forum and solved 206 of them. He made a lot of fans, as 346 customers appreciated his help by giving him kudos. Here are a couple of comments from his fans.


‘Thank You’ Note 1: Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I've been trying to resolve this problem for the whole day. 

‘Thank You’ Note 2: THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!! A solution that finally worked!



Special Recognition:




The first person we want to recognize this month is ManjunathTech. He is a committed individual and terrific Expert, who recently inspired quite a few people to join the expert family. Learn more about him in this article in the Expert Portal section.


Manjunath made an impressive 639 posts this month, out of which 55 were solved. He received 147 kudos as appreciation and also some wonderful thank you notes. Here are a couple of them.


‘Thank You’ Note 1: It is working and I am so happy now. Thank you very much for your assistance. 

‘Thank You’ Note 2: I must say, you response was not only fast, but also EXTREMELY helpful!! Thank you so much!




The other person we want to specially recognize this month is KNRK. He is a very new member of our community, joined just a few months back and is yet to become an expert. However, what he may lack in experience, he sure makes up with his sheer energy and passion to help customers.


KNRK made a huge 1058 posts in October and solved 97 of them. He received appreciation from 204 customers on return, along with some pleasant comments. Here are a couple of the comments.


‘Thank You’ Note 1: Worked, thanks so much KNRK! 

‘Thank You’ Note 2: Thank you KNRK, you are a life saver. PCI Device link worked like a charm.



Support Highlights


Although we just recognized 3 experts in the blog, we want to give “shout-outs” for team members who keep the community vibrant and vital. Here is a sampling of the feedback we received from HP Support Forum fans in October.


USB Ports not working


Awesome! That did it. Thank you - ceilingwalker


Same problem :(. PLZ HELP!!!


WOO - HOOO!!!! Yes! Thank you soooo much!!! My friend bet me I couldn't get it~ sometimes not thinking of yourself as too smart is an advantage.... Thanks a thousand times!! - Mushroom-patch


Bios administrator password


@DavidPKIt worked thank you so much. Awesome - Zedrix


15-g049au driver for windows 7 32 bit


Big Thanks To Mr. Expert.. Everthing Working Like Charm.... Thanks... Im Happy. - kartikpatts


Photosmart 5524 Carriage Jam warning but no jam evident


You star. That saved me some money! - And1234


Envy Touchsmart m6 sleekbook - the touch screen stopped working


YOU ROCK!  I installed the AMD Graphics driver and it worked!  THANK YOU!!! - raeban


HP Forum is a community; it’s not just a place to solve your HP product issues, it’s much more than that. If you let it, it can also be a pleasant virtual place to hang out and to make lifelong friends. So, come to our forum some time, I bet you will like it.


Best of the Month – September ’14

It has been almost 6 long years since our forum was launched. You would think by now people would have run out of new and different issues to report here… and you would be wrong.


September saw over 15 thousand new topics where customers reported of various issues with their HP products, which over 5 million visitors read with interest. It goes without saying that like always, our experts never shied away from helping them to their fullest.


This month, one of the two people we want to specially recognize is overly familiar in this blog, while the other one isn’t familiar at all.


Top Contributor




Although you may have already guessed it, I still will give a huge shout-out to our consistent chart-topper Paul_Tikkanen, who was again the top contributor this month. Paul made a whopping 1472 posts, out of which 255 solved customers’ issues, while he also received 424 kudos as appreciation.


Day by day, Paul’s fan base increases, which you can see by this two great examples.


‘Thank You’ note 1: Thank you very much!!!
You have no idea how many hours days and weeks I tried to figure out something for this (and made me nervous)...
So now I'm happy, thanks to you!!!


‘Thank You’ note 2: Thank you. You are a BABE!


Special Recognition:




This month’s special recognition goes to a very new member of our community, Visruth. Although he is not yet a part of our Expert club, he does not fall very far behind them with his helping spirit. In the short time he has been in this Forum, he has already made a huge contribution here and solved 381 topics.


This month he shined the most, as he made 698 posts in the forum and solved 93 of them. 173 people thanked him by giving him kudos. That’s not the only way they thanked him, as you can see in the examples below.


‘Thank You’ note 1: YAY!!! You are AMAZING, THANK YOU so much!!!


