Best of the Month - September 2012

september.jpgSeptember was an exciting month on the HP Support Forum, with special events, high participation, and many problems solved!


The biggest news item for the month was the terrific success of our Expert Day event.  Expert Day is always a fun time, which proved to be the case again. Even more exciting though, was that we took Expert Day on the road for the very first time!


Keep reading to learn more about Expert Day and our showcased members for September.

Best of the Month - August 2012

august.JPGBack to school season for many families means new pencils, notebooks, and teachers, right? Well here on the HP Support Forum, it means brand new printers, laptops, and desktop PCs that members have questions about. As the weather starts to cool in the northern half of the world, the HP Support Forum heats up, so if you've got a problem to solve, you've come to the right place! Welcome new members and visitors, we're glad to have you onboard.


Keep reading to learn about the "Best of August!"

Best of the Month - July 2012

july.jpgMany of our Community members are enjoying fun summer vacations and activities, but we still saw many problems solved in the HP Support Community in July.


If you are new to the boards, or would like some tips and tricks to help you ask your question, be sure to check out this board.  There are some new videos to help you make a post, search, and lots more.


Also, get excited, we have a couple of Expert Days coming up!  Next Wednesday, August 15th, we will have an Apple/MacOS Expert Day to answer questions about the new Mountain Lion MacOS release.  Click here for details.  We also have a full-fledged Computing and Printing Expert Day scheduled for September 20th. You can learn more here.


This month, we'd like to introduce you to two members who have gone above and beyond to help other Community members during July.

Best of the Month - May 2012

may.jpgMay might be full of spring flowers, but printing and computing questions are in full bloom as well. 


Luckily here in the HP Consumer Community, we have many knowledgeable Experts on hand to answer your tough questions!


Every month, we showcase two exceptional members who stood out during the previous month. Want to meet them?  Keep reading to learn who they are.

Best of the Month - April 2012

april.jpgThe highlight of April on the HP Support Forums was not "spring showers," it was Expert Day!  These events are always a big deal for us here, but this one was huge; the energy and enthusiasm was fantastic, and we had the most HP Experts we have ever had participating in the day.


We expect to have another Expert Day in September. We will post the information on this page once it is available, so be sure to save it to your favorites.


Now it is time to introduce two community members who stood out in April - continue reading to meet them.

Best of the Month - March 2012

march.jpgMarch will go down in history as a truly groundbreaking month in the existence of the HP Support Forums! 


We held our first ever face-to-face HP Social Support Summit with many of our top Experts attending.  It was such a pleasure to finally meet these talented individuals in person. 


The passion that these Experts share for this community is inspirational, and it was fantastic to experience the knowledge sharing that occurred during the conference.  Our hope is that these learnings will have a lasting positive impact for the HP Support Forum and its members.


As is our monthly tradition, it is now time to reveal the two members, one newbie and veteran, who have made their mark on the forums during the previous month. 

Best of the Month - February 2012

february.JPGEven with Leap Day, February was a short month, but there was still a great deal of activity happening in the HP Support Forum!  There were many questions answered and problems solved, and the Community continues to thrive and grow.

Every month we feature two members who have really made a difference in the previous month. Looking back at February, we'll introduce you to a veteran Expert and a new forum member.

Best of the Month - January 2012

january.jpgThe highlight of January on the Consumer Support Forum was definitely Expert Day.  This was the biggest Expert Day yet, with more than 200 Experts answering questions on the boards. 


Hopefully everyone enjoyed themselves and got their questions answered.  If you missed it, don't worry, there are always Experts solving problems on the boards (so go ahead... post!).  Our next Expert Day will happen in April, so keep your eye on this post for details as they are available.


As part of the Best of January, it's now time to showcase two of our standout members from the last month.

Best of the Month - December 2011

december.JPGOne would think that with all of the holiday celebrations and vacations in December, that the HP Support Forum would be fairly quiet.  That is definitely not the case.  As people receive new HP products as gifts (or gifts to themselves!), this Community becomes a great place to turn to for answers to questions they may have.


This good cheer continues into January, as we hold our first Expert Day of 2012 on January 11th and 12th.  You can learn more about the event by checking out this page.


It's now time to introduce you to two of our members who excelled during the past month.  Keep reading to find out who they are.

Best of the Month - November 2011

november.JPGIn November, all of us who work on the HP Support Forum were busy with a flurry of background projects to prepare for the unveiling of our new look, which happened last week.  If you have any comments or issues with this new look, we've set up a special board where you can post your questions.  


We also announced the date of our next Expert Day, which will begin at 7am PST on January 11th.  If you've never been to an Expert Day we flood the boards with HP Experts who are here to answer whatever questions you may have about your HP product.  We always have Experts in the community, but on Expert Day there are more than 200 participating!  To learn more about the event, click here.


Now it's time to recognize two members of our Community who really stood out during November.


Best of the Month - October 2011

october.JPGOctober was a fantastic month on the HP Consumer Support Forum!  We saw huge numbers of people coming to the forum for help, with many questions answered and problems solved.


Every month, the Best of the Month, we showcase two members who made a difference in the community during the month.  These two members really did their part to help other members, and they are one of the reasons the forum performed so well during October.


Read on to learn who these two individuals are.


