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transfers.jpegDid you know you can print more than just regular old documents on your HP printer?  We all know that printers can be used to print labels or photos or letters or bank statements, but what else can they do?


This week we highlight a post where a crafty forum member asks how to do just that.


Read on to learn about printing iron-on transfers and more.

Post of the Week...

printercrazy.JPGHave you ever found yourself in printer insanity?  Print jobs not cancelling out properly, printing when you don't want them to,  printing, printing, printing, forcing you to yell, "STOP PRINTING!"


Yes, it had happened to the best of us.  It's frustrating.


This week, we highlight a post that should help resolve many of these "crazy printer" moments.  Hopefully this tip will prevent most of us from having yet another verbal altercation with an inanimate object. :)


Post of the Week...

tools.JPGA toolbox full of tools can usually solve most household problems, right?  Even if you've only got a couple of common tools, maybe a hammer, screwdriver, wrench, saw, and tape measure, you should be ok. 

Well, I bet most of you didn't know that HP has its very own set of tools that can find and fix many common printer problems.


In this week's featured post, one of the community's top printing experts offers some very simple advice, including information on HP's Diagnostic Tools, which ultimately solves another member's printer issue.


Continue reading to learn more.


Post of the Week...

cartridge.jpgHave you ever had issues with streaky or faded printing when you know your ink cartridges are full?   This can be inconvenient and downright frustrating, right?


In this week's spotlighted post, sc00p was having this problem, so he came to the HP Support Forum in search of answers.


Forum veteran, Bob_Headrick, had some useful suggestions, which sc00p was able to use to solve his issue and will likely help others with similar questions. 


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