‘Thank You’ note 2: Thank you very much. Best service I have ever had.


Support Highlights


Each month we share “shout-outs” for team members who keep the community vibrant and vital. Here is a sampling of the feedback we received from HP Support Forum fans in September.


Officejet Pro 8600 - Macbook Pro and Macbook Air will not print


“Worked like a charm.  Save me a long phone call.  Thanks!!” - CaroleMc 


Need wi-fi drivers!


“This message is coming to you via wi-fi! Huge thanks, sir.  You rock.” - UmchungaLocks


Memory upgrade--only one card reading


“Cameron, you nailed it! Pulled it back apart, and sure enough, one of them wasn't QUITE seated fully. Pushed it a little, yup, it clicked nicely, and all 16G are reading now. You rock!” - Dshedd


HP laptop Pavilion g7 - Black screen after logging in


“Thank you so much for your awesome service DP-K! It worked!” - CoridenBryant


Forgot bios password on my HP 635.


“Thank You, You are the Best!~!!  Worked first try” - gene2314


Our forum is more than a community; it’s a family, where our members feel each other’s pain and do their best to help each other out. They also never lose an opportunity to thank the people they got help from. So come visit us… be a part of our huge family.

Best of the Month – August ’14

On Expert Day, do what Experts do. Set new records! That’s what the HP Support Forum did in August. With preliminary estimates exceeding 8 million total visits to our online community this month, we’re on track to surpass January’s record-setting combined web and mobile visits.


In fact, it’s acutely obvious that social media platforms like this one are thriving. Our web visits exceeded 250,000 per day on numerous occasions this month. The forum averaged more than 230,000 daily visits in August compared to 210,000 average daily web visits during the same month a year ago and approximately 200,000 average daily web visits in July 2014.


The month also featured our quarterly Expert Days, which attracted more than 330,000 combined web and mobile visits! The August 27–28 event at HP’s Palo Alto headquarters hosted nearly three dozen Experts who contributed to our record-setting month.


Top Contributor


Speaking of record-setters, Paul_Tikkanen returns as the Top Contributor to the HP Support Forum in August. That makes 11 out of 12 months in which Paul has occupied the top spot among our many superb volunteer Experts.

This response on August 20, from one of the many thousands of Support Forum participants Paul has assisted over the years, typifies his friendly manner and daily impact upon the online community:

“Well sir. You have made my day. Never have I had the pleasure of post and solved in the same day. Ever. Again, I thank you for the help and for your time.”


Paul’s Activity: August 1–30

Number of Posts: 1,377

Kudos Received: 446

Accepted Solutions: 227


Special Recognition


This month’s Special Recognition goes to Bob_Headrick. A dedicated HP Support Forum contributor since 2008, Bob has read a whopping 700,400-plus messages. Over the past six years he has authored nearly 1,300 Solutions and received more than 4,150 Kudos for his efforts.


In addition to his work as a volunteer Expert, Bob has devoted significant time to the HP printers section. During the past year he has focused on specific technical issues with ink cartridges. He has worked with HP’s product specialists and moderators to bring time-sensitive posts to the attention of the company’s customer escalations group.

Read more about Bob and other volunteer computer technicians on our Meet the Experts page.


Support Highlights

Each month we share “shout-outs” for team members who keep the community vibrant and vital. Here is a sampling of the feedback we received from HP Support Forum fans in June.


  1. False message "Out of Paper"


“Thanks to those offering solution to my problem. It seems that cleaning the rollers solves the problem as I have not had a fault in the past 2 days. Probably the real answer is to use quality paper rather than cheaper versions…. Useful Forum; thanks again.” –brianap


Upgrading from HDD to SSD


“Ah thank you for the help, that's quite a relief!” –pshuff


Want to Upgrade to EVGA GeForce GTX760 or 770?


“Thank you so much — excellent help — just what I needed.” –Mike


Similar touch pad problems


“Thank you very much! I tried reinstalling the drivers and I can now disable the touchpad!” –AnsonD


Nvidia George gtx745 4gb gddr5





Officejet Pro 8500 Wireless All-In-One Windows 8 driver not working


Thanks Jon! Once I installed the app it worked perfectly and I can now print from my printer! - wsquared123


Visit the HP Support Forum

“It’s your community. Keep it healthy. Help it grow. Watch it prosper.”

