Greetings HP Expert!


Advanced forum capabilities are additional features that we extend to our experts. These advanced capabilities give you the freedom to perform other actions on the forums, making you a more active and a more important member of our community.


A few items to consider: 


To maintain the highest level of customer service, we consider how these advanced capabilities will impact the HP Support community and the effects they may have on the moderation and administration teams—we may make adjustments as needed.

  • Achieving a certain rank or expert status does not guarantee that a capability will be enabled for each expert—  nor does it imply that a capability will always be available.
  • We also look at each expert to determine if extending a new capability to them would enhance the Forum.
  • Lastly, we look to see if the expert consistently abides by the Rules of Participation. If Rules of Participation are broken, capabilities may be taken away.


To learn more about the permissions and guidelines for using them, please check out this thread in the Inner Circle.


The HP Support Forums Team



request a caricature.jpgCongratulations. You’ve worked hard. You’ve dedicated yourself to a life of technology. Everything you’ve done has been for this—you will now become a cartoon! 


With your caricature, you will take your place alongside an esteemed group of professionals distinguished by their powerful brains and comically exaggerated noses and ears. When you start using your caricature, people everywhere will be in awe of your cartoon likeness, wondering how they, too, can achieve such greatness. 


Getting a caricature is simple. Provide the information below and email it to your HP Support Forum Community Manager.


 Caricature Information

  • Name
  • Email
  • Expert screen name
  • Language
  • A headshot photo that clearly shows your face. The better the picture, the more that the artist has to work with!


Photo Requirements Overlay


To ensure that we get your caricature to you as soon as possible, your photo submission must meet the following requirements:


  • Color photo
  • Face shot (front-facing)
  • 300 dpi or High-resolution photo
  • 4 x 6 inches (or similar)
  • Eye and hair color must be visible
  • jpeg format


Naming the file name


Save your photo file with your last name, first name, and the language of the forum you participate in: 

Last Name_First Name_Language Community.




Once you’ve submitted your caricature request to your Admin or Expert Program manager, we’ll get the artist going. When our artists have finished your new and improved look, we’ll send the file to your email address. It takes anywhere from two to three weeks.


Thanks. And congrats again. Welcome to the party.


If you have further questions about caricatures, please contact your HP Support Forum Community Manager.





To help make our experts even more effective in helping others, we lend out new HP technology to the most active members of the community.


Here is an overview of how the program works:


  • After you sign a loan agreement, HP sends products and supplies to use for a year.
  • Over the course of the year, use the products at your convenience to familiarize yourself with HP’s latest software and products.
  • At the end of the year, donate the products to a charity of your choice unless HP requests the product be returned.

Please note that if you receive a product and then post comments about your experience with the product, you must comply with Federal Trade Commission guidelines on disclosures. You are required to let people know at the beginning of your post that HP provided the product for your use. You can read more about it in the .com Disclosures report from March 2013.


 A suggested disclaimer is listed below.

As a top contributor to the HP Consumer Support Forums, HP provides me access to the [INSERT PRODUCT NAME] at no charge so I may better respond to the questions raised on the Forum.


You only need to use the disclaimer if you are sharing your opinion on the product and could influence another person’s buying decision.


While it is our intent to send out products on a yearly basis, there is no guarantee that this program will continue into the future. Also, not all experts will qualify for product loans. If you have questions on if you qualify, please contact your HP Support Community Manager.


 Capture.JPGThis page is designed to share helpful information to save you time when you are looking for an answer. It may be a question on the media available on a laptop or a diagnostic tool to troubleshoot a printer issue.


If you come across another helpful source, please let us know in the Inner Circle, the private board where experts, HP engineers, and forum administrators congregate.


Partner Services Media Library

The Partner Services Media Library features animations and videos illustrating service and support procedures for many HP products. This just-in-time training tool allows users to quickly identify and access the information needed to assist with teardown, part replacement, assembly and other common hardware procedures.


HP Printer Diagnostics

If you need help fixing common printer problems, check out HP Printer Diagnostics to quickly access and download free diagnostic tools. Please remember that these diagnostic tools do not support the Mac OS.


Links to helpful resources

An HP employee pulled together some of the top issues that people post on the Forum and provided helpful documents addressing  this issue. Note: Access to this site is through the Inner Circle, which is restricted to HP Experts.


HP System Diagnostics UEFI

HP System Diagnostics is a Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI) based hardware diagnostics program that is used to validate if a system is functional enough to start up the operating system. 


HP Support Assistant

HP Support Assistant is an HP application that can help you optimize your PC performance and resolve problems with automated updates and tune-ups, troubleshooting tools, online technical content, and several assistance options.

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