Post of the Week: Lockups & Bluescreens Got Ya Down?

bluescreen.jpgAre blue or black screens plaguing your notebook PC? Maybe you were just working away on an important email when the dreaded Blue Screen of Death (BSOD)popped up out of nowhere, causing you to lose an hour or more of work?


The good news is that we are here to help!


Read on to learn more about HP's Online Crash Analysis Team and how they are involved in our Post of the Week, an online crash reporting tool.

Post of the Week...

modelnumber.JPGOne of the first pieces of information you're asked to provide when searching for support on HP's Customer Care website is your product model.  Here on the support forums, we ask you to provide that information in your first post to help out whoever might be answering your question.


Well how do you find your product number?  "Easy" you say, "it's the name and number under the right side of my notebook screen, right?" Maybe. But probably not!  Confusing right? It's no surprise that many of our community members aren't sure, so in this week's featured post, we show you how to find this information.

Post of the Week...

HPcom_ExpertDayDealsApr12_239x150.jpgThe story of this week is really the unparalleled success of EXPERT DAY, an event that took place for 24 hours beginning at 7am on April 18th (Pacific Time).


The great thing about the HP Support Forums is that there are always Experts hanging out answering questions and fixing problems.  On Expert Day though, we FLOOD the forums with HP Experts - these are engineers and many other technical specialists taking a break from their day jobs to assist members with their computing and printing questions online. 


This Expert Day, we had the most Experts we have ever had participating, and they hailed from every region worldwide to provide 24 hour coverage for the event.


Read on to hear what community members said about Expert Day!

Post of the Week...

youtube.JPGAs the wild popularity of sites like YouTube have proven, video is an incredibly powerful communication medium, and it's also a becoming a hot trend in support.


Did you know that HP has its own YouTube support video channel, with a variety of help videos, all designed to clearly answer your computing and printing questions?  If you're having trouble making a post or registering on the HP Support Forum, there are even videos for that.


In our post of the week, we feature a string of ePrint videos - keep reading to learn more.

Post of the Week...

speedy.JPGWhen you need customer service support from a company, whether it's phone or online chat, how long do you typically wait for help?  10 minutes?  20?  30?  Sometimes even a whole hour, right?  I once waiting on hold for 45+ minutes just to order a part for my broken doorknob.


Well the Consumer Support Forum might just be the best way to go, because often, an answer will be given in just a couple of minutes... in true Disney's Speedy Gonzales style! 


In this week's showcased post, we'll see an example of just that - an answer was received in only 6 minutes.  Continue reading to learn more.

Post of the Week....

transfers.jpegDid you know you can print more than just regular old documents on your HP printer?  We all know that printers can be used to print labels or photos or letters or bank statements, but what else can they do?


This week we highlight a post where a crafty forum member asks how to do just that.


Read on to learn about printing iron-on transfers and more.

Post of the Week...

water.JPGUh oh!  Spill water on your laptop?


Perhaps you left it out in the rain. Or maybe your toddler spilled her sippy all over it.  Or, maybe it accidentally fell into a toilet?  Hopefully not, although I hear this happens with cell phones all the time!


Well, more than likely, if your PC has been drenched with water, it's probably "hosed," but don't despair, because there are some steps to try that may work for you.  Read on to learn more in the post of the week.

Post of the Week...

gift.JPGThis is the time of year that for many is characterized by a wonderful spirit of giving. The showcased post of the week is a perfect example of that generosity and sharing that we all love so much. 


This collaboration is what ultimately makes the HP Support Forum such a great community and is why more and more members are returning as their first choice for support and advice on their HP products.

Post of the Week...

laserjet.JPGLet's talk about printing with Airprint!  Do you want to use your iPad to print to your wireless enabled HP printer? 


Well it's definitely possible, and it makes things so much simpler than having to first transfer the document from your tablet to your computer.


In this week's showcased post, you can learn how to setup Apple's AirPrint over a wireless network.  It's really very easy.  Read on to learn more...


Post of the Week...

printercrazy.JPGHave you ever found yourself in printer insanity?  Print jobs not cancelling out properly, printing when you don't want them to,  printing, printing, printing, forcing you to yell, "STOP PRINTING!"


Yes, it had happened to the best of us.  It's frustrating.


