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    Windows update impacting certain printer icons and names. Microsoft is working on a solution.
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    Windows update impacting certain printer icons and names. Microsoft is working on a solution.
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    Need Windows 11 help?
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The HP Community is where owners of HP products, like you, volunteer to help each other find solutions.
We would like to share some of the most frequently asked questions about Instant Ink. Check out this link: HP INSTANT INK, HP+ PLANS: INK AND TONER. .
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HP ENVY 4520 All-in-One Printer

I see you make it impossible to reach a human being; that is hardly the way to treat a long-term customer! My printer gave a notice that it will soon stop printing and referred me to https://www.hpinstantink.com, so I went to that webpage. I knew I had to update my payment information, so I clicked on Billing -- and the page would not come up! I tried many times without success, but finally I went to the Virtual Assistant, only to see that I could not type in that window! I looked to find some customer service number and lo! None to be found! Why does Hewlett Packard make it so difficult to reach a human being to place an order? I realized I was going to be talking to myself unless I complained, so I have already done that, in the hopes that someone will make contact with me so I can obtain a refill of ink. This is not the first time I am having difficulty with HP Customer Service; I have lost my temper once too many because everything is geared to keep a customer from reaching a human being who can straighten out what is obviously a chaotic mess! My phone number is [Personal Information Removed]. I have programmed my email address in here -- but is that working? I can't be sure of anything!

Maurice H King
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Welcome to the HP Community Forum.


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Remove comment - private information has been removed from post.


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I am sorry you are having trouble finding the contact information.

The number is listed on the Instant Ink Website and in your service contract.

Links below...



No Joy?

The faster option is to contact Instant Ink Support and ask for help.


Comments, questions, objections, need information you cannot find online?



Check the Website or your Service Contract (link below) for a contact number.


Details / Next Steps


Please contact HP Instant Ink Support during business days and hours available in your region.




You may choose to wait here in the HP Community for an agent to find and respond to your question.

When necessary, Agents can access private information.

Waiting is not always faster > Our Community is not  HP Instant Ink Support   – Waiting generally works.


Things that are Instant Ink


Instant Ink >> Details / How-to / Articles / >>>> Contact Information  <<<<


Active subscription?

Contact Instant Ink Support from within your Instant Ink Account




Instant Ink Support >> HP Instant Ink Support   


Instant Ink - Chat


Instant Ink Support Website – Read…

HP Instant Ink - Support, Enroll, FAQ, Terms of Service Contract

Not your home site?  Click the Flag to change to your region.

Scroll down – As  available in your region, look for phone contact number on the webpage.




Examples of the Terms of Service Contract for various regions

NOTE:  Terms of Service Document includes phone contact information


>>> Instant Ink - Terms of Service - USA

 Instant Ink – Terms of Service - UK


Instant Ink - Terms of Service - Ireland




Lots of  information – Instant Ink


Start here:  Get HP Instant Ink Support



Scroll to bottom of web page >>  Section – Details -- Documents

 HP Instant Ink Help - Enrolling in HP Instant Ink

 HP Instant Ink Help – Solve Problems

 HP Instant Ink Help - Manage your account

 HP Instant Ink Help - Manage your ink or toner

  Recycle your cartridges

  HP Instant Ink Help – Review your bill



How does it work?   Details / Plans / TKB / Cancel Information


Check through the Website  FAQ


Additional Information:


 HP Instant Ink - Cancel Your HP Instant Ink Service

 HP Instant Ink - Enrolling in HP Instant Ink

 HP Instant Ink - Page Count Is Not the Same as Actual Pages Printed


 TKB article contributed by HP JessikaV

 Fixing Instant Ink cartridge errors


TKB Article contributed by HP JillSa

Cancelled Instant Ink service and now I can't print  


 INSTANT INK PLATINUM The All-Inclusive Printer Subscription from HP  

Scroll down to the FAQ – READ Everything

What is an HP Instant Ink Platinum subscription?

HP Instant Ink Platinum is a printer subscription program with an all-inclusive monthly payment. This payment includes the printer, 24/7 hardware support, next-business-day replacement warranty, and CarbonNeutral usage certification. The subscription also includes a new printer every two years.





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Welcome to the HP support community.


I have brought your issue to the attention of an appropriate team within HP. They will likely request information from you in order to look up your case details or product serial number. Please look for a private message from an identified HP contact. Additionally, keep in mind not to publicly post personal information (serial numbers and case details).

If you are unfamiliar with how the Community's private message capability works, you can learn about that here.

Thank you for visiting the HP Support Community. 

I am an HP Employee

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