Best of the Month – July ’14


It’s a common occurrence. You’re in the audience at a rock concert, jazz club or orchestral recital and the sound system doesn’t work. An anxious singer or musician taps her microphone…to no avail. Invariably, an alert technician leaps forward, jogs across the stage, fiddles with the A/V system and…Voila! The sound comes on with a high-pitched whir.

Like concert audio technicians, HP Support Forum Experts are backstage heroes. They ensure everything stays up and running for our highly valued participants, who make tens of millions of web and mobile visits to the HP forums each month.


This month, we’re recognizing a few of our top performers with a sound “check” of our own. We’d also like to bring to your attention our quarterly Expert Days, commencing August 27–28.


Top Contributor


david pk.png

Our lead problem-solver in July was DavidPK, who joined the HP Support Forum in September 2010. Since then, he has amassed an impressive tally. He has read more than 51,000 messages and posted nearly 31,000 replies. He has authored upwards of 4,560 total Solutions and received almost 9,000 Kudos for helping community participants resolve their computing problems.


Those familiar with DavidPK know he’s extremely active on the Lockups & Freezes boards. He’s eager to assist people in getting their desktop PCs, notebooks and tablets back to peak performance. This recent post (in French) explains why DavidPK, who resides across The Pond, is beloved by HP Support Forum participants around the globe.


For the month of July, he received 309 Kudos and was credited with 248 Accepted Solutions.


Special Recognition

This month’s Special Recognition goes to two notable Experts: a Volunteer and an HP Employee.



The word venerable comes to mind for old_geekster, who refers to 1984 as the date he got hooked on personal computers. A veteran volunteer on the HP Support Forum, old_geekster joined the boards six years ago. He is patient and generous with his time, as his total stats reflect. Since 2008, he has replied to nearly 9,400 posts and received more than 2,700 Kudos.


Recently, old_geekster has been revving up the forum and cooling down anxious participants. During the past six months he has read a whopping 26,842 messages and responded with 1,901 posts (as of July 30). He has spent more than 27,000 minutes online and received 272 Accepted Solutions for his qualitative efforts.



One of many veterans who joined the HP Support Forum in 2008, Miles is a well-recognized product Expert and leader in the printing group at HP. In fact, he is our “go-to-guy” for many of the toughest questions we encounter in the printing realm.


Miles works behind the scenes to ensure all forum Experts receive detailed product information and documentation support to help them answer community participants’ questions. He communicates regularly with HP Support Forum volunteers, moderators and managers and conducts weekly meetings to resolve complex printer issues. In addition to staying abreast of HP printer updates, Miles provides forum Experts with backstage product support, educating them about new technologies on the horizon. He also participates regularly in our quarterly Expert Days.


Support Highlights

Each month we share “shout-outs” for team members who keep the community rocking and rolling. Here is a sampling of the feedback we received from HP Support Forum fans in July.


HP Envy 15-J017 Code 28 Error


“OMG MY FINGERPRINT SCANNER is finally working. THANK YOU. I really appreciate it!! If I could see you I would buy you a glass of beer or coffee or anything!! Been trying to solve this problem for a long time! Thank you so so so very much! I fixed everything. I restarted my laptop and everything is just perfect!!! I hope good things happen to you and I wish u the best of luck!!” -Boki_17


HP deskjet 5400


“The scan dr. did not fix the problem. But it did show me that is was hardware problem. Printer is 9 years old so not surprised. I was impressed by HP service with this problem. This is a great feature for your product. I will get another HP printer for sure. Thanks for your time; much appreciated.” -Rocco13


Help, I need to replace my hard drive in my HP Pavilion a6863w


“You are AWESOME!!! The video gave you an extra 999 points on the awesome scale! Thanks! You are truly awesome at what you do!!!” -panjok2


My HP laptop/Windows 7 keeps locking up


“Thank you so much for your help and patience!” -wcd16


Printer won't delete task


“I went into the services msc and stopped the printer and deleted the job. Now my printer works perfectly like it always did. Thank you so much for all the help. Love my HP printer and PC.” -CherokeeSummers


Recovery disc from Canada


“Thanks a lot, you are my savior, lol. Thanks buddy.” -Deepak5290


Adding a graphics card


“Thank you for rapid response and solution, and I am glad you are on this forum. I expected only to see the best of people here and was right. Good day to you.” -cumpaq-shakur


Missing Base System Device Driver

07-28-2014 07:41 AM

“Thanx a million! All seems to be well now! Great help! HP FTW [for the win]. -VianDaniel


Best of the Month – June ’14

June and July are World Cup months across the globe. That means a bit less online traffic and a lot more soccer — or futbol, as it is known in most countries.