This week, we highlight a post that should help resolve many of these "crazy printer" moments.  Hopefully this tip will prevent most of us from having yet another verbal altercation with an inanimate object. :)


Post of the Week...

pussinboots.jpgAnyone planning to see Puss in Boots this weekend?  It's really taken the box offices by storm this week, its first week in the theaters.


Well, if you or your kids are a fan of this adventurous feline, HP has partnered with DreamWorks to develop a fun new print app for you to download.


This week, our showcased post provides a detailed guide to help you install and use the Puss in Boots Print Club app.  Continue reading to learn more and find out how to download it.


Post of the Week...

specs.JPGHave you ever needed to know your HP computer's specs?  Perhaps out of curiosity, or maybe to perform an upgrade?


Well it's very simple to find this information if you know where to look, and in this week's featured post, lasvegaswireman helps a fellow member do just that.


Continue reading to see the post of the week and to learn how to easily determine the specifications for your notebook or desktop PC.


Post of the Week...

disc.JPGThere are many reasons to return a computer to its factory state. 

Maybe you have a virus and you want to reinstall everything.  Or maybe you just want a fresh start.  Or maybe you want to donate it.  Or maybe, like Photorich56, in the Post of the Week, you want to give your computer to someone else, perhaps a friend or a son or daughter.


Restoring a computer to its original state is very easy as long as you have the recovery disks handy, but what if you don't?


Continue reading to learn about a couple of options that might be available if you don't have your disks, and they are no longer supplied by HP.


Post of the Week...

fail.JPGMany of us have had our hard drive fail, causing us to lose large amounts of important data and files.  It's not fun, is it?  This is one of the biggest fears of many computer users.


Well, I learned something new in this week's featured post, so I thought I'd share the information with everyone.  There is some very useful software available that can help analyze the health of your hard drive, providing alerts to issues, before it is too late.


Continue reading to learn more about the post of the week, which occurred during Expert Day.


Post of the Week...

sandiegoc.jpgExpert Day ended yesterday, and what a day it was!  It really was a "Big Bang" of an event, with greater than 135,000 people showing up on the English Consumer Forum, and more than 200 Experts logged in to solve problems.  See the pic on the right for a handful of the Experts who were helping out.


If you missed Expert Day, don't worry, we'll be having another one in January - bookmark this page, and we'll post information as soon as it is available.

We always have Experts out on the forum though, so feel free to ask away.  You can also search for an answer, because chances are your issue has already been solved by the Community.


This week, our showcased post comes from Expert Day.  We solved all types of issues during the event.  Everything from simple questions, such as "Where do I buy a power cord?" to more complicated BIOS requests, like this one.


Post of the Week...

tools.JPGA toolbox full of tools can usually solve most household problems, right?  Even if you've only got a couple of common tools, maybe a hammer, screwdriver, wrench, saw, and tape measure, you should be ok. 

Well, I bet most of you didn't know that HP has its very own set of tools that can find and fix many common printer problems.


In this week's featured post, one of the community's top printing experts offers some very simple advice, including information on HP's Diagnostic Tools, which ultimately solves another member's printer issue.


Continue reading to learn more.


Post of the Week...

teamwork.JPG"Together Everyone Achieves More." "There is no I in team." "In union there is strength." 


We've all heard these cheesy teamwork slogans, but right here on the HP Consumer Support Forums, these quotes really ARE reflected in real life.


This week we showcase a post that exemplifies teamwork and collaboration.  Calvert48 came to this Community looking for help installing his new wireless card.  Not surprisingly, TWO top forum members provided him with expert guidance.


Post of the Week...

screenshot1.jpgYou have spoken, and we have listened!


We are always trying to improve your experience on the forums, so we are constantly collecting and acting on feedback from our members.


One of the top struggles for new members in our community is making a post, so this week we are featuring a thread that will hopefully simplify your experience here.


Post of the Week...

beer.jpg"Great minds think alike," isn't that how the saying goes? 


This week we showcase a post about upgrading a video card where two forum members come up with similar solutions to the same problem, and ultimately the issue gets solved.  There's actually a pretty amazing coincidence too!


Continue reading to learn more...


Post of the Week...

genius.JPGDid you know we have GENIUSES on the HP Consumer Support Forum?   Well, I definitely had my suspicions. There really is a great group of members in this community, but I didn't know for sure.


