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OMEN Light Studo/OMEN Gaming Hub
Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit)

OMEN Light Studio is the APP to set OMEN devices lighting effects. After launch, we got some customer’s feedback how to use it, and also received issues of like cannot open, cannot find devices, etc… since it is still Beta version, engineering team is still working to improve customer experience and resolve issues.

Here are some introduction on how to use this APP, and once get issues how to resolve it. Hope it is helpful.


How to use OMEN Light Studio

After upgrade to latest version OMEN Gaming Hub, you will find the “Light Studio” in feature list, also show up in home page. You can click “install” icon to go to Microsoft store to install OMEN Light Studio.

After install OMEN Light Studio, you can launch it through left panel feature list, and also can open it in Home page.


Since OMEN Light Studio is separated APP, you can also launch it in Windows Start menu list


OMEN Light Studio is for OMEN RGB device to set lighting effects, so it will be using depends on if you have OMEN RGB devices. Currently the support products are as below:

  • OMEN Outpost wireless charging mouse pad
  • OMEN Photon wireless charging mouse
  • OMEN Vector essential mouse
  • OMEN Vector Wireless mouse
  • OMEN Sequencer keyboard
  • OMEN Gaming speakers X1000
  • OMEN Obelisk series desktop tower
  • OMEN 25L/30L GT12/13 desktop tower
  • OMEN 15-dcxxxxx laptop (4-zone RGB keyboard configuration)
  • OMEN 15-dhxxxxx laptop (4-zone RGB keyboard configuration)
  • OMEN17-cbxxxxx (4-zone RGB keyboard configuration)
  • OMEN 15-ekxxxxx (4-zone RGB keyboard configuration)
  • OMEN 15-enxxxxx (4-zone RGB keyboard configuration)

Align with HP’s new products launch in future, this support list will be added as well.

Some customers may have questions if your OMEN laptop has 4-zone RGB lighting and if it can use OMEN Light Studio. When you buy product from retailer, please check with retailer if it is 4-zone RGB keyboard.

And also you can check if there is “Lighting” option in OMEN Gaming Hub, if you can see “lighting” feature in OMEN Gaming Hub for your laptop, it means it is 4-zone RGB keyboard and you can use Light Studio to set lighting effects. (Refer to below photo, there is “lighting” in OMEN Gaming Hub, it is 4-zone RGB keyboard)



After launch OMEN Light Studio, you can see it looks like this, take the OMEN 17-cbxxxxx laptop (with 4-zone RGB keyboard configuration) and OMEN Vector wireless mouse as example.

In the “layout”, you can see the device here. You can choose the device and adjust your preferred location. The location setting will be reflecting on your lighting effects as well. Will talk it in follow pages


When choose “Effects”, the left panel is “layers”, you can create different layer to adjust different locations RGB lighting effects. The top layer has top priority. For example, if you set top first layer with “Wave” lighting effect, and set 2nd layer to “Breath” lighting effects on same keyboard area. On your keyboard, it will be “Wave” lighting effects, because the “Wave” is on the top layer. It is very easy to understand.

In the “Zone Selection”, you can choose arrow to select specific lighting area, for example, use arrow to choose 4-zone RGB keyboard, one time you can only select one location, you want to set 4-zone keyboard, it might be need 4 layers.

You can also use Rectangle zone to choose all devices in Light Studio device list, the light effects will apply on all selected zone.




The right panel is Light Effects, you can select each lighting effect for your RGB devices.


But keep in mind is that for the “Interactive” lighting effects, it only works on per-key RGB keyboard, this keyboard is that each key has RGB lighting, currently on OMEN laptop it is 4-zone RGB keyboard, not per-key RGB keyboard, so cannot use this lighting effects, once you select it, it will pop up a error message. We get some customers feedback that “Interactive” is not working on OMEN Laptop, this is the reason.

HP has one OMEN Sequencer keyboard, it is per-key RGB mechanical gaming keyboard, it can use this “Interactive” lighting effects.


