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ePrint/Apps Connectivity Troubleshooting - Please Review

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ePrint & Print Apps Connectivity Troubleshooting Steps – Please Review before posting


This information below is provided to help you to resolve web services connectivity problems to enable your printer to print with ePrint, launch/use Print Apps, enable web services, print your web services info sheet, or add your printer to your account on the HP ePrintCenter.   Only items that have actually been shown to resolve customer issues have been included in the list.   


For best results review and apply the applicable steps below in the order presented before posting a request for help in the forum, so that forum members who respond to your post can provide the best possible assistance.  


Also see this post ( for additional “how-to” and links to important web services information, FAQs, and Help content.


Before applying the troubleshooting information below:


If you receive an “Invalid code” message when you try to add your printer to your HPePrintCenter account, but aren’t having any other problems using ePrint and Print Apps, you most likely only need to reprint your web services info sheet from your printer.  Your printer's claiming code that is printed on the info sheet can only be used to add your printer to your ePC account for 24 hours after printing the info sheet.  Reprinting the info sheet doesn't change your claiming code, it just re-enables your printer to be added to your ePC account for another 24 hours.  See here for the steps to re-print your web services info sheet.

If you enabled Web Services on your printer but the Web Services info sheet containing your printer’s claiming code did not print, your printer has not fully completed its web services registration and will not print ePrint emails or print app content.  In this case you will not receive any error messages on the printer and you can view your printer’s email address on the printer front panel display.  If your web services info sheet does not print within five minutes of enabling web services, try removing and enabling web services again.  If your Web Services info sheet still does not print after re-enabling web services, you will need to wait and try again later.   If you do receive error messages when trying to enable web services, continue to the web services connectivity troubleshooting steps below.


If you have ePrint emails that aren’t printing, please first ensure you confirm your emails meet ePrint format/attachment requirements.  Review the ePrint email requirements in the ePrint FAQ/Help on HP ePrintCenter at  You can also check your printer’s connectivity status and ePrint job list on HP ePrintCenter if you have created an account there and added your printer.  (Always use the “Refresh” button on the ePC page, not your browser refresh button, to view updated printer connection status on the HP ePrintCenter.)  


A.     Easy steps that can be surprisingly helpful – try these first:


  1. Verify your network’s internet access is working – on a computer connected to your network, use a web browser like Internet Explorer or Firefox to view a web page.  If you can’t access the internet your internet service provider may be having a service issue that is affecting ePrint/Print Apps. 
  2. Go to HP ePrintCenter and look in the News section ( ) to see if there are any service status updates.  In some cases, you might just need to wait a little while and try again.  
  3. Turn wifi off and then on again on your printer and wait for a minute for your printer to reconnect to your network   
  4. Reboot your printer - turn power off and then on) and wait for a minute for it to reconnect to your network
  5. Reboot your router - remove the power cord from the back of the router, wait a minute, and then plug it in again and wait for at least a minute for the router to power up and all your devices to reconnect.

B.      Check your printer’s IP address to confirm it is connected to your network.   


Verify that your printer has a valid IP address (for example, typically 192.168.x.x on a home wireless network) by viewing the network settings screen in the Networking or Wireless menu on your device’s front panel display, or by printing a Printer Status Report (usually found on the Tools menu).  If your printer does not have a valid IP address re-run the network setup process for your printer.   For more help with setting up or troubleshooting your HP printer’s connection to a wireless network, go to

C.      Confirm that both your printer and router have up-to-date firmware:


Having up-to-date firmware on your printer or router is important to use web services.  

  1. Check to ensure you have the latest firmware (FW) for your printer by checking for product updates, usually found under the “Web” or “Preferences” options on your printer’s menu.  If your printer finds an update but is unable to complete downloading/installing it, ensure your router FW is up to date and try again.  If your printer continues to fail to complete the download of an available FW update, continue to “E. Set a Manual IP/DNS Server” below.
  2. Check to ensure that you have the latest firmware for your router – review your router documentation/help (or the router manufacturer’s web site) for information on how to check for and install firmware updates.  

    Resolve temporary connection failure after printer firmware upgrade    

Some printers may experience connection failure after firmware upgrade.  This is because the printer reboots itself after firmware updates and needs to re-establish network connection.   


  1. Check to ensure the printer has been given a valid local IP by your router (eg. 192.168.x.x if DHCP is used) before trying to access print apps or using ePrint.   You can see your printer’s IP address by going to the printer’s Wireless or Network setup menu.
  2. If you don’t see an IP, you may have to restart the printer.  In some cases, you may have to remove and re-enable web services to re-establish your connection.
  3. Refer to the FAQ & Help section on HP ePrintCenter for more information on how to remove and re-enable web services from your printer.

