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Common problems for Connectivity Issues
We would like to share some of the most frequently asked questions about Printer Wi-Fi, Connectivity Issues and Offline Status. Check out this link: Printer Wi-Fi, Connectivity Issues and Offline Status.
HP Recommended
MFP 137fnw
Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit)

Dear community,


I bought a 137fnw because the description said, that wsd is supported. I've installed the full software and driver packages and updated the firmware to the newest one. But I can't scan to my pc from the device. If I press the scan-button and choose "scan to wsd" I can choose my pc, it's listed with the correct name. But if I then press "OK" nothing happens...

FYI: the printer is connected to a router (fritzbox), IP for the printer is fixed.


What I've tried:

- WLAN and LAN

- deactivate the firewall in windows

- reinstalled all drivers and software packages several times

- uninstalled the printer several times (both from registry and prnmngr.vbs)

- connected directly to the pc

- open port 8018 (wsd) in router


What works:

- printing from LAN and WLAN

- scanning with several scanning tools and apps from pc (Windows scanning app, NAPS,...)

- printing from my mobile devices (smartphone and tablet)

- configure the scanner in Windows-Settings/scanners and cams/ --> I can configure the scanning profiles, the properties of the scanner...and so on.


But there's no way to scan a document directly from the panel on the printer.


Thanks for your help,


HP Recommended

Hi Sig,

Have you added a printer manually via Windows to enable WSD?


A such will not be enabled by installing the printer software, but must be configured from within the OS itself.


See page 88 of its user guide:



Also, be aware that scanning with WSD is more limited, only supports picture scanning and does not offer any document formats such as PDF or multiple pages scanning to a single file.



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Hi Shlomi,


thanks for your reply. Yes, I added the printer in both ways, automatically and manually via Windows. I had found your described document as well and as I've written in my first post, steps 1-5 are working except step 6. There's no slightest reaction from the scanner, if I press OK at the end. The display only shows again "Scan to WSD"...


And I also know. that scanning with WSD is limited, but for me scanning a document directly from the device is an everyday routine like copying a document quickly.





For me, it seems to be a rights-problem. Could it be, that I have to configure something in the privacy-settings of Windows? On my PC I have disabled a lot of things, because I don't want that Windows communicates so much...

Edit 2:

Meantime I tried it with another PC in the same LAN and it doesn't work too. On that second PC I have installed the printer manually as an WSD too.

The PC isn't listed in the "Scan to WSD" option in the panel of the printer and I can't access the scan-profiles in Windows-settings like I can do on the first PC. Also on the second PC the Windows-scanner-app can't find the scanner.

Difference between them is the Windows-version: W10 Pro 1903 (first PC) and W10 Pro 2004 (second PC).

HP Recommended

Hi there,


first success:

On my second PC now the Scan to WSD option works... In firewall-settings I had to allow "imageeng.exe" in my private network. Although I permitted the same on my first PC it still doesn't work. But I think I'm not very far away from the solution. Perhaps somebody has a tipp affecting my privacy-settings in Windows?



HP Recommended

Hi there,


now I found out what's wrong but I haven't a solution for this:

under Windows-settings / devices / printer and scanner --> click on printer / manage  --> choose the scanner then "scanner features"


When I go in the properties of the scanner and choose "events" I can not select an action. They are greyed out. The only one is "no actions". But I have installed several tools like ACDSee which are also registered in the registry-key of "StillImage". Don't understand this...


On my other PC I can choose all actions. And there is the action "Scan" which is the one I have to activate to let the "Scan to WSD"-funcion work.


Has anyone an idea how I can resolve this?


Thanks in advance...



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