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disc.JPGThere are many reasons to return a computer to its factory state. 

Maybe you have a virus and you want to reinstall everything.  Or maybe you just want a fresh start.  Or maybe you want to donate it.  Or maybe, like Photorich56, in the Post of the Week, you want to give your computer to someone else, perhaps a friend or a son or daughter.


Restoring a computer to its original state is very easy as long as you have the recovery disks handy, but what if you don't?


Continue reading to learn about a couple of options that might be available if you don't have your disks, and they are no longer supplied by HP.


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top20_2011-03-25.jpgThis week's featured thread is a fun one (read: tough!), and it is a prime example of the excellent collaboration we see out on the boards every day.  Three heads are always better than one, right??


Peter_Rob came to the HP Support Forum with an issue performing a system recovery.  He needed to restore his system without using recovery DVDs, and he was running into problems.


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teacher.jpgDo you have a "go to" guy or gal that you approach with computing and printing questions?  Well, luckily, the HP Consumer Support Forum is chock full of knowledgeable people who are more than willing to offer their assistance and expertise.


In this week's featured thread, deaj05 wondered about the differences between Windows System Image and HP Recovery.  After searching for an answer himself, he eventually posted his question on the HP Support Forums to see if any experts would have some insight. 


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detective.JPGAsking a good question is often just as important as the answer that follows, and this week's featured post highlights just that.


After performing a system recovery, stratogustav couldn't locate his important files; family photos, music, and videos could not be found in his "My Documents" folder, where they had been previously.


CherylG jumped in to help with the issue, and in this series of posts, stratogustav did a fantastic job of not only explaining to CherylG about the problem, but SHOWING her as well.


Post of the Week...

top20_2010-12-10.JPGHere are the top 20 posters this week - Big_Dave is back on top!  Thank you to the fantastic vets and newbies who make up this list; your participation is invaluable to our community.


This week's featured post was not only extremely helpful to a customer, it is a friendly reminder that we all should ensure that we have Recovery Discs (adding to my "To Do" list now... ).

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