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    Need Windows 11 help?
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HP Recommended

Hi Joel,


Do you have any timeframe on when HPIA will support the Z240 on Win10 1909?

HP Recommended

Hey Joel,


Have you heard back from the HPIA group about my question regarding the UHD 630 video drivers?


I just did another group of 4 fresh from the box Z2 G4 Tower Workstations and this time I paused windows updates immediately after reaching the desktop after the OOBE setup,  


The OS Build in that state was 1803 .


This time, I ran HPIA  and updated



Intel ME firmware


Uninstall Intel Management Engine software components 


Install the updated MEI components that HPIA suggested

Install the Intel chipset driver suggested by HPIA


Install the Intel UHD 630 driver and control panel downloaded by HPIA


Re-enable windows updates,

Update all the way to 1909.18363.657


Some clunky stuff happened with HPIA with 99330 being a recommended update even the LMS was up to the version on the reference image. 


At this point there is another update supposedly for the UHD 630 for intel gfx vk components.  This is a devices that shows up only if you show hidden devices in the device manager under software components. If you check the status, it shows it as being disconnected. If you uninstall it, and reboot, it does not come back, and there are no yellow bangs in the list.


on one of the four PCs I decided to right click the intel UHD 630 display adapter in ;device manager and let windows update update the driver.


To my surprise it goes only to the .6911 version suggested by HPIA now even with that method.


All very confusing and difficult to recount here concisely.


Now the next issue I have is with the aforementioned Z240.


For some reason, Windows update saw fit to upgrade the HD 630 graphics driver all the way to either during the process of deploying it and bringing it up to date with windows update, or some time after that. This happened on both Z240 tower workstations we have. 


The latest version suggested for installation by HPIA or the HP support website is


We are noticing a problem with RDP sessions initiated FROM the Z240 PCs to the end user's office desk Z2 G4 Tower workstations.


For the CFO's home Z240, accessing his work Z2 G4 over a check point SSL VPN client tunnel, the Z2 G4 pc RDP session will connect, but display a black screen. Furthermore the Z2 G4 will become unresponsive after that, either to me attempting to RDP to from my RDC Manager, or using mstsc both on the same LAN as the Z2 G4.  The PC needs to be hard shut down before he can access it.


For the Z240 Tower on the office LAN (it is in the conference room, and during meetings, end users will RDP to their own PCs to show their research on the conference room TV during the meeting.


We are finding that the RDP connection is unstable and locks up, although you can disconnect and reconnect. 


The conference room pc is an identical Z240 tower to the aforementioned one in the VPN scenario.

It also picked up the same newer 25.x.x driver from windows update.


If I am to address the "Black Screen of Death RDP" issue, from my research there are a number of tweaks to the RDP client that can be made (forbid UDP etc) but the first and foremost step is to update the video drivers.


Should I downgrade them? or should I download the intel drivers from the intel site and manually add them with "Have Disk" as the installer will likely not work with the HP?


Sorry to ramble, when I have a bit more time I will likely post this on a separate thread, but it is all coming from issues with HPIA and / or what HP is allowing windows 10 driver updates to let through. (It is my understanding that manufacturers have some say in what builds of the OS are allowed to be installed and when, so I assume that might apply to device drivers as well)




HP Recommended

What is the time fram for HPIA support for the ProDesk 600 G5 and Windows 10 v1909?  I ran the latest release of HPIA but it is still not supported.

HP Recommended

I just looked and I see reference images for the ProDesk 600 G5 series Desktop Mini, Microtower, Microtower (with PCI slot) and Small Form Factor).  The upload appears to show it took place on 3/3/20.  Try again and see if you are still having an issue.




I am an HP Employee.

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