Best of the Month - September 2011

september.jpgSeptember was such an exciting month on the HP Support Forum that I don't know where to start!


I think the biggest piece of news for the month was the incredible success of our Expert Day event.  This was the largest Expert Day yet, with forum visitors coming from everywhere from Christmas Island, to Uganda, to Iceland, to Japan, to Canada. 


It was a fun time for everyone involved and so many questions were answered.  One of of my favorite quotes from the day was from DavePsGarage: "Wow!!!  It's working.  I can't begin to thank you enough!!! Not enough Kudos permitted to express my appreciation to you for hanging in there until you got the solution to my situation."


If you missed this Expert Day, don't worry, not only are there are ALWAYS Experts on the forum ready to answer your questions, our next big bang event will take place in January.


It's now my pleasure to highlight two members who have made their mark on our Community this month.


Best of the Month - August 2011

august.JPGAnd it's Back to School time!  As the lazy days of summer draw to a close (sad face), the HP Support Forum really comes alive, so if you're looking for help with your HP product, THIS is the place to be.  Welcome new members, and hello again to those who are returning.


We will begin the fall season with a Computing and Printing Expert Day!  This exciting event will occur for 24 hours next week, right here on the HP Support Forum.  So, be ready with questions for the HP Experts. Last time we had over 200 Experts participating, and they had a blast! 


The event will also be taking place on the French, German, Portuguese, and Enterprise Business forums, and all computing and printing topics are fair game.


As is our monthly tradition, it's now time to recognize two community members who have really made a difference during August.  Continue reading to learn who they are.


Best of the Month - July 2011

july.jpgEven though many of our Community members are thoroughly enjoying summer vacations and activities, we're still seeing many problems solved on the boards!  We've also made quite a few enhancements over the last couple of weeks that you may have noticed, which will help you to post easier, find the correct board, and ultimately get your question answered.


If you are new to the forums, or just need some extra help asking your question, be sure to check out this board.  There are some new videos to help you make a post, search, and more.


Also, get excited, because we have set a date for the next EXPERT DAY!  The event will take place for 24 hours, beginning at 7am Pacific on September 21st.   You can read more about the event here.


This month, we showcase two members who have gone above and beyond to help other Community members during July.


Best of the Month - May 2011

may.jpgAs the northern hemisphere begins to creep into summertime, the HP Support Forum tends to quiet down a bit.  That didn't stop the forum members from solving A LOT of issues in May!


We've rolled out a couple of small changes lately, and we'll continue to do so over the months ahead.  HP Experts on the forum will now have an "HP" icon next to their names, so that you will know that they are HP employees.  If a member has an "Expert" icon by their Forum name, he or she is very knowledgeable but does not work for HP.


Are you new to the forum? If so, there is now a board especially for you where you can view forum help videos and learn relevant tips, such as how to post a great question.  There are some other cool tricks that forum veterans may find interesting as well.


For the month of May, we are featuring two exceptional Community members.  Continue reading to learn who they are.

Best of the Month - April 2011

april.jpgSo many exciting things happened during the last month on the HP Support Forum.  Several improvements were implemented during April - one of the highlights is a brand-new "Ask A Question" box which you'll see at the top of each board.  This will make it much quicker to get your questions asked and to search for solutions that already exist on the boards. 


If you're a fan of Twitter, I'd also like to direct your attention to this thread, which discusses the new Twitter handle and stream for the HP Support Forum.  Be sure to follow us!


Also in April we held another tremendously successful Expert Day in the Community.  Over 250 HP and Microsoft Experts helped members across our English, Simplified Chinese, and Enterprise Business support forums.  Many questions were answered and problems solved!  Stay tuned for details on the next HP Expert Day event which is slated for June.


Now it's time to share the two members who are featured this month.   Read on to learn more.


Best of the Month - March 2011

march.jpgThe HP Consumer Support Forum continues to show tremendous growth in traffic, Expert participation, and problems solved.  In March we unveiled a brand new community ranking structure, which can be seen here.


Typically we feature two members in the "Best of the Month."  This month we will recognize THREE members!  Keep reading to see who has been selected.


Best of the Month - February 2011

february.JPGFebruary was a short month, but a very busy one in our community.  To anyone who helped someone out on the forum during the last month, know that we greatly appreciate your contributions.


Two members, one veteran and one newbie, are showcased in the "Best of February" - read on to learn more about these exceptional participants!


Best of the Month - January 2011

january.jpgJanuary was an extremely active month on the forums.  We experienced all time highs in visitors and other key metrics, which was partially due to the tremendous popularity of Expert Day.  Stay tuned for details on another Expert Day event in the coming months.


Thank you to everyone who helped someone on the web during the last month; we truly value your contributions.  Continue reading to discover which two stand-out members were selected as the "Best of the January!"


Best of the Month - December 2010

december.JPGDecember was a busy month, both on the forums and in our homes.  Along with all of the holiday gift giving, came questions about new products, and many of those questions were answered right here on the HP Support Forums.


Two members were selected in the "Best of December" - read on to see who they are!

Best of the Month - November 2010



Thank you to everyone for your contributions during the month of November - it was a great month for the forum!  I'd now like to recognize two members who have been exceptional participants this month.



Check out who is showcased in the "Best of November!"

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