Although this is the English-language HP Support Forum, June offered daily reminders of just how international this community has become. In addition to our experts and participants in the Far East, throughout Europe and the United Kingdom, we have a very strong presence in Canada as well.


As the Support Highlights that follow reveal, English-speaking community members — from Nova Scotia to Africa — are engaged with HP’s forums each day.






I’d like to take this opportunity to congratulate Ciara_B. Ciara was recently recognized by HP management for her contribution as “a staunch ambassador of the HP brand.” She was honored with an award that is given only to a handful of employees each quarter — out of more than 300 nominees.



Recognized as an advocate for assisting customers with specific product issues, Ciara set up the “Ink, Toner, Cartridge” board within the HP Forum that enables participants to find online solutions. Ciara_B, who has spent nearly 150,000 minutes online as an Expert, has received approximately 450 Kudos for her efforts over the years.

Hear, hear!


Top Contributor



Who’s numero uno? In any language, Paul_Tikkanen is once again the Top Contributor to the HP Support Forum. That makes 10 straight months Paul has received the number-one ranking among our volunteer Experts.


Paul’s Activity: June 1–30

Number of Posts: 1,294

Kudos Received: 361

Accepted Solutions: 227

As we say on the West Coast, Dude!


Special Recognition




This month’s Special Recognition goes to Huffer. His outstanding participation numbers in June placed him second among Volunteers, overall.


As you’ll discover from his mini-profile on our Meet the Experts page, our man Huffer is an attorney. Not surprisingly, he’s rather adept at examining the inner-workings of computers. Community participants who exchange notes with him will quickly discover that Huffer is quite knowledgeable about video-graphics cards. In fact, he has helped many “gamers” work through their board modifications and upgrade quandaries.


As a thought leader, Huffer subtly leverages his legal expertise when helping fellow volunteer Experts understand the ramifications of assisting people with a wide range of sensitive issues.

As they say in soccer, “Sometimes the best offense is a great defense.”


Support Highlights

Each month we share “shout-outs” for team members who keep the community rocking and rolling. Here is a sampling of the feedback we received from HP Support Forum fans in June.


Installing 8500 all-in-one under Win 8.1


“Hello Friend [ @ShlomiL  ]: I must congratulate [you] on and thank you for your persistence…. Many, many thanks. Best wishes from Nova Scotia” –bliengme


CM1415fn scanning problem


“Hi Sunshym @Sunshyn2005 , appreciate your kind assistance. It’s really quite special to sit here in Africa and link up with people who are willing to assist…. Thanks again and keep up the good work.” –rieldutoit


Browser Safeguard


“Many Thanks for all the advice [@erico  and @TheOldMan  ]…. This is twice I have needed to use this forum in the past two weeks…. I have been very impressed and grateful for the advice given. My Kindest Regards to all.” –CPBeattie


LaserJet Pro M1212nf MFP - Moving from an Mac iBook G4 to a MacBook


“Kudos to HP and everyone who put this support forum together…. All of this support puts HP on the top of my list when it's shopping time for a new printer. For you [ @JERENDS ], two thumbs up. You're a miracle worker and saved me much time. Your explanation was clear and to the point. Followed your directions and everything worked the first time.”  –Steve_45


HP J6400 install problem


“Many Thanks [ShlomiL]. That did it! Now I can fully enjoy my new Father’s Day PC!” –MichaelBeranek

Best of the Month – May ’14

May was a successful “mashup” month in the HP Support Forum. In the broadest sense, “mashups” bring together the best ingredients. Certainly our volunteer Experts do just that on a routine basis.