In this week's featured thread about sound and audio, JunYi certainly thinks there are geniuses on this board, and I'm inclined to believe him!


Read on to learn more...


Post of the Week...

road.jpgMost of the questions that are asked out on the boards are fairly simple, and the answers come quickly and easily.


Occasionally though, we see toughies - difficult questions, with long and complicated solutions, sometimes with numerous steps to perform.


This week's featured thread is a long and bumpy road, but ultimately the original poster finds success. If you want to see why DavidPK is one of our top forum members, this thread is why.


Post of the Week...

smiley.jpgThis blog is not only a place to post tips, tricks, and examples of fantastic posts, it is also a venue to recognize the people, both HP employees and non-HP members, who are doing a great job solving problems out on the boards every day.


One of the best aspects of being part of the HP Support Forum is the ability to speak directly with HP customers, truly satisfying them in their quest for product support and guidance.


In this week's showcased post, which was one of the best testimonials I have ever seen, we have done just that.


Post of the Week...

lightning.jpgWe've seen some amazing and unique issues pop up on the HP Support Forum, but this is a new one! 


While recalling the famous lightning scene from "Back to the Future" I did some Googling to find statistics, and I learned a couple of tidbits. 


I learned that 6.5% of home property damage insurance claims are due to lighting strikes, and that the odds of a person being struck by lighting in a given year are one in a million.  And, did you know that lightning strikes the earth 100 times each SECOND?


Yes, that's right, this week's featured thread is about a lighting strike!


Post of the Week...

turtle.jpgGandhi said, "There is more to life than increasing its speed," but we know that when it comes to computers, they can't get fast enough, right? :)


Keeping a computer running well is even more challenging because many popular software programs, such as iTunes and MS Office, require significant resources to work effectively.


This week we've featured a thread where Paul_Tikkanen helps mayhemandchaos8 transform his aging tortoise of a desktop computer into a speedy hare, which, in the world of computers, is far preferable to the "slow and steady" tortoise!


To learn more, keep reading...


Post of the Week...

music.JPGDo you remember when 500 megs was considered a HUGE amount of computer storage space?  Well now, with the large file sizes of video, music, and photos, we can't get enough hard disk space.


SoundSeven, in this week's showcased thread, was seeking assistance in installing a THIRD hard drive on his desktop PC, but since his computer only has two bays for hard drives, he was having trouble.


In less than 2 hours, Big_Dave was on the case with several suggestions for SoundSeven.


Post of the Week...

smartphone.JPGWith new technologies come new questions, and the Experts on the HP Support Forum are here to answer them.


This week we highlight a post regarding ePrint, a new HP functionality that allows you to print on your HP ePrint printer from your mobile phone, tablet, or anywhere else, just by sending an email.


HP Expert Dave_K quickly solves tbluhp's issues with ePrint.  Keep reading to learn more.


Post of the Week...

cartridge.jpgHave you ever had issues with streaky or faded printing when you know your ink cartridges are full?   This can be inconvenient and downright frustrating, right?


In this week's spotlighted post, sc00p was having this problem, so he came to the HP Support Forum in search of answers.


Forum veteran, Bob_Headrick, had some useful suggestions, which sc00p was able to use to solve his issue and will likely help others with similar questions. 


Post of the Week...

puzzle.JPGThe HP Consumer Support Forum is a true peer to peer community where HP product owners, enthusiasts, and experts come together with one mutual goal in mind... SOLVE PROBLEMS. 


Sometimes the solution comes from an HP employee, other times it comes from one of our excellent SuperUsers, and sometimes, as in this week's featured post, the original poster ultimately solves the issue. 


Continue reading to learn more...


Post of the Week...

book.JPGRemember the days when electronic products came with thick, wordy manuals?.  Well, no longer.  Nowadays, product manauals can be easily found online if you know where to look.  Not only will your e-manual never get lost, it saves valuable space in your home, and it's a much "greener" option too!


This week I've highlighted a post where Mumbodog only typed a couple of words, yet he still helped answer a member's question.   If you're wondering how this is possible, read on to learn more.


Post of the Week...

virus.jpgTo format or not to format, that is the question!  We've all had an experience with a computer virus, and along with having concerns about it harming our saved files, we want to know how to get rid of it.

Erico, in this post of the week, let rohitagl know that there are other, much more preferable options than formatting his computer to get rid of a virus.


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