 Allow your printer enough time to reconnect to your network after you try any of the steps above, before you try ePrint or Print Apps again. 


D.     Remove and Re-enable Web Services and Restore Factory Defaults


  1. Remove and then re-enable web services on your printer.  If the web services info sheet does not automatically print within a few minutes of re-enabling web services, web services has not been fully enabled on your printer.   You may need to wait and remove and re-enable web services again in few hours to allow the issues affecting your printer’s communication with the cloud servers to clear up.  Until a web services info sheet prints out your web services registration is not complete.   Complete the steps below while your printer is connected to the Internet.


Photosmart:  The Remove Web Services option is available either under the Setup>Wireless>Web Services menu option, or the Setup>Web option, or via the ePrint icon on the printer front panel. 

On the eStation select the Menu button on the eStation display (to the right of the Home and Back buttons at the top left when the display is docked on the printer); Select Settings;  Select "Web Services”; Select the “Web Services” checkbox. 

Officejet:  Use Setup > Web Services Setup > Restore Factory Settings to remove Web Services from the printer. 

LaserJet: Print a configuration page from your printer to locate the IP address. Open a Web browser and type the product IP address into the address line. The HP-embedded Web Server will open. Click the HP Web Services tab. Select the option to remove Web Services.


2.  Restore Factory Defaults on your device.  If removing and re-enabling web services does not resolve the problem, restore factory defaults on your printer and try again.  The factory default option is usually found in the Setup>Tools menu on your printer.   Do the following on your device:

  1. Remove/Disable Web Services 
    1. Restore factory defaults/settings (depending on the printer this is found under the Setup>Tools menu, or the Setup>Web Services menus, but varies by printer) 
    2. If prompted, re-do initial setup of your device and add it to your network
    3. Re-enable Web Services 
    4. Once the Web Services information sheet is printed, use the printer claiming code to add your printer to your account on ePrintCenter


E.      Set a Manual IP/DNS Server settings on your printer


Setting a manual IP address/DNS Server on your printer will resolve web services connectivity issues that can occur on some networks with some routers.  Note:  Setting a manual IP/DNS Server may be particularly helpful on networks using DSL/VIOS routers.   


Please read the instructions below completely before applying them.  You should not attempt these on your own if you don't understand networking basics.  Most of us have a "techie" buddy/friend/family member...if you're not comfortable this might be a good time to call him/her, or contact HP support to assist you.  


Before you begin, first remove Web Services from your printer if it has been enabled.  (See section D. 1. above.)   Removing web services will remove your printer from your account (if you have previously set up an account and added it).  When you re-enable web services after completing these steps you will have a new ePrint email address and need to add your printer to your ePC account again. 


How to set a manual IP address/DNS Server on your web-connected printer:


  1. Print a Network Configuration Page from the printer front panel.  On some printers this will be under Wireless>Wireless Settings, and on other models use the “Print Report” option from the Wireless status screen accessed from the wireless icon on the printer home screen.   Note the printer's IP address that is listed in the IPv4 section of the report.  On most printers you can also see the printer’s IP address from the Wireless menu, or on the Wireless status screen.  
  2. Type that IP address into your browser address bar (where you would normally type a web page URL) and hit enter - this will load the printer's internal settings page (also known as an Embedded Web Server, or EWS)
  3. Select the “Network” or “Networking” tab (the label varies depending on printer model) from the tabs along the top of the screen in the EWS

Depending on your printer model, the next step(s) will vary:

  1. Select the “IPv4” option from along the left side of the Networking screen   
  2. Select the “Networking” option from the left side of the screen
  3. Then select the “Network Address (IP)” option from the left side of the screen


The screen you end up on should be the “IP Address Configuration” screen.  That screen allows you to choose an Automatic or Manual (i.e., fixed) IP address for your printer, as well as Subnet Mask and Default Gateway values.   You will use this screen to set a Manual IP address and DNS Server for your printer.  


To continue:


  1. Select the radio button next to “Manual IP”
  2. Select the “Suggest a Manual IP Address” option below the IP address fields.  The Manual IP address fields will automatically populate with suggested values after a few moments.
  3. Select the “Manual DNS Server” radio button in the DNS Address Configuration section 
  4. Enter the address just entered in the “Manual Default Gateway” into the “Manual Preferred DNS Server” field.  Leave the “Manual Alternate DNS Server” entry blank.
  5. Carefully double-check the values you entered to make sure they are all correct. 
  6. Click 'Apply'
  7. Save any open documents and close any web browsers on any computers
  8. Turn off the printer and unplug the router. 
  9. Plug in the router, wait for it to start up and for status lights to settle down (approximately a minute at least), then turn on the printer.