In fact, May was a particularly smashing month for solving problems on the HP Forum as we hosted our quarterly Experts Day. It was another active 24-hour marathon help session, with nearly 230,000 messages posted, 487 Kudos given and 196 Solutions awarded by community members on 5/14/2014.


In keeping with the “mashup” meme, we’re introducing a new feature in this month’s blog. “Support Highlights” serves up just a few of the most inspiring quotes from community members who took the initiative to cheer our volunteers this month. Please let us know what you think of this new addition to the Best of the Month Blog by posting a comment of your own.


Top Contributor



For the ninth month in a row Paul_Tikkanen is the Top Contributor to the HP Support Forum. Paul’s monthly stats are always impressive, but it’s his consistency that creates such a winning formula. A quick glance at Paul’s statistics shows 500 pages of posts in which he has participated since 2010, comprising more than 400,000 read messages over the years.


Tenacity and follow-through are Paul’s special ingredients, as this post demonstrates: “Paviilion-15-g019wm downgraded to Win7-64-need drivers!” The two-page thread reveals how Paul consistently gets to the heart of each matter, asks pertinent questions, provides useful information (and links when appropriate), shows patience and tact — all while identifying personally with every participant.


Paul’s Activity: May 1–30

Number of Posts: 1,221

Kudos Received: 325

Accepted Solutions: 226


Best of the Month 


Best of the Month goes to Dragon-Fur. Anyone familiar with the various volunteer Experts on the HP Support Forum recognizes their wide-ranging personalities.


A registered volunteer for more than five years, Dragon-Fur is a pleasant consensus builder who goes the extra mile to help people, even if it means reaching out to other Experts when encountering an issue that needs the proper attention of the full community. An Associate Dean with nearly 100,000 read messages, Dragon-Fur is equally comfortable in the notebooks and laptops sections as in the HP printers categories.


Fingerprint Driver & Software” offers one example of Dragon-Fur’s meticulous style, ongoing quest for the right answer to each technical challenge, and dedication to assisting community members.


Support Highlights

MS Recovery Drive vs. HP Recovery Media in Desktop PC


“Thank you [surfaceunits] for your prompt reply and the links giving details of how to restore the system in different ways…. Hopefully anybody else reading this will look at the whole thread. Thank you again for all your help.” –Mike-01


HP Officejet 6600


“Thanks a lot ShlomiL, it works and you made my day.” –gweilo2014


Hard Drive Compatibility Question


“Manjunath, Thank you for your prompt and informative replies. Worked out great. :-)” –newtech

Best of the Month – April ’14

Spring is here, and the the landscape is changing. We have made some changes too.


1)      Check out the “My Account” link under your screen name in the right hand side of the home page. You can tailor your experience by choosing how you want threads to display, create a daily digest of news you want to follow, and much more.


2)      Gone is the old kudos star button. We replaced it with a thumbs up button. We want to make the button more recognizable in hopes that you will give thanks to others who provide good answers. Click it today!


Since almost half of the answers come from HP Experts, it should come as no surprise that Paul_Tikkanen is our Top Contributor for the 8th straight month!


Top Contributor


A retired U.S. guardsman, Paul recently reflected on his past professional experience. We asked him how the Coast Guard and Red Cross prepared him for his role as a top HP Expert.


“Good interpersonal skills are an asset when communicating both orally and in writing to a diverse audience,” Paul explained. “One of the catch-phrases in the U. S. Coast Guard was ‘attention to detail.’ Paying attention to the details helps me to formulate the best course of action toward resolving the problem as quickly and efficiently as possible.”


Paul truly cares about getting you answers as quickly as he can so that you can get your product back up and running.  He adds clarity to posts and brings conversations that are headed in the wrong direction back on track.


Paul embodies what this community is about. The more ideas and solutions in the community, the richer it becomes. It isn’t just the person posting the question that gets help; it is all the people who read it. And, with over 2,000 views per solved thread, that is a lot of people.


Thank you Paul!


Best of the Month


This month’s Best of the Month goes to REO51ST.


Since joining the HP Support Forum in July 2011, REO51ST has received more than 1,300 Kudos and credit for authoring nearly 200 total Solutions. He has posted almost 4,150 messages, read 74,626 messages and replied to just over 4,100 posts.


One of the many volunteers who traverse the boards daily, REO51ST has a prolific record of answering bios questions, helping others get their notebooks, PCs and laptops powered up quickly and running smoothly.


His “spot-on answer” style can be observed in this thread, originated by someone interested in upgrading their PC processor. REO51ST’s solution provided detailed data and a link to assist with finding additional information.


Thank you REO51ST. Our community is richer because of the thoughtful answers you share.

Best of the Month – March ’14

Spring has many cultural connotations throughout the world — rejuvenation, revitalization and renewal come to mind. The HP Support Forum team spent the month of March revitalizing its commitment to building a superb technical support community.


In March 2014 the HP Support Forum saw more than 7 million total visitors, including nearly 1 million from mobile devices, a monthly increase of about 400,000 mobile visits from March 2013.


Our Experts have worked hard this month to provide accurate support content in a timely fashion.


Top Contributor


One of the HP Support Forum’s most prolific problem-solvers is Dean Paul_Tikkanen. For the seventh month in a row, he is the Top Contributor. His personal numbers stood at the top of the monthly metrics list: 1,504 total posts, 383 Kudos and 263 solutions (March 1–26, 2014).


A forum volunteer who worked in personnel for the Red Cross after serving two decades in the U.S. Coast Guard, Paul has become an anchor in the community. As part of our spring-cleaning efforts to locate and address unread posts, we came across this thread on wireless networking. It originated two years ago and has now been viewed by more than 14,000 consumers.


Best of the Month


All good people have one thing in common. They solve problems. In the spirit of resolving issues and encouraging HP Support Forum volunteers to pitch in, our Best of the Month recognition for March 2014 goes to two community veterans.


RasterBlaster, who started posting in 2008, and Wes_Notebooks, a five-year veteran of the HP Support Forum, deserve recognition this month for their dedication to improving HP product-support documentation.


Professor RasterBlaster and PhD Student Wes_Notebooks are both part of HP’s content group. In their roles with HP, they are focused on improving product documentation, ensuring HP product specifications are up to date and accurate. They are dedicated to finding missing product-support information and clarifying any ambiguities that may arise within the HP Support Forum community.


To that end, RasterBlaster and Wes_Notebooks spend substantial time on the forum’s internal boards communicating with HP Experts to identify issues pertaining to missing or unclear product documentation and working to improve the customer experience by clarifying content and getting information back to the community as fast as possible.

Best of the Month – February ’14

In case you missed it, Phil saw his shadow on Feb. 2. That’s Groundhog Day here in the U.S. Phil is the legendary critter from Punxsutawney, Pa. He pops up annually to determine whether spring will come early. This year, Phil’s shadow told him spring would arrive late, which may explain the strange weather we’re having here in the U.S.


Not to mix our metaphors too much, but February 2014 marks the hottest Groundhog month in the history of the HP Support Forum.


How cool is that!


HP Support Forum Traffic, which has been climbing steadily during the past 12 months, was up by nearly 1 million visits (year-over-year) from February 2013 through February 2014.


Web visits to the HP Support Forum reached about 6.1 million. Combined with rising mobile visits in February ’14, total visits to the Support Forum exceeded 7 million this month. That represents an increase of more than 16 percent from February 2013, when a total of 5.9 million visits were recorded.


In a dramatic nod to the increasing significance of mobile computing, the HP Support Forum’s 850,000-plus mobile visits in February comprise a whopping 51-percent increase from the same month in 2013, when 551,000 mobile visits were recorded.


Top Contributor 



As a retired U.S. Coast Guardsman, Paul_Tikkanen is familiar with sudden changes in weather conditions. While we don’t expect him to answer the question of why flowers are blooming earlier every year, his technical expertise about all things related to HP computers, printers, peripherals and various supporting platforms makes him infinitely qualified to greet our steadily increasing record number of visitors to the site every day.


Like Phil the famous groundhog, Provost Paul is once again February’s top problem-solver on the HP Support Forum. (For more about our ranking structure see HP Support Forum Ranking Overview.)


Last month, Paul debuted his now almost-famous personalized caricature. This month, he added to his steadily rising solutions and kudos counts. Once again, Paul’s numbers stood out at the top of the monthly metrics list.