And more reminding on the lighting effects is for the zone selection. Take one example of “Image” lighting effect on the Rectangle zone selection, the image will apply and fit on your rectangle selection size. Create one photo with “Blue-Red-Yellow” picture. If the rectangle zone just fit the keyboard size, the photo color will apply on whole keyboard lighting, but if the rectangle size is to big and over the RGB keyboard size, you can refer to the 2nd photo, the keyboard will be Blue-Red, and the yellow will be apply on the mouse.

So when you select the lighting effects and choose the zone selection, please make sure you set what you want.

10.jpg 11.jpg



How to fix issues once you have:


As mentioned at beginning, currently it is the Beta version, engineering team is still working to improve APP quality and experience. So there might be some issues during using. Here are some diagnostic steps sharing.

OMEN Light Studio cannot launch

Cannot launch Light Studio APP through OMEN Gaming hub, or even through Windows start menu, click the light studio icon, no response. There might be some files corruption. Please follow below steps, try to find through below path

  1. C:\Users\(User name)\AppData\Roaming\LightStudio\Profiles\desktop, find the “settings.json”, please delete this file
  2. C:\Users\(User name)\AppData\Roaming\LightStudio, find and delete all .jspn file, like config.json
  3. Then restart your PC, open OMEN Light Studio again, after the first time to open OMEN Light Studio, it might be pop up a error message, please ignore and close it.

As below photos:



Cannot find your RGB device in OMEN Light Studio APP

If you confirm you are using OMEN RGB device which in your support product scope as list above, please try below steps:

  1. Check the Task Scheduler, check if “LightStudioHelper” is running. If not, please right click the task and click “Enalbe”, then right click again and click “Run”
  2. 12.jpg
  3. Reset the OLS app.
    1. Open the App settings.
    2. 13.jpg
    3. click "reset" button
    4. 14.jpg

Light effects stuck after unplug power adapter

Once set the animation lighting effects, but after unplug AC power adapter to use battery mode, the OMEN Laptop lighting effects will be stuck to static color. We aware this case now, under working on the solution, will fix it by next version.


Hope this is helpful. Thanks.





Accepted Solutions
HP Recommended

@-pianotoad-   Where are you reading that your model has 4-zone keyboard lighting?

I just looked up the specs for the 15-en0271ng and it shows it does not have 4-zone.

Its only 1-zone. That would be why you dont see the keyboard light settings in the Light Studio.


en0000 keyboard.JPG


View solution in original post

HP Recommended

Thanks for all the information.


I was experiencing a problem because the lighting modifications I was making in Light Studio were not being applied. After carrying out everything indicated, the problem was the user who was running the scheduled Lighthelper task. My computer belongs to a domain and the task was generated with the user "hostname\user" instead of "domain\user". After changing it it started working correctly.



HP Recommended

@cortesce You are super. 👍

HP Recommended


Im having trouble with finding the lighting setting, where do I find it?

HP Recommended

Hi, not quite understand what's the problem. Can you please explain more details? cannot find "Lighting" setting on your device? If your device a RGB lighting device and is it in OMEN Light Studio support scope as list in this post?


HP Recommended

Problem fixed

HP Recommended

I have the problem with my Omen 15-en that the keyboard is not displayed in the Lightstudio so that I can change the colors.Screenshot 2021-01-16 203239.png

HP Recommended

@Jusczi, Hi, is your OMEN 15 RGB keyboard? Can you see "Lighting" in OMEN Gaming Hub?

If yes, you can check the diagnostic steps in this post.

If still fail, please send click APP "Feedback" button to send message to support mailbox. Thanks.

HP Recommended

Today i installed, Win 10 new.

The same Problem.


  1. Check the Task Scheduler, check if “LightStudioHelper” is running. If not, please right click the task and click “Enalbe”, then right click again and click “Run”

    I have no Task LightStudioHelper... could that be the Problem.
    My Device is a 1A8W8EA#ABD and some description means RGB Keyboard and other only White.

    Feedback Message



HP Recommended

Has anyone had this problem or is my laptop just stupid?

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