 After the printer has connected to your network, enable web services on your device, accept any firmware updates that may be offered, and add your printer to your account on HPePrintCenter. 


In some cases you might need to add the printer to your computer’s Printer/My Printers folder again, after you set the new manual IP address.   If you have problems printing to your printer, simply use the option to add a printer, select the Networked printer type, and complete the add printer wizard.  You will not need to reinstall any printer software on your computer.  


F.       Check for port/proxy issues  


Note:  These issues are not commonly experienced, and primarily affect users in business environments. 


  1. ePrint and Print Apps require access to establish connections out to HP servers via ports 80, 443, 5222 and 5223.   Primarily in some business environments, network administrators may block devices initiating communication from within the firewall on some of these ports.  Please check with your network administrator or Internet Service Provider to make sure those ports are not blocked on your router/firewall for outward-bound communication initiated by your printer. 

Important Note:  We are not suggesting that you set up port forwarding on your router to open these ports for connections initiated from outside your network to your printer.  That is not required and could be a security risk for your network. 


2. In some business environments the local network which the printer is connected to may require a proxy setting to access the Internet.   Check with your IT Administrator or Internet Service Provider (ISP) for proxy setting if necessary.  Most ISP for home users do not require proxy configuration for Internet access.  (Note: HP web connect printers currently do not support secure proxy servers)  

To set a proxy on an Officejet All-in-One, see this document: 

If the steps above have not resolved your ability to use ePrint/Print Apps, please submit a question in the here in this support forum, confirming you have completed this connectivity troubleshooting and identifying the error/problem you are experiencing.  Thank you.

I am an HP employee.

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I would start by setting a static DNS on the embedded web server (EWS). Here is a link to another post where another Photosmart was having a similar issue : There it will list the steps to take to set up the static DNS. I hope that this helps.
I am a former employee of HP...
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This is all a lie as NOTHING works... There is no DNS for me to set and if I DO set one I WELL NEVER get the apps to work.


There is something ELSE that you are not thinking of. 


I do not set a DNS. I let it all go on auto. If I manually set anything I will get nothing.

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Setting up the IP manually worked for me.  However, the "suggested" gateway was erroneously set to  I set it to the correct gateway on my router.  Then set the DNS to that gateway as per the instructions.  Everything works great now.

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i lost my connection for 3 days and was able to fix it only when i manually changed the IP add on my printer, now my problem is it wont update or access my web services., maybe because my printer has a different IP and that the server now can't find it or something...still working on it! any suggestions???

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I have a HP Office Pro 8600e and I have it connected to my printer by wireless. I am know trying to set up eprint and as I know nothing about computers I am still lost after following instructions. When I try to connect to eprint I get a message saying printer is not connected to internet, but it is. When I try to add my printer in the eprint website it asks for the code. I have put in every sort of code I can find on the printout from the printer IP address, Host name, hardware (MAC) number and so on. Any advice would be a great help to a 70 year young fool.

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I have the same issue with my LaserJet MFP 1415. I have reset the printer to factory defaults, set the printer up with a manual IP, downloaded the latest firmware, nothing works.


The printer works wirelessly fine - it just won't connect to the web services to set up ePrint. Please fix whatever issue you set up the firmware update to address because ePrinting is broken.

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eprint has to be the biggest boondoggle ever created. HP should be embarrased by their incompeetance - been two weeks and I have not been able to access the feature. Told a number of times (after LONG wait on phone) that there were problems with their servers and to try again in a day or so - very helpful and professional. Feel like I'm dealing with "Dogbert" customer support in Dilbert cartoon world. Can't log on using snapfish or any other means. I guess I just have to give up and recognize that HP just doesn't care - false advertising and promotion. No satisfaction.

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just installed the CP1525nw.  setting up eprint.  tells me to go to the IP address webpage and click on webservices tab.  click on tab, click "enable web services"....  hourglass spins and says "connecting", then returns with "Connection Error - check connection".


WiFi printing is fine. All else looks fine. I've turned off/on wireless; turned off/on printer to reconnect.... same error.  How do I get passed this point??


i have done every step you listed in your post from 11 months ago; searched online and posted elsewhere.... 




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I have been having this issue forever without resolution. Printer prints just fine on the network.  Eprint is fine, can not access the apps section of the printer.  I have another thread open which HP is not responding to

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I have the same problem on my 6500a.  I purchased about 4 weeks ago and set up eprint and it worked fine.  TOday when I went to use eprint it was not working.  The wifi printing is working fine but eprint..not so much. I've restored factory defaults in the web services directory a few times.  Product update works, connects to hpeprintcentre fine, I can see apps but when I try to look at my printer email address it asks me to connect via a proxy server.

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