To place his numbers in perspective, this month we’re offering a glance at Paul’s historic numbers.

Combined Total Posts – 34,000-plus

Total Kudos Received – 5,900 and counting

Total Solutions Authored – Over 3,678


On any given day, at any given hour you’ll likely find Paul calmly guiding someone through technical questions ranging from sophisticated graphics drivers and chipsets to disabled wireless networks and deactivated audio connections.


In February, we were particularly impressed with Paul’s commitment to helping HP Support Forum participants resolve their challenges with various Windows operating systems. This particular post is an excellent example of his step-by-step detailed instructions and steady-as-she-goes style. He also shows excellent follow-through. Or is that just Paul’s shadow checking back with forum participants to make sure all is well with their HP systems?


Best of the Month         



Our special recognition for February 2014 goes to DavidPK, who is Alert and Patient, Adroit and Persistent, Astute and Polite.


There is something reassuring about encountering David’s participation in a thread within the HP Support Forum. Anyone who lists notebook “Lockups, Freezes & Hangs” as his favorite technical challenges has to be considered a Triple-AP problem-solver.


As supporting evidence that he exhibited a phenomenal success rate in February, the monthly metrics consistently show 30 percent of David’s posts result in accepted solutions. Like all of our HP Experts, his follow-through is superb.


A quick glance at one of David’s recently solved threads about how to re-engage a disabled keyboard on an HP ProBook laptop demonstrates why he is worthy of special recognition, not only in the past month, but on a daily basis.

As David signs off in the aforementioned thread, “All the best.”


How cool is that?

Best of the Month - January '14

Welcome to the latest Best of the Month blog as we celebrate the “Year of the Horse.”


HP Support Forum participants galloped into 2014 with more than 7.1 million visits during the month of January. This represented a substantial increase in traffic from the previous month, when 6.5 million total web visits were reported.

Our dedicated experts embraced the ancient tradition of helping others, as evidenced by the net total number of Kudos given by Support Forum visitors. More than 4,600 Kudos were awarded throughout January 2014, as compared to 3,712 Kudos given during the 31 days of December 2013.


Although all of HP’s top experts rode into the New Year determined to help customers with technical solutions, one expert was back in the saddle — again.


Top Contributor




Paul_Tikkanen says he enjoys solving problems. It shows. One of the most recognized experts within the HP Support Forum, Paul now has a personalized caricature — so people can place a friendly face with his name.


That’s a good thing, because Paul looks like a winner again this month. In fact, January 2014 was the fifth month in a row the provost-level HP expert received this honor. (For more about our ranking structure see HP Support Forum Rankings.)


Once again, Paul’s numbers stood out at the top of the monthly metrics list:


Total Posts = 1,687

Kudos = 296

Solutions = 242


Paul consistently strikes a balance by providing in-depth information and offering concise answers to common questions, with straight-forward tips that address everyday challenges. This link to one of Paul’s recent solutions proves that some of the best answers are also among the simplest. At the end of the day, however, there is no substitute for hands-on knowledge. Read Paul’s profile (here) and you’ll discover he has lots of technical experience, with a history of helping others solve problems.


Best of the Month


In case you haven’t noticed, the HP Support Forum is “powered by Lithium,” the software program that enables HP customers to interact with computer enthusiasts from around the globe 24/7; but it’s the people at Lithium we wish to recognize in February’s Best of the Month.


So, hats off to the Lithium Moderation Team — SedonaF, OrnahP, KittyK, MrMatthew, SandyD, Antonius_L, MC_Remington and ShaunMN — for their dedication to the HP Support Forum. Thanks to these individuals, who have routinely maintained the discussion boards, the forum has evolved into a dynamic, healthy community.


The Lithium Moderation Team has consistently demonstrated devotion to the forum with day-to-day thread monitoring, weekly metrics reporting, post escalation management and hands-on customer-to-expert care.


In particular, SedonaF deserves kudos for her remarkable efforts at shaping the forum into a vibrant, open community that is also a solutions-oriented locale for HP customers. Sedona has been a member of the Moderation Team since its launch in 2008. Although this was her first technical community venture, over the past five years Sedona has proved she is an adept problem-solver who has overseen the expansion of the entire staff of HP Support Forum moderators.

Best of The Month - December '13

A very happy 2014 to all of you!


The last month of 2013 went pretty busy for the community as always.  More than 5.4 million people came to the forum this month asking for help with their HP products.


Although it was a month of holidays, our Experts didn’t step away from helping our community members. We thank them for their spirited contribution. There are 2 experts, who we want to thank this month specifically for all the help they provided to our community.


Our top contributor for December is:


Paul liked his top contributor badge so much, that he decided to keep it this month as well. Yes, for the fourth time in a row, our top contributor is Paul_Tikkanen!


This month, Paul was in a high holiday spirit as he contributed a massive 1,329 posts. 175 of those were solved, and 226 customers thanked him by giving him kudos.


To read more about Paul, visit his blog page. Here’s a little example of this community’s appreciation towards Paul.




For December, the best of the month title goes to:


PeaceLily is relatively new in our community, but in no means any less contributing than the others.


She is focused in supporting the community and our experts with content and questions on our new tablet products. Whether it is information on compatibility, enabling functionalities, documentation clarifications or forthcoming updates, she is always ready to help.


This month she went the extra mile by working spiritedly through the holidays to support our customers and experts. Here’s a post to PeaceLily from a member of the community, thanking her for her help.




Keep reading this blog to know more about our fabulous experts . A very happy new year too all of you again.


Best of The Month - November '13

Our community turned five this month!  More than 5.4 million people came to the forum this month to ask questions and get answers.


Our experts helped our fellow community members and provided approximately 25% of the answers on the community. These Experts do this in their free time and we want to thank them all for their dedication to help others. Out of all the experts, there are two who we wish to thank specifically this month.


Our top contributor for November is:


Paul has done it again. He is the defending champion of the top contributor badge for 3 months in a row!

Paul contributed a massive 1,010 posts this month. 151 of those were solved, and 165 customers thanked him by giving him kudos.


To read more about Paul, visit his blog page. Here’s a short and simple post, expressing what we all feel about Paul.




For November, the best of the month title goes to:


Cheryl has been in our forum since the very first day and has been one of the top contributors throughout the 5 years.


Cheryl takes helping others personally and will spend hours working with people to get them back up and running. In one case, she helped a father trying to recover family photos off a dead hard drive. The mother was quite ill and the family desperately wanted to recover the baby and childhood photos of their 4 year old daughter. Though it took a great deal of work, Cheryl saved the family photos.  This thoughtful and positive outlook infuses everything Cheryl  does on the community. She has also helped improve HP documents, manage streams of irrelevant and profane posts, and escalate issues and customers who need additional attention.


Here’s a post to Cheryl from a member of the community, thanking her for her help. We agree. Cheryl is a life saver.  



Keep reading our blog every month to find out how our experts provide their unending help to our community. Happy holidays to everyone!


Best of The Month - October '13

More than 6 million people came to the forum in October to get help.  As always, our experts were more than eager to reach out to them, offer their friendly support, and bring thousands of more solutions to our community.


It takes a village to assist such a huge community as our forum and we want to thank all our experts for their continuous contribution. However, there are two experts we want to thank specifically this month.


Our Top Contributor for October is:




This is the second month in a row that Paul has been the top contributor. Paul enjoys solving problems and helping out the fellow community members.


Helping out people is something Paul started much earlier, during his job in the US Coast Guard and later in the American Red Cross. Then in 2007, he brought that habit to the HP community, when he joined HP Business Support Forum.


To read more about Paul, visit his blog page. Does the work make a difference and impact people’s lives?  Both HP and Feather_19 think so.




For October, the Best of the Month title goes to:




Bryan has been in our community since 2009. He loves sharing his knowledge which drives him to help the forum members.


Bryan’s love for technology is also a big part of his persona. However technology is not the only thing he loves, motorcycle road racing is right next to it in his list.


To read more about Bryan, please visit his blog page here. Here’s a post by our esteemed expert erico, which shows how valued Bryan is even among our Experts.




Tune into our blog every month and we will come back with more such stories about or fabulous Experts. Have a great day and a pleasant weekend.

† The opinions expressed above are the personal opinions of the authors, not of HP. By using this site, you accept the Terms of Use and